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Hi Andi! I'm just like you and just knit with whatever color I'm attracted (or should I say addicted?) too at the moment.
And yes, I also pin little markers to my knitting to have the feeling it's progressing ;)
Happy Sunday!


I prefer to deny that any other season than winter exists.


Good question. I say knit what what you're in the mood for. Ain't nada wrong with that. I am currently knitting from 'da stash so I'm a bit limited when it comes to gifts. My pop off color comes from knitting from my stash when it comes to knitting for myself.


Personally, I'd rather go for the colours that suit me ( I'm an autumn type ), can't be bothered too much with the seasons colours ( as long as it doesn't mean my colours are nowhere to get.. ). Though I do like to see other colours as well, I would feel quite bad to spend a sweaters' amount of money on a colour that makes me look like a zombie, no matter how lovely the pattern..


I tend to stick with my pinks/purples and reds year round (which puts me in one of the Winter categories), but I sometimes consider varying the shade. I do wear a lot of floral skirts in the spring and summer but that doesn't really translate to knitting for me (there are NO intarsia flowers in my future).

and ps - I totally use locking stitch markers to help show me how far I've gotten.


Good morning Andi! I tend to knit whatever colour "speaks" to me regardless of the season.....however, its probable that I am influenced by seasonal fashion ads in my choice of yarn:), or by a very lengthly winter like what we just had here in Canada. I was dreaming of colours (like kelly green and canary yellow) that I never have before and I thing that was due to the long lack of colour out of doors. What a great post, Andi, I found your colour chart very interesting! Thanks for sharing. You have the best day, too!


It would have to be what color I happen to want to knit with at the moment. There are so many color choices out there that it's hard to just choose yarns for a particular season, especially when you're just feeding the stash. :)


If I'm knitting for myself, I tend to choose only a few colors. My color choices have more to do with what colors work with my wardrobe and what works my skintone. I am a winter so wear a lot of red and purple (not together!) I choose pretty crazy colors for socks. If I'm making a gift, I choose whatever color I think looks good on the wearer.

Kelly H.

I live in VT and, like you, choose my colours by what's inspiring me *right now*, regardless of season. The thing that interests me is that I'm in a weekly knitting group with a fairly steady amount of about 10'ish women at any given week and surprisingly often there'll be a majority colour we're all working on. Nothing obviously seasonally related, nothing prediscussed, and not every week, however it happens often enough that we remark on it when it does. This past few months it's been mostly purples with the occasional moments of blues and reds.


What a fascinating post, Andi! Like you, and many of the commenters above, I knit in colors that I gravitate to, and not necessarily seasonal colors. I am a Winter, so I look great in those clear jewel tones: purple, blue red, green. Lately I've been in a blue phase, and there's a blue cardigan and shawl on the needles currently.

The one exception to this is socks, where I do tend to sometimes knit colors that I could never wear near my face.


I knit whatever color I'm drawn to regardless of season. I'm in Texas, so the winters are milder and shorter. I also don't need to escape their dreariness with color. I have noticed that I seem to work from some internal palette. It changes periodically, but I tend to look down at my knitting bag and notice all the colors of the projects go together and if I have just sewn a new bag, it goes as well. Maybe that's why I don't like working from my stash as much. Those are colors from another year's palette. They don't go.


I pretty much knit the colours and patterns that speak to me. Project choice is also a determinant of which colours I use. Seasons, not so much.

And yes, I too use markers. I love to measure the progression of my knitting with the markers.

Hope you're having a great Sunday.


I never consider the color of what I am knitting, I just knit what I like. Right now I find myself looking at all shades of lavender and all shades of pink. Gosh, I am such a girl ;)


If I'm knitting for me - I go with the colors I am drawn to at that moment in time. I did have to laugh recently when I looked at 5 projects and all of them were shades of purples/with blue grey - or blue grey with purples!! I've been trying to move away from purples lately - branching out into greens - some oranges - golds....

Now, as someone else said - if I'm knitting a gift... I go with the colors that person enjoys...

Linda in VA


I always choose yarn as much for the color as whether it works for the pattern. I almost always knit in colors that appeal to me, which tend toward blues, greens, and purples. I don't even really think about whether it looks good on me - hopefully the two go together, lol. (I know I look horrible in yellow, so it doesn't draw me when I'm looking at yarn) It doesn't have much to do with time of year, despite the harsh winter we had here in the Northeast

I sometimes will knit a gift in a color I wouldn't ordinarily choose, such as socks I made for a friend who loves yellow. Or based on a specific request, like my sister, who asked for a specific cowl in Kelly green. :-)


Looking at my projects, I seem to knit only with shades of blue, green, gray and black, with occasional projects in red when I'm knitting for someone else. These are the colors I love and always enjoy knitting with; my projects tend to go on far too long for me to match them up with the seasons! I do find myself matching yarn weight and project type with season though.

Your last color chart inspired me to finally go and check what "season" my complexion is, too. Apparently I'm a Winter. That explains the colors I enjoy working with and wearing.

I love tracking my knitting progress with markers too! I need to get a lot more coilless safety pins; I only have two at the moment.


I don't knit as often in the summer and I don't knit items to wear in the summer. So mostly I knit things for the cold weather (in Canada) and I love blues and greys at anytime of year. I always use a stitch marker to track progress on long segments.


I knit whatever. I tend to buy Deep Autumn colors, so I always have those on hand. But it is more, what I want to knit when I want to knit it. I have no concept of seasonal knitting.


Interesting question, I LOVE knitting with colourful yarns but the truth is I much prefer wearing neutral colours... guess I'm quite classy.
Your grey scarf looks soft and gorgeous!


I don't think I'm affected by the rotation color palettes. I typically choose something that I know (or hope) will fit into my wardrobe. unless it's socks. Then I try to choose the most obnoxious colors possible.

And I do use markers to help me feel like I'm moving forward. Now that I tend to do magic loop for my socks, I've started to attach my marker a stitch or two below where I'm starting so I can see my sock grow.


While I definitely have favorite colors I use frequently, I can't deny that spring flowers make me want to knit in a bright, fresh color, or that vivid fall leaves make me reach for rich autumnal hues on occasion! :)


I pretty much knit in the same colours all the time - Deep Winter is my go to palette for sure!


My knitting tends to reflect how I'm feeling any particular day. Since I've been going to my stash for inspiration lately, things have a tendency to be on the blue-green end of the spectrum.


I always go with what I'm loving at the moment. Unfortunately when I'm working on a lovely spring color wool blanket in the middle of August, I figure out why my friends are working on cotton washcloths.

I love your progress marker idea. For me it's always the scarves. I knit and knit for hours and it looks shorter when I put it down. From now on I'm not picking up a scarf to knit without putting on a progress marker!


Hey Andi!

Hm I definitely follow you on your Winter colors choice. The yarn color depends on the project too. Like, I'd rather wear a flashy ochre hat and gloves instead of a whole sweater in ochre. For this Spring I'm leaning towards lilac and purple for my linen cardigan. But in general, if it's knitting for myself, I'd go for pastel colors and anything grey, beige and blue-greeny :-)

Have a nice week!

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