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Andi, your shawl is wonderful! The color, the pattern, I love everything.
I stopped telling (proudly) that I knit. In the mind of some non-knitters, I knit because "the poor single girl is so bored"...But it's the very same persons who admire my shawls and sweaters: "Where did you get that? Do you mind if I buy the same?" he he ;)
I live in a small town, where knitting is a very old fashionned grandma or pregnant lady's hobby. They don't even suspect the existence of ravelry (Ravel-what???) and all the amazingly stunning knits that exist. If they knew, they would probably have a heart attack! :p
Happy Sunday to you Dear!


you found such a great pattern for that yarn! it looks like it's draping beautifully.

that video - wow. creative and so powerful. it reminds me of the song Lightning Crashes by Live. i've always loved the lyrics of that song.


whoa, that's gorgeous! (great photos too.)

i totally doubt i'd made certain things sometimes b/c they turn out way different or better than i'd thought i could do. such a wonderful feeling. it's mesmerizing, sort of.

anyway, congrats!


Ohhh, the shawl is gorgeous! Love it! If knitting is not easy to sell to non crafters, imagine when you tell them that you spin wool. Ha! I got the "why you do that?" In the "we are loosing you" more than a thousand times. My reply is along the lines of "because it helps me stay out of trouble". The answer is intended to end the conversation--especially with non friends :-) Anywayyyy, love reading you as usual!


oh, Andi, I do the same thing....or even worse...when someone compliments me on my knitting, i make as if it was nothing. it's NOT nothing....it's a healer, a motivator, an inspirer-er (is that a word?), and somedays my best friend.
Loved the video....thanks.


Andi, I love your logic. And that shawl. But really, you are always thinking about knitting and projects so positively. I hope you have a lovely sunday.


Gorgeous shawl!

I am sometimes apologetic about my knitting too. It's strange actually. For something that's such a big part of my life, it's something I almost never talk about with my family or non-knitting friends. You're making me wonder why I feel that way — certainly it is a self-imposed silence and not because anyone has ever implied disinterest. Hmm. Something to think about.

Kylie M-W

Your shawl is beautiful, Andi... what lovely drape. That yarn looks great in lace too.


To the non-knitters who do not appreciate what knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving can add to a person's life in addition to the tangible F.O. I say to them "you laugh at me when I knit -- YOU GET NOTHING!!!!! Don't even ask me." I had one person say that I was mean after she made fun of me in an open forum; she claimed that knitting was why I was not married (insert rolling eyes). When I told her that I'd never make her anything, she became really upset.

You're absolutely right, we shouldn't feel the need to apologize for doing what soothes us. It's either they understand that this is what we do and we love it or be respectful when they don't. I don't get some of the interests certain hobbyists have but hey, who am I to make fun of them?

Beautiful F.O. Andi and thanks for the conversation. Over the last couple of weeks, yarn crafting has been soothing to me in ways I can't express. Even the projects that have deadlines looming; they're like the best things ever!!! LOLOL! Keep doing what you love and don't apologize for it. Your beautiful F.O.s need no apology.

Happy Sunday!


I never apologize for knitting, it's just part of who I am now. This month marks four year since I picked up my first knitting needles and wool and I am so happy I did.

I have to tell you that I sitting here drooling over you photos, beautiful, just beautiful!


Beautiful finish - lovely color! I've had this one on my list to "buy" for a week now! It is all I can do to wait another week until my credit card can be used again - LOL!

I have the same feelings of "guilt" for some reason when people call and say what are you doing and I say "reading" or "knitting". And then they usually say - must be nice. Nice what? To knit - to read? I think they are really saying - to have the time. Well, I "MAKE" the time to do these things I enjoy. My knitting has been a huge stress buster over this past year. I would have been totally lost without it!

Linda in VA


looks like we all (most) do it...make less of what we know it to be, for some reason...people who don't feel the need to do what we do won't understand, unless they have a passion for something. It's like...what do we have hands for, if not to use them to create...your shawl is gorgeously beautiful, even tho' it's pink!!! xxxx ♥♥♥ :) :) :)
I saw the video on Facebook and found it rather sad...but maybe I didn't quite get the gist...but it is a sweet and creative video and I enjoyed watching it!! xxx


Maybe it's because my social circle is so small or that I work for family but I don't face the same negative attitude toward my knitting. People who find out I knit generally seem interested. When they see what I can knit they always want to know how long it took and how much it cost. That's what rankles me. I'm a pretty frugal person, I buy clothes and shoes on clearance. I don't travel and knitting is my only real hobby. When I say how much a skein costs me they look shocked. I started to feel that I had to start justifying yarn purchases. Now I say that I don't go to any of our local casinos ever. I don't play bingo or get my hair or nails done. Certainly I should be allowed yarn shopping, especially since 90% of what I create goes to family and very close friends.

I have to mention one thing to the single ladies. Time spent on oneself is never wasted. Your marital status should be no one's business or concern. Keeping that in mind I have made one observation after 24 years of marriage. The one thing my husband's bachelor colleagues envy is his knit socks. Maybe the curse is only attached to the boyfriend sweater. I think men in their late 40s through 60s can be truly tempted by a woman who knits lovely warm socks. Who says the only way to a man is through his stomach!


The only time or reason to be embarrassed about knitting is when it's keeping one from doing legitimate work.


This happens often enough with me that I don't have sufficient embarrassment for any other occasion.


Oh Andi, your shawl is beyond gorgeous!!!

I had to giggle a bit on your beginning and many of the comments from fellow readers. I have to agree with just about everyone's comments.

I am very fortunate that my family understands my knitting craze, as well as my friends but I'm blessed as both family and friends are just as nuts with their crafting passions as I am. Some folks just don't understand why we get so absorbed into knitting or the excitement of finishing something that we are extremely proud of and very happy with they way it turned out. I never apologize for my knitting, I only apologize to my hubby for spending way to much on my fiber passion :)


Dear Andi, This post really hits a nerve:) Oh, the guilt! Sometimes I just smile and say that knitting is so much cheaper than a "date" with the therapist (and often just as effective). Your pink shawl is absolutely gorgeous, that pink is perfect! xoxo


That is one beautiful shawl! I wore my hand knitted socks today, you know the ones that took me a YEAR to make lol
Great feeling and yes others don't get it. I am doing a bit of sewing too now and love making quirky clothing for myself and grandbaby xoxo


Your shawl is truly lovely! And you should knit proudly. :)


Beautiful!! I can see this being used by lady Edith in Downton Abbey. Very pretty color.


What an absolutely beautiful shawl, I love the colour too, it's so pretty. As for the video, wow that is so creative, although I do have a bit of a lump in my throat after watching.
Happy knitting Andi. x


oh my that is one gorgeous shawl! And in pink!!! so pretty :) I cannot imagine my life without knitting and the stress reducing benefits...


I also always think that people will think it is boring, but on the contrary, everyone asks about it and think of me when they see something related to knitting or yarn! Recently, I received a beautiful candle "made of yarn" from a friend who saw it at the store and couldn't help buying it for me!


I love it! Such a beautiful colour too. People who don't knit never understand. I don't even bother trying to explain any more. :-)


I have a group of childhood friends...we are still live in the same town and on Mondays in the summer we have what is called Fun-day Monday and we all go to the beach for a few hours....I have very similar conversations with them when the call and ask what am i doing today??? I answer "Knitting crocheting, quilting, embroidering" and they laugh and call me an old lady. So back to Fun-day Mondays ...when on the beach i pull out my knitting they all start to revolt "put that away" "oh god you are not doing that now are you ?!" Well this year as we are starting to begin this tradition again I told them .."It's me with the knitting or else no me"
I think they get the gist!! I mean really sitting still for a hours with nothing in my hands!!! That's just sacrilegious!!

Mousy Brown

That is so beautiful! I love the pattern and the colour of the yarn - together they are stunning! I've solved the why I knit question by buying a badge and proudly wearing it..." I knit so I don't kill people"...it generally stops all negative comments! :)

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