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Happy mother's day to all you mothers ! Hope your brunch was lovely Andi ! I spent yesterday with my mum, had a grand time. You had me laugh with the video, think it's all the better my brother and me didn't go for a mother's day photo, hahaha..

Love the socks ! And I think I might agree with you on the heelflap; been trying other heels too, but these seem to give the best result.


I love your socks Andi !!! The Colors are fabulous.
As for thé scraps, I'm wondering too ....

Photoknitgal (Robbie)

Staci Perry of Verypink.com used some of her sock yarn scraps to knit a hitchhiker. She alternated yarns and swapped out only one at a time to help soften the transitions. A nice alternative to a blanket.

I love the finished socks. What a great color way for simple socks.


That video was so funny; my brothers and I have our own version of that -- our poor mother! LOLOL! Hope you had a lovely time with your mom and sister.

Those vanilla socks are beautiful. Sometimes simplicity really is the best. Can't wait to see what you do with the scraps. That should be epic!


Glad you get to spend the day with your mom. I know the feeling with knowing what you like in socks. I have been determined to do a pair with short row heels correctly (So far, the 2 pairs I have made have had the foot too short - I do toe up) but this current pair is going well. I think I may go back to gussets though, they always work. I love the socks you finished, so lovely as always. I also I love those scrappy socks, that's what I want to make with my scraps someday!


What a creatively named color way. I can definitely see the apples in your sock. They are terrific. A Happy Mama's Day to you.


Your comment about not being so bad reminds me of the card I bought my mom. It has a guy on the front with "booty cutter" shorts, a backpack and a scraggly look. On the inside it tells her to be thankful I'm not quite that bad! LOL. Of course it would be funnier if I was a guy, but it was still humorous.


Ooooh pretty socks! :)
That bowl of leftover yarn is just so inviting - oh the possibilities!!! :)


Love the socks, I totally agree, I always come back to the basic sock. Great video!


What pretty socks Andi ... I love them!


I make sockhead hats, striping two rows of two colors of left over sock yarn :) It's way less knitting than a blanket and I don't have to bury any threads!


62 pairs? You rock Andi, seriously. I have plans to knit 100 pairs of socks before I die, so far I have 6. I guess it would help if I had a pair on the needles to actually work on, but I don't. I am trying so hard to finish my Orchid and forgot just how long on row can take.


Great socks as usual ☺ I am currently crocheting fingerless mittens which dont take up much wool so they could be good with your bits ☺


Fuji apples is a lovely colourway! I'm with you on the gusset. It works very well for me too. Looking forward to seeing your other FOs!


Again lovely socks! And you may call yourself an expert in sockknitting if you knitted 62 pairs! Wow!

I love your scrap yarn bowl, even as decoration :-D

Have a great week!


WOOT! for an FO! I hope you've got some great reason to wear those today - such a great colorway and so fun - they absolutely have to put a smile on your face. :)


I like finishing things. I am ... almost there. I'm knitting gifts that should already be done, and I think the obligation is making me squirm a little to get them done, that and life has just been leaving me tired. It's good, it's tired and the knitting is suffering. I'm glad you got to spend some quality times with the fam. Yay for sock knitting 62 sounds good, but I hope you don't stop the socks anytime soon. I love seeing the parade of socks (oh and shawls too) but you know, I like all your knits. hehe.


I love your socks and am amazed you've made so many! I bet you and your sister had a very enjoyable day with your mom. I'm still knitting but it's slow right now -- too much time outdoors. So each evening I dedicate to some knitting. :)


Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard that I cried at that video. It so reminds me of my little brothers. I love your socks! Those colors are really gorgeous :) I too neglect the housework profoundly in order to get more knitting time!


It's so nice you are close enough to your mom to remind her you could be worse!:) Your socks are wonderful, I love that Fuji Apples colour, so pretty! Funny you say that about a classic heel flap, it's been a while since I've done socks that way, once I learned how to do a short row heel, I haven't really looked back, though I do think the back of the heel isn't quite as sturdy. Can't wait to see what's next off your needles! Have a lovely day, Andi:)


Beautiful new socks!! Wish I had more patience for fingering yarn - it's all cardis and sweaters for me instead :) This is also why I'm looking forward to our KAL next month!
Hope you had a lovely Mother's day!


Wow,62 pairs of socks! And all of them lovely! Scrap yarn is an obsession for me. Baby knits are a good way to use them!

Liz in Missouri USA

YAAAY! You GO Miss Andi! I made a pair of those left-overs socks and I love them. So far it's the best thing I've managed with the bits and pieces. I'm with you - a blanket seems like a pretty big undertaking!

Irvin Jones

My mother loves wearing thick knitted socks at night and I could have given her one if I only had one started long time before Mother's Day. I love that sock Andi. The pattern was so cute.


62 pairs of socks?! Have they been mostly for you? Or have you shared the sock love all around?

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