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I hope you are having the best day too Andi. Love all your pretty yarns and all the links, exactly what I needed to see as I sit down to eat my lunch.


How cool is that to have a yarn named after your blog! It's such a lovely color . Can't wait to see what you make with it. I'd like to suggest they make an "Andi pink" as well if we can be so greedy.
Does it ever get too warm for you to drink hot tea? It's only 89 here and I can't imagine drinking a cup of hot tea.


A yarn named after your blog? How cool is that? Are you going to knit socks from this lovely skein?
Thanks for sharing all these links, I'm off to visit! Happy Sunday to you too!


This is not only a tea pod. It is a yarn holder, where the yarn has to go through the muzzle. I clearly see that! ;)


Oh spam filter, you work so hard and overachieve.... Lovely sock skein that is named after someone so special :)


Great links!
And oh my, that is one of my favourite songs ever - their music is so beautiful!


Oh Andi, I always love your calm, sweet Sunday posts. And I agree about Amanda's shawl, it's a beauty, but I think I like that hat on her blog better. I hope you had a wonderful June, all is well here - no new trips or anything, just keeping busy.


I really love your tea's wisdom! How awesome to have a yarn named after your blog! Yay!


There seems to be a nasty bug going around! I came down with it as well as my boyfriend and a lot of the people I work with. It's no good for work productivity, but great for knitting time. I nearly finished a baby sweater :)


Your library has books on Estonian lace on loan? I'm so jealous! Also, how wonderful to have a yarn named after your blog! Do you have project plans for it yet?


Hello there, I found this blog after googling for knitting blogs. Few years ago I decided to teach myself to knit socks and I've made quite a few pairs since then. Last week I decided to finally learn to knit something else and to attempt to knit my very first basic pullover sweater. I just completed it and on the other hand I am so happy that I managed to make something like that, but on the other hand I feel a bit sad that it didn't work out perfectly, though I now know what to do better next time. I'd love to hear some comforting and reassuring words! :)


What a fun and creative video. Those kids must have had fun. Love their furry accessories. Hope you were able to down out the ick. Psycho Barbie, funny. How cool to be inspiration for a colorway.


love all your sunday links dear andi! thank you so much for including mine and for the very kind words. your pink yarn! and the one named after you, how wonderful! i can't wait to try some of mel's yarn too, she is lovely. happy week ahead, and stay cool!


Where did you get that coaster with cables on it (it is holding the Psycho Barbie)? I love it!

Congrats on a yarn named after your blog.....now I want to go get a cup of tea and knit...but I am not sure my boss would appreciate that!


Oh these monthly loves are like my kryptonite! How awesome a yarn named after your blog!I have that same book on the lace of Estonia...great book!

big love to you ...have a great week!


So much pretty yarn, hope you are a wonderful week Andi. The tea pot is impressive- I can see why drinking tea might be so lovely. Off to check out your lovely links.

Pia @ Noget Uldent

Those colours in the dueworks yarn are just my colours, love it. It must be so cool to have a yarn named after you in some way. Like the knitters walk of fame or something. As always I really enjoyed the 'loves', thank you for sharing.


I love the teapot! Beautiful find by your Mom. How wonderful to have yarn named after your blog ... awesome!

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