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I understand why you are addictited to this pattern! It's wonderful to knit! And your pictures are beautiful!
Happy Sunday to you Andi!


It's beautiful Andi and I really think I need to knit one too!


hi andi! i'm not familiar with that pattern but i can say quince & co yarn mmmmmmmmmmmm lovely

the little firefly cards are adorable as are the markers~

happy sunday my friend :)


I guess I missed the final decision on KALs, but a sock yarn KAL sounds great! My current WIP isn't sock yarn, but I may have to join in at some point.
Lovely post Andi, I am sorry you cannot capture that blue on screen, but in my head it is lovely. I can't wait to see your shawl.


what a lovely post...as always, and the video just topped it off. If only the kids all over the world could be given such wonderful opportunity and attention.


Ooh! Lucky you! To be working with Quince & Co. It has always been on my wish list. I'll push harder for it come Christmas.
If you like just working on this shawl right now, why not? Do wha cha like, I say. That video rocks.


With a gorgeous colorway like that, I can see why you are being monogamous!

Angie S.

Over the years I've grown to be a pretty monogamous knitter and it's thanks to projects like this. It can be so rewarding and enjoyable to work through a whole project and really focus on it alone. Maybe you're a convert like me!


Well, if the universe needed to balance you working on only one project, perhaps I need to cast on many of them! Alas, I've been sticking to one sock. But since it is a gift with a deadline, maybe the universe will forgive two of us remaining monogamous knitters.


I just love when a pattern overtakes all other knitting projects and I'm lost forever in each and every stitch. Love quince yarn immensely and I now know why you are a happy knitter :)


I didn't know the pattern, but I just bought some of that yarn and it feels amazing!


That project is lovely! I would definitely try to knit that shawl, as it looks so pretty! But I find charts quite scary (I cannot figure them out!), so perhaps it will have to be queued until I can figure it out...
And I've never participated in a KAL, but have lots of sock yarn! So I may have to join in with this - I have been looking for an excuse to cast on a new pair of socks! :)


Happy Sunday to you, Andi! A post of beautiful things: your shawl, those stitch markers, the photos.... the video! Brilliant, I would have loved such an introduction to yarn, threads and handmade as a child (or even now as a grown up to be honest!).

Hopefully I'll be able to earn some knitting time this upcoming week (busy time, but I won't miss the KAL!)


What a lovely shawl, Andi!I miss knitting on other projects too since I started Keynote. It's just too busy right now!
Oh, I enjoyed that sweet video!


Andi, What a lovely shawl you are working on, I love the navy blue as it's seen here but I'm sure the colour you describe is even prettier. It's so wonderful when we find that pattern that we can't put down, I hope you will enjoy every single minute of it! I'm so glad you like your little markers, so nice of you to mention them here:) xoxo Now I'm off the check out the details of your KAL, how EXCITING!


What a beautiful video...i love how she says it teaches that it always works out(their projects) they just sometimes have to try harder. I teach yoga to preschoolers and by the end of the year they always want more of the relaxation or meditation aspect techniques rather than the actual poses or physical aspect.

It is so hard to catch the actual colors of the yarns or objects we photograph...i have the problem with purples.
xo Ming


What a beautiful color! I don't know why peacock blue doesn't show up well, but I know it must look fantastic in person. I've been meaning to knit that shawl for ages, it looks like it might be memorizable.. How would you rate the difficulty?


I'm in love with sock yarn and socks and shawls so I'm in on the KAL. I love the color peacock, and I won't like, I love to say peacock as well, ha! I am also a fan of the Mighty Leaf Tea. Nice :)


I know exactly what you mean about finding your kryptonite pattern. That pattern for me is Stephen West's Glacier Sweep and every single stitch of my last version in Fyberspates pure silk 4 ply was a joy to knit.

You're a bad lady, tempting people with another KAL ;)


Annie @ knitsofacto

It is a wonderful pattern, I'm not surprised you're hooked.

Thank you for the link Andi, what a wonderful little video.


I am so excited about this KAL! Can wait to cast on!

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