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Sarah Anderson

My favourite thing is how impressed my non-knitting friends and family are with my amazing colourwork skills. They all oooh and aaah and I just Cheshire-Cat smile. ~.^

Sarah Anderson

OMG, I changed my username and forgot. It's GankisKhan now. *blush* Please excuse my comment spam. I promise my manners are slightly better in real life.

Stitched Together

I love how self striping yarn draws your knitting on. Striped socks to so quickly for me because I just want to get to the next colour. (Stitched-Together on Ravelry)


Hi Andi, what's not to love about self striping. Colour work without the ends to weave in and it keeps your interested while knitting and the finished product looks great especially for socks. Loved the aurora colourway and have ordered a skein, thought it would have sold out already so nice surprise. If I am lucky enough to get drawn my rav I'd is fish2166. Thanks for hosting a give away. Take care. Tracey

Rachelle - Warming Crafts

I love that with self striping yarn you want to keep on going to see the sequence and what it does next!
sewsable on Rav


the magic of it!


I love self striping yarn because you are never quite sure what you are going to get. The colours Ashley has are delicious. I am eager to start knitting my first pair of socks so would love to win this yarn.


What lovely yarn, indeed!
I only recently discovered self-striping yarn, and I love the extra fun it adds to knitting (especially sock knitting). One never knows just how the stripes will turn out :-)


Hi Andi! This pink yarn screams your name indeed! It's lovely!
Love self striping yarn as well, they are so addictive (what color will show up on the next row?)
Happy Sunday to you dear!


I like self-striping yarns because they are addictive but not bad for you in any way.


I am one of the minute percentage of ladies who are colour blind. I gravitate towards selfstriping because the colours are picked for me.

Even when I do dye myself there are a lot of strong contrasts (which I think are subtle!)

Selfstriping is wonderfully helpful for those who can't see colours the same way as the majority.

Kristin H.

Such pretty yarn! I love self-striping because it's so motivating to work with, and you can actually see your progress. (One more stripe, and then I'll stop...)


Will you post to the UK? :) I am a recent convert to sock-knitting, and find it immensely soothing, I also love that a sock (or two) can be completed fairly quickly. Why do I love self-striping yarn? The surprise element! When you look at a skein you don't really know what the finished sock will look like, and knitting it is like slowly unwrapping a surprise present, each row reveals something new.


I just love watching each new stripe appear! Makes knitting plain vanilla socks way more fun :-) (hannahr on Rav)


Hi Andi - I LOVE striped sock yarn too. I always have socks on the needles, it's my travel around go to knitting. I usually have a sock in progress tucked in my purse, and that's my knitting for the lunch hour at work, or waiting rooms, etc. And the wonderful thing about striping yarn is I can just mindlessly knit them in plain or stockinette, or something simple like jaywalkers, and no need to carry patterns or charts and I can always just pick it up where it's at. The stripng still gives you a very interesting sock even though the knitting is simple. Thanks for the giveaway!


Mmmmmh... What I love in self-striping yarns, is the waiting for the next color... As son as I begin a new stripe, I can't wait for the next one... And when the colors match perfectly, how nice it is to look at them when finished!
My name is Justeunc on Ravelry, thanks for this discovery, I love the shop!


Oh what bright colors. The best part of a striping yarn is that it does all the work for you. Makes for great vanilla socks, with no pattern to remember.


What do I love? Fantastic colors
And patterns and not a gillion ends to weave in!!!!!


I love self striping yarn because it makes me look smarter that I am. People are always thinking it's much more complicated than it is.

Kathy R

The socks are always beautiful, there's never a worry about stripes matching etc!


How lovely and generous! I am new to loving self striping sock yarn, only recently being drawn into its charm. I love that it does the work for you (plain vanilla is my favorite "pattern") and you get color without having to worry about pooling.


I love self striping yarn because as a new knitter I can create beautiful colour-work with a single yarn!

Jacquie Willson

Self striping yarn is so fun to knit with! With each new color I am inspired to keep knitting to get to the next color and the next...and the next.


Lovely! I love self-striping yarn for this reason: when you knit with it, people's extra amazement at how you magically made the colors change. Haha!

Anna Jane

Ohhh such lovely yarn featured here today! Hmmm, what do I love most about self-striping yarn? I love the mystery & excitement involved, waiting to see which color will appear next, how the striped pattern will develop on the needles, and the ability to knit a low-key simple sock with wowing results thanks to self-striping yarn!

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