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The high makes me want to cast on everything...it's such an incredible feeling to see everything come together. The shawl is beautiful....inspiring me to make one :)...fabulous job!!

Chris M

Congratulations on finishing your gorgeous shawl and very fun socks! Finishing is truly one of the best feelings. I just finished a pair of socks and it did make me want to finish my lace scarf so I could cast on for the next project. As it turned out I cast on for a sweater the next day. So... for me I think finishing makes me want to start -especially since I spend so much time looking at other projects on blogs and ravelry! I'm really admiring...I mean queueing your shawl right now. lol. Chris


Hi Andi, you have every reason to be excited, that shawl is stunning and the socks perfect. I am mostly a one or two project knitter so normally celebrate with a new cast on. Normally socks. Enjoy your Sunday. Regards tracey


yay - Dew Drops is gorgeous! i'm so glad you found the perfect pattern for that yarn. it stinks that you ran out of yarn but i wouldn't have known if you didn't mention it.

and of course you know i love those stripey beauties too.


Yesss! I do know that feeling.. and when knitting it's pretty incredible that it all came about with a "string". Beautiful ink blue color and your intricate shawl - I bet you are levitating - it's gorgeous. It gives me a boost when I read the pattern correctly and with few or no mistakes and it actually comes together- just too start all over and try something different.
Have a lovely Sunday.


I'm most definitely a 'celebrator'....cast on, cast on!!! (and I can celebrate the completion of a single sock, a finished chart on a shawl, a completed sleeve.....i'm just a knitting party animal!)


How wonderful that you had the joy of two items cast off, I am so happy for you Andi. I find when I cast an item off I need the excitement of casting on to go with it, they really do make a great pair!

Your Shawl is stunning, the design and the color. I know it will look amazing on you and I hope you wear it often.


Your shawl is drop dead gorgeous! I love it!!! Love your socks too :)


Wow, that shawl is so beautiful! And those socks--so much fun!

I wish that finishing something spurred me to get out the WIPs and finish something else, but sadly (or maybe not) it usually spurs me to cast on something else.


Yay to FOs!!! I keep getting sidetracked and the things I want to finish first are spending too much time on my needles. I love the feeling of a finished knit!!


What's that? Did you hear me say "OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" from all the way over here? I'm sure you did because it is 110% worth of that! Such a beautiful shawl. I hope you have lots of reasons to wear and enjoy it.

I'm all about the finishing. But as someone (gasp!) without really any UFOs, it's all about the casting on for the next one!


Your shawl is simply gorgeous Andi! And your socks so cheerful! Love your finished projects!


The shawl and the socks are both beautiful projects. How fun to be finished with them!


Wow, fantastic job! Enjoy your new projects!

Mousy Brown

Isn't it funny the way that everything seems to come together at once and two or three projects all cast off close together? I then always cast on half a dozen more and the cycle starts again...
Love both your projects, the colours are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what comes next :)


that is mighty beautiful!


Hell yeah I'd be pattin' myself on the back after knitting that beautiful lacy art there! I did feel proud finishing my first wrap and my first pullover back in the day so I know what you're talking about.


OH that lace shawl is giving me palpitations. be still my knitting heart.

Oh so beautiful!!


Actually, the desire to start something new is what drives me to finish my current projects faster. But I know the feeling you are talking about, finishing anything in general is such an amazing accomplishment that only crafters understand.


look at you finishing stuff! Oh how I wish I was in your shoes. The shawl is so lovely! and the socks are perfect for this time of year :)


Dear Andi! Break out the champagne! What loveliness to come off your needles, I hope you will feel the magic every time you wear these knitted wonders, that shawl is gorgeous! xo


Beautiful projects... The shawl is lovely and the colour of those socks is awesome!
I'm in a finishing mood at the moment too - I am trying to get all my projects done so that I can have a fresh start to enjoy some new projects too! Don't know how long that will last though... I think I hear some yarn in my stash calling out to become a hat... :P


It's hard to tell - the first thing that finishing a project does is make me want to soak and block it. Then while it's blocking, I want to cast on more pretty things, work on my favorite WIP, and generally do everything except stop knitting. Or weave in ends. My projects can go for months with unwoven ends.

Congratulations on finishing two beautiful projects!


Cast on more...Nuff said!

Your shawl is to die for!!

Be well!!


Oh your shawl is divine!!!!!

And those stripes!!

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