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I wonder that myself too. Before knitting I drew a lot. It helped me to concentrate on other things and most of my problems just faded away and after drawing I forgot what I was so worked up about. Now I knit more and it helps too.

Have a (better) nice week and enjoy your Sunday, Andi!


Knitting is my Zen. When times are tough I have a lot of knitting projects going on- a clear sign ... I don't know what I would do with out - been with since little and is a great comfort to me.
I hope you ride out the storm and have smoother sailing soon.


I was just telling someone how much knitting relaxes and calms me. I use to read a lot and while I still do read each day I find knitting to be my first thought when I have a few moments to spare. It's funny that a pair of sticks and some wool can have such an effect on the soul, but whatever it is, it works for me.

I'm sorry you had a tough week and hope life is much calmer in the coming week.


I definitely use knitting for stress relief, but I have to be careful that the stress doesn't work it's way down to the knitting. I tell myself knit slowly, knit neatly, breathe!!!!

Hope whatever is stressing you go away soon.


Well this weekend is bound to be stressful, but I agree that knitting is a great stress reliever. I turn to it when I'm bored as well - it passes time well :)


Sorry you had such a stressful week Andi. I'm happy that you were able to go to your calming place -- a good book, tea and of course knitting -- to help you get rid of those negative energies.

I love the description medicinal -- that's exactly what it is for me. These days, with some much upheaval in my life, I'm never without knitting or crochet in my purse or on my person. Just being able to crank out a few rows or stitches brings me to a calmer more centered place when I'm upset.

Happy Sunday.

Stitched Together

I can honestly say that knitting helps with managing my pain. Since I started knitting I am able to enjoy social activities more. I find that knitting on something very simple like a sock whilst chatting helps use the bit of my brain that is going "ow, ow, ow, ow" over and over again. This means there is less pain and more fun. There has actually been some research done on this subject (http://www.stitchlinks.com/research.html)and I find that knitting can take the place of meditation as a way of focusing the mind away from chronic pain. Focusing on each stitch and how the yarn moves through my (thankfully) pain free fingers and producing the beautiful fabric is so much more diverting than breathing deeply and picturing a peaceful scene. It helps break the loop of stress feeding pain which leads to stress. Then of course you end up with something useful and beautiful at the end of it all, which is definitely better than deep breathing exercises ;-)


I think I curled up with a book much more often. I would read the same comfort books over and over. Knitting is somewhat more expensive as a form of self-therapy. It is a lot more portable, though, and easier to find and pick up my place again, and at the end of it I have a pair of socks or a shawl!

Katie Rice

Andi, I am sorry you have had a stressful week. I am like you - I turn to knitting to soothe my soul and help me relax. Knitting has been my companion since I was 4 and has been a close friend ever since. Have a better week this week!


I can totally identify. I hope next week is better for you!

I sat down with some lovely pink yarn to figure out a heel over the weekend, and I could feel the stress just melt away to be replaced with a fuzzy, happy warmth.

Thank goodness for knitting. Your new socks look great!


Sorry you had a stressful week. Thank goodness for knitting, especially socks. I've always said knitting is my yoga.


what DID we do pre-knitting days? I now can't believe i was actually on a hiatus from knitting for quite a few---rather stressful 'teen years' with my kids. I probably would have done far less ironing (my over-the-top-leave-me-alone-i'm-having-a-near-nervous-breakdown stress reducer at the time!!!!)---and would have had something constructive to show for it!!!!
hoping this week proves to be better for you----but keep that knitting close, just in case!


It is a definite stress reliever here and as you know I crochet quite a bit too. Slowly but eventually a finished items to wear ☺


I love your point about a knitter's inherent optimism, so true! Crossing my finger's for a much more relaxed week ahead for you but may I suggest you keep knitting up a storm (those new socks look enticing), just in case ;) xo


I used to read and read and read... until I found knitting that is! I still love a good book, but I do tend to find myself picking up my knitting whenever I'm stressed. The feeling of creating something myself is so rewarding :)


Andi, it is the same feeling as with yoga, at least it is for me. Before knitting I escaped into books and while they did let me escape they did nothing for my 'real' life. Knitting lets me forget when needed AND think through things at other times. Knitting is my therapy.
And yes, we are optimistic when it comes to our knitting, if only more of us knew how to channel that into our lives.


Knitting is my anti anxiety medicine. (seriously). I hope this week is so much better for you!


I'm with you on the stress this week.
I've done tons of garter stitch just because I needed my fingers to be busy.
I think before knitting I just watched a lot of television. Oh and I ran (I ran so far away...... sorry couldn't help it) but seriously I was a runner until my body decided to revolt.
If I knit fast enough does it count as an aerobic activity???

hope your week gets better - or if it doesn't then you find a way to deal.


Completely agree that knitting gives us an opportunity to mentally escape and focus on something soothing. Hopee things improve this week.


Basically if I don't knit, I get edgy and cross. I feel a vague floating anxiety and a sense of being adrift. Knitting anchors me to me. May all your stitches be restorative.


I agree - knitting is a quite hobby that allows time for concentration on the task at hand - it makes all other troubles etc melt away at least for the time that your knitting. I find it very helpful stress relief after a hard day


funny that, I too had a stressful week and it was picking up the needles and beginning a new project that has calmed me. I took up knitting a year ago as part of my physical (hand coordination) therapy as I recovered from a stroke. I was hooked immediately.


Knitting really helps me cut back on my drinking, which helps pretty much every other area in my life. Plus, knitting is just plain dope, I would do it anyway.

Annie @ knitsofacto

By a cruel irony I am under doctors orders not to knit just now - an old riding injury to my thoracic spine and shoulder that flares up from time to time, has become arthritic and is compressing a nerve. I can certainly confirm that being prevented from knitting is bad for one's well-being.

Cathy S

Love the pink, black and white striped socks. Will you share what yarn is? Thank you.

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