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Your Stripe Study is gorgeous! You knit so beautifully and the pictures you take always render it. I'm almost done with a project I started almost a year ago. Wouhou!


yay for more FOs! Stripe Study will be a great shawl to ward away cold AC and how can i not love the Gnome Acres socks? pink and perfect.


I just love that shawl and also the lovely yarn colors you chose for the project....and those socks would make my feet very happy to wear- such fun colors!


Oooh it's exciting to have new knits to wear! You may have just inspired me to start some selfish knitting... :P


I finished a pair of socks too, such a fun feeling. While I know we are suppose to be tackling all our wip's I couldn't help but cast on too, Christmas will be here soon.


I love the socks! Such pretty colors.


I don't have any WIPs to tackle or I'd join in, but I have noticed the insane amount of productivity taking place within my LYS group. It's crazy what fall does to a knitter. :)


YES finally inspired enough to make myself another pair of socks, this time with king cole riot dk so wish me luck lol Love your shawl and oh yes the socks xo


Love your socks and shawl! Just in time to keep warm and cozy!


Wow, Andi, you rock! Love everything that's just flying off the needles lately. I agree with you about the socks and while that's not to say I don't completely admire (and drool) over more patterned or "designed" socks, I'm often most drawn to the plain vanilla socks for myself... now, if only I could actually finish a pair :) Wishing you a wonderful week! xo

Little Black Dog in SA

So very stunning. I love the shawl. The colours compliment each other so well.
And of course, another pair of socks. The stripes are cute. :-)


The daily-double!!! YAY! Love the shawl and I so agree.....with all the socks I knit, I tend to grab those vanilla ones above all others. And yours are so happy colored. Love them.


Finished objects are always inspiring! Keep up the good work! My progress on the-yarn-that-won't-be-knitted is your influence, lol. I am determined!

There's something about the beginning of autumn that makes you want to break out the yarn. I think it's the lengthening days and the colder weather. It just cries out for yarny comfort.


I just cast on a new cowl so I'm in the savoring process of knitting. Lovely stripe study shawl and like you, I like shawls big enough to wrap around.


I'm trying to focus on cleaning my needles and whittling down the WIPs, but no sooner do I finish one than I'm inspired to start two more! I've held out so far, but...


The shawl you knit is so pretty! I love the colors :) I love nice gray scarfs. I might knit one of my own...

Fuego Azul

I totally agree about variegated yarns & simple patterns; & I love the colorway. This Fall, I plan to only knit shawls/capelets, etc. Yours is so elegant! I can't wait to knit the Haruni shawl in a delicious sock yarn I bought in beautiful Autumn hues...


Beautiful finishes, Andi! Love the MSK group on ravelry. Just really nice, supportive knitters. Always a smile to be read over there.


Your shawl is a symphony! How interesting that something so seemingly simple and restrained, manages to be so elegant and grand. I guess that is the genius of good design and colour choice and years of knitting prowess. Yay you and Yay the happy socks too. You are on fire!


Oh my goodness Andi, you have created beautiful work. I do love the shawl and the socks. Lovely for sure!!

Liz in Missouri USA

LOL - I'm SOOOO still working on socks. I started socks to take on a trip I made last month. The trip was so wonderful that I actually didn't knit nearly as much as I had anticipated - so now I'm busy working on "second socks" X 4. I love that you keep WIPs going all the time because I love the anticipation of (hopefully) soon to be finished projects and how pretty they always are when you are done!


The Joseph colorway is beautiful thought this is not an easy choice...they are all tempting!


Splendid finishes! You know how to pick colors for a shawl. The grey and cream look smart with one another. I am always impressed by sock patterns with fancy stitch patterns but vanilla socks never stop giving me a thrill.

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