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Those socks are GORGEOUS!!
Thanks for the link love - I'm always looking for new inspiration!!
Have a great Sunday!


Definitely sweater weather!


Oh the blanket is coming along nicely! Lovely colors!
Thanks for the links, I discovered a few new websites. Those knitting bags are so cute! Have fun with them!

Have a nice week, Andi!


I LOVE the patchwork scrap project! And, those socks are Valentine perfection. ;) Thank you for sharing these links. I'm off to visit. blessings ~ tanna


The scrap blanket can be so addicting, you don't have to think about shaping, color choice, just absolute creative freedom. So relaxing. How big is it already?


What a neat blanket- so interesting and original. Love how it comes along organicaly.....I need that sheep cup. Have a great week !


The sock yarn blanket is so lovely... and I like that there is a little bit of sunshine in that mug :)
(I always enjoy the linky loves - so many wonderful, inspirational and talented people out there)


Oh, Andi, you really have the kindest loving soul. LOVING that sock yarn blanket (I mean, super wow!) and all your January "loves". I'm wishing you get all the grey days your sweet heart desires - I can see why you liked Fran's post makes me almost want to forgive all the months of grey days we've had since last fall...but not quite ;) this girl desperately needs the sun. Big hugs to you! XOXO


I love that coffee (or tea) cup! Why is everything sheep-y immediately endearing to me? Your January socks are lovely. The colors of the stripes are so pretty :)


Love your scrappy blanket! :) xxx


Love your stripey socks! Just in time for Valentine's Day.


loving your blanket progress, slow and steady win the race. If there was a race. I wish I had scraps to send you but I've used them in my blanket!!! Anyways have fun watching the game, I'll be listening while I knit.


It's not sweater weather here, thankfully. I am loving your cute little gifts, you always seem to get the best packages. Those scraps will make a lovely addition to the blanket !


I don't know of my comments went through the first time. It was talking forever to load after submitting...
I am covering your stripy socks. They are adorable and sweet. Those are cute projects bags. They're perfect for sock projects.
I love that song. It's so sexy. I try to play it once a day on Spotify.


Your socks are just perfect for February Andi and they are so pretty. I think socks should always be pretty don't you?
Great song, you always expand my music and my link list :)
Oh, I sent you a friend request on Goodreads, I'm new so am still trying to learn my way around.
Have fun watching the game.


Oh Andi, how I love your socks! They are such a cheerful set of stripes for this time of year.


(hee hee!!!) isn't sock yarn the BESt????????! :) your blanket is really looking great!!!

Amanda Keeys

Your link posts are always my favourites. So many new lovely things to check out.

LOVE your scrap sock yarn blanket.. I want to do the same one. One day ;)


Lovely pair of socks!! This week I was telling our knitting/crochet group about the socks you make.
Thank you for the links!


I am so in love with the Knitted Patchwork Recipe. I might have to add that to my list of things to knit!

Annie @ knitsofacto

So many great links, as always. And your socks are gorgeous!


Do you have socks for every holiday? I think it would be great fun to have Valentines, St. Patricks, Halloween, etc. socks.


Such lovelies! Gorgeous socks and your scrap blanket is coming along nicely.

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