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While all the designs are lovely, I really love the Flora Mitts. They are so elegant!


Pick one...pick one...oh the pain of decisions! I think I would have to go with the Dryad Hat, if only because it's so different and unique! But Boudicca Cardigan is a close second...they are all so beautiful! Thank you Andi for sharing this. (And kudos on the lovely test knit, it looks perfect)


How I wish I was going to be out west, I would love to meet Anne in person. What an amazingly talented soul. All of the patterns in the book look like they would be fun to knit, but I my kept going by to the Guinevere Shawl, stunning!


I looooveee the boudicca cardigan!!! Its precious 💞


it's hard to pick just one of Anne's designs. right now i'm really loving the Dryad hat - feminine, twisted sts, celtic-inspired motifs. love it.


What a beautiful giveaway! My favorite is definitely Boudicca Cardigan. A very feminine cardigan covered with cables - I can't ask for more!


The Little Mermaid Sweater is my favorite!


Beautiful. I like a few but the Isis shawl and the little mermaid sweater caught my eye.


I like most all her patterns but in this collection my favorite is Boudicca Cardigan.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Pat Collingwood

I love the Isis shawl.


I grew up taking "host nation" classes at our RAF base school, and the story of Boudicca/Bodicea was one of my facorites. The same holds true for the eponymous cardigan--such lovely cables!


Since I really love references to Celtic heroines, I'd have to go with the Boudicca sweater. Of course, as I've never attempted a sweater yet (but do have a particular fondness for cables), this may be a bit of a stretch for me to actually accomplish!


I'm from Ireland and grew up wearing Arans, so if I had to choose (so difficult!), I'd say the Boudicca Cardigan. Feminine and very Celtic. :)


The Little Mermaid sweater is stunning — enough so, that I would gladly leap out of my "knits for men" focus to create this for someone special. For me, I think the Flora Mitts would work, with somewhat subdued, somewhat more "masculine" colors.

(Quotation marks intended, as I don't want to stereotype or assume that my definition of masculine, such as it is, is the same as others' opinions!)


I added the Little Mermaid Sweater to my favorites list on Ravelry. Gorgeous!!!

Stitched Together

I love the Dryad Hat, which is surprising because I don't wear berets at all. I just love the stitch patterns used in it. (Stitched-Together on Ravelry)


Like Diana I have also added the Little Mermaid Sweater to my favourites list on Ravelry. Beautiful design.


It's impossible to choose a single favorite; I'm torn between Boudicca, Guinevere, and Isis. I love Celtic cables, although I tend to curse quite a bit while knitting them. I can't wait until Dallas when I'll get a chance to stock up on more Wooly Wonka yarn!


They are all beautiful! The Boudicca Cardigan is my favorite.


The Boudicca cardigan is gorgeous!


I love the Dryad hat and I am Mahgret on Rav.


I love the Isis shawl!


My favourite is the mermaid sweater. The Boudicca Sweater looks great too.


Ooooh how do I choose? I'm a major fairytale fan, so I love all of them!
I'm torn between both the Little Mermaid Sweater and the Dryad hat... both have such stunning detail!

Alice in Bookland

Oh my, Andi, I think I might have to agree that the Isis shawl is the loveliest! What a wonderful chance to win! Thank you!

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