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Pick one? Not likely, but the first one I'd like to try is the Mermaid Sweater. I've some turquoise handspun that would like to meet it!

Rachelle - Warming Crafts

I love so many of them, but The Little Mermaid Sweater seems to be edging the others out.

Jane S.

Now that's a tough decision, but I really like the Gretel vest and the Boudicca cardigan. They have a simple silhouette but there is plenty of texture in the pattern, and they're very feminine. Just lovely!

Thank you for the chance to win. :)

Andrea @This Knitted Life

I am loving the mermaid sweater. Looking forward to the book,


Guinevere it is. Camelot with Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave came out the year I graduated high school and the senior english classes went en masse to see it. It led me read all the Camelot/King Arthur/Merlin books I could find over the years, and I still have the soundtrack ALBUM (yes, original vinyl) from the movie. The patterns are all beautiful, but Guinevere gets my vote.


I love the flora mitts!

Amy C

So many beautiful and enchanting knits. On a purely practical, what-would-I-really-knit-first basis, I'm going to go for the Flora mitts. Old house, drafty corners, winter in Wisconsin - I need those gorgeous mitts!


I like all the patterns, but the Little Mermaid sweater is very charming. Thank you for a chance to win.

Bethany Sharp

I absolutely love the Little Mermaid sweater, those sleeve details are to die for!


Mermaid sweater! I have a purple that would really do it justice! It would also lessen my stash a little bit...


How about the Lady Guinevere Shawl ?

Barbara McKee

All designs are beautiful but if I have to pick just one it would be The Little Mermaid. I would be so happy to win this collection of fabulous patterns.

Thank you.

Ravelry - mckwill


My favorite is the Guinevere Shawl - it was lovely to knit up!


Love, love, love the Boudicca cardigan. I love a pretty lacy cardi. The shawl you knit is also gorgeous.

knittingj on ravelry.


There's a fiber fest in Dallas? I will HAVE to go.
Back to the beautiful patterns, I think I am favoring the Little Mermaid Sweater. I can actually see myself wearing it - the cables are just so pretty.
Also- if you really knitted that shawl, it's gorgeous! Great job :)


The dryad had looks great--and if I ever get brave the Guinevere shawl!


A stunning collection of designs! It's very hard to choose but my favourites are the Boudicca Cardigan and the Mermaid Sweater.


I am on a cardigan kick lately and I think the Boudicca will keep me nicely occupied through the remaining chilly months.


I think I have to knit the Guinevere shawl! What a lovely collection.
b-girl on ravelry


Oh my goodness, Andi, beautiful work on that Isis shawl! You are right, all of these patterns are lovely and to choose just one favourite isn't the easiest task....but I think mine is the Guinevere Shawl - so pretty! Thank you for this awesome opportunity :) XO

Little Cotton Cloud

They are all so beautiful ! If I had to pick only one, it'd be the Gretel Vest which I find really lovely. =)


OMG! I love the Boudiccea cardigan! But tge mermaid sweater is a close second. Difficult to choose!


These patterns are all so lovely! I think my favorite has to be the dryad hat, gorgeous!


Only one?!! You do ask difficult questions. I really like the Little Mermaid Sweater and the Dryad Hat but I suppose my favorite is the Flora Mitts. While they are sweet and demure in the pattern photo, they could be a bit rustic and down-to-earth in a different yarn fiber and color scheme. Their versatility really sells it for me. Thanks for the review of the collection.


The Guinevere shawl is my favorite, especially in that color of blue! All of the patterns are gorgeous, though. And you did a very lovely job on Isis shawl :)

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