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I think those two WIP definitely deserve your love. I especially love the pink one, it looks so delicate. I am mostly a monogamous knitter so I don't put projects away but I get bored by them and then all of a sudden they are exciting again and I am sure that will happen to you.


I'm currently feeling renewed love for all my projects! After so long away from them because of schoolwork, it's lovely just to be able to create again!


Holy smokes!! Me? I just about spat out my coffee!! Thank you SO MUCH!! Still working on my UFOs but could not resist the call of Kallio Knits this week and cast on an 'Ardent'.. She has 2 new patterns out and the are both calling me..!


stepping away.....the ONLY way to regain the love!! But, I'm finding, too, that if I 'officially' step away by putting a project in 'hibernation' on Rav, that I feel rather guiltless about putting it down. It's not unloved....only taking a much needed rest. Now----off to cast on one of those banana leaves scarfs. I really like that one!!!


Sonetimes I take out a WIP, start working on it and think "Why on Earth did I leave it lying around so long? It's great!" So yes, I know how you feel.
And I will probably finally finish my blue shawl in the next few days and will then put it on your KAL thread.
Happy Sunday to you and have a relaxed week!


Morning, Andi! I am trying not to abandon my WIPs for a long time, I find it really hard to come back to them, remember the pattern and what I am supposed to do next. Even if I don't have time at all, I try "visit" them every day at least for a couple of rows. I don't spend much time on it, but all the details are always fresh in my memory.New KAL sounds exciting!

Caffeine Girl

The red of that shawl is so rich and pretty. That color should help keep up your mojo, too!


I LOVE that red yarn for the Banana Leaf Shawl. Wow! Is that gorgeous!!!


I definitely agree! I've had several projects sitting in the wip basket while I worked on knits that had deadlines. Now I get to go back to knitting these 'just for me' projects and I'm having fun!

I love your banana leaf shawl! I've always liked the construction of that piece. Happy Sunday Andi!


hey, your knitting is not pink or green....love love love the red!!


I feel such joy in finishing a project. And when you've already started one, it is already less work than starting a new one. Good luck in finishing your much-desired wispy scarf.


Congratulations Leigh!
I have the opposite knitting problem: I have NO project on my needles right now....How is this possible?
Happy Sunday to you too Andi!


One of the highlights of my Sunday is reading your blog. I always enjoy it.

I am not one to go back and finish a project that I had started previously. I have a lot of them too. How sad! I am glad you are able to finish yours. It is gratifying in many ways.


Ooh Andi, that Banana Leaf Shawl looks amazing and I do hope you get it finished this go round. I am finishing up my sweater, my first ever bottom up with set in sleeves. Right now the whole thing looks like a hot mess, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the end a sweater will appear...just in time for my hot and humid summer ;)


I think that since all the projects we start are exciting, most of the time, knitting them again is also exciting. It's just that we forgot :)


I think it's possible to have renewed interest in a project that's been languishing in hibernation. Your red is very warm and loving.


Absolutely. I have a couple of WIPs put down merely because the weather wasn't right to knit them (heavy, winter knits). Now that the temps are dropping again, the time is ripe for renewal with the pretties!


Sometimes I fall back in love with old projects so hard that I wonder why I ever let them languish in the first place! Looks like you have some delightful projects on the needles now-enjoy!


Beautiful scarf and good luck on getting it finished this time round, I'm rooting for you!


Ohh I was MIA last Kal...hoping this one I will be in!


Congratulations, Leigh!!

I definitely think there is a more special sense of satisfaction from finishing something that has been sitting on the sidelines for awhile. A feeling of lightness... You go, girl! blessings ~ tanna


Good work on the WIPs. What is the pink yarn in the first photo? It is such a pretty color.

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