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Too many choices Andi but if I had to be specific it would have to be Jessie's Girl! Thanks for the chance to win! xxx


Lavender and blues, they remind me of an English Summer, Lavender and Forget-me-nots


They're so pretty!
I think my ideal self-striping yarn would be either a dark green combined with a warm gold, or burgundy and caramel. I've made a blanket in that last colour combination, and it turned out very well.


I would like a colourway that has three different shades of orchid or perhaps one of the stripes could be silver. Thanks for the opportunity to win, that colourway is lovely.


I just recently discovered your lovely block and I really like it! I´ve been surfing your older entries to take a look on all the beautiful things you´ve knitted.

My favorite combination would be black and all the sunset colors such as different shades of red and orange and a bit of purple.



I'd love to find turquoise and scarlet self striping yarn - those blasted unicorns is stunning!
Ravid : hazysummers


Love them all!

Jennie Knight

I must admit it took me a couple of minutes to decide upon a combination. I love the idea of greens and yellow but most of all I'd love to knit a pair of socks in a rainbow combination.

Please add my name to the drawing. Thank you.


I am just finishing my first pair of socks and loved knitting them! This skein is gorgeous!! If I had to pick a striping sock combo?....hmmmm.... black, lime green, charcoal grey, and maybe a bit of aubergine .... Thanks for a fantastic give-away! Happy knitting!

Wendy whooley

Hi my self striping combination would be ice cream flavours. Raspberry ripple, mint choc chip, strawberry, pistachio and vanilla. YUM YUM


Beautiful yarn! I love rainbow colors and also purple, gray, blue would be pretty.

Thanks for a chance to win!

Ravelry: nanaelliott


My favorite combination would be all the colors of a sunset in the softest, warmest fiber. It gets so cold and grey here in the Winter.


I'm really digging the colours of Dove Grey and Soft Pink at the moment - a real departure from my usual shocking brights! I'm CraftyLittleRat on Ravelry


Love this! I am partial to blues and greens, so I really like the Mike and Sully colorway! I think my favorite would be anything in "tropical colors" and leave that up to Laurel's interpretation! :-)
Junglewife on Ravelry


That yarn is gorgeous! A colour combo I'm really liking lately is aqua/turquoise with pink/fushia and maybe a bit of purple. Thanks for the giveaway! Byneedleandthread on Rav

Christie Hoagland

Multiple shades of purple would be fun. I would make socks for my four year old grand daughter as her favorite color is, "pewple." sissymoon on Ravelry


I love Blasted Unicorns and Rock On Sister!

Rav id deansgirl

Anna Jane

Wow, what a beautiful skein of yarn!! My favorite self-stripe combo is anything cheery and bright, like grass green and candy pink or turquoise and cherry red. Striped socks just make me smile :) and the brighter the better!! Thank you for sharing this lovely brand with us!


Beautiful socks, Andi, and oh my, that yarn... it really is divine! May 17th happens to be my birthday, so I feel like i *have* to try :)

I think a great self-striping combo would be orange, brown and olive green - would make lovely autumn colored socks!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


My favourite colour combination would depend entirely on my mood! Fuchsia and lilac; lime green and purple; black and grey; raspberry and cream; eventually, I would suggest that almost every possible combination of colours will make it for me! Thank you for this generous gift away.

Gunvor Madsen

Hi Andy
I have followed you for years and allways enjoyed to read what you have to say. I haven't had the courage to comment before. Mostly because I don't have a blog myself to refer to. That is some georgeous yarn you show this time and I would like to participate. My favourite colours is turqoise, lime, lilac and pink. Have a good day.
Rav name gimgim


What beautiful colors! My favorite self-striping combo would probably be purple, green and orange for Halloween. But the skein shown has such fabulous colors...love!

Boston Knitter

Yay stripes! I'm a big fan of rainbow stripes, and also Halloween stipes like purple, orange, green, and black all together. My ravID is k8sx. Thanks for the chance!

Alice in Bookland

Oh my goodness.... That skien... I'm speechless. It is simply GORGEOUS. What a pair of socks that would make!!!
As for what colors, I think a combination of purples, like lavender, Violet, deep and rich purple, and the palest lilac, maybe striping from lightest to darkest... I think I would die if I had a skien like that. Purple is my favorite color. I think that different shades of yellow would be lovely as well.
I'm philomenasfriend on Ravelry. Thank you so much for this giveaway, Andi!!!

Caroline Van Dyk

Gorgeous yarn from SpinningFates!

My favourite ~ Sour Blueberries!

Runawayknitter (on Ravelry)

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