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Andrea @This Knitted Life

Oh how I wish I could be a full time knitter....


I always dream about knitting for a whole day. If the chance come to knit half-hour, I spend it on my phone (Facebook, news, ...). So no, that's not just you!!!


Your shawl is coming along beautifully, Andi! And, I love those socks. I don't know why our lives work out as you said... when we have time, we don't; when we don't, we yearn. I do agree that applies to most every aspect! ;)

I hope this week brings you good, peaceful knitting time. blessings ~ tanna


Happy Sunday Andi!

Wow those Mountain Girl Yarn skeins look amazing! Will you be posting the review / test knit on here? I really want to see what they look like knit up :)

I know what you mean about 'need to knit' ! It's been like that this week for me, too.

Have a great week Andi!


Time is a true enigma... I desperately yearn for more and more free time for knitting and crochet, but at the same time (sorry for the pun) sometimes I feel like when I am short of time, I manage to accomplish more than when I have all the time in the world. Happy Sunday!


I wish I could be a full-time knitter too!
I'm drooling in front of my screen: your skeins are gorgeous!
And I love your socks! Will we have the chance to admire them worn someday? ;)


I just visited Mountain Girl Yarn from your link and I am going to be in SO much trouble :)


I'm so happy to know the mail fairy was kind to you this week, Andi, those skeins of MGY look especially tempting... xoxo

Caffeine Girl

I'm glad you've got your mojo back. The shawl is coming along so well.
Knitting for me is always a need. A day without knitting is like ... well, you know what I mean.
I am still trying to decide if I dare to follow the link to MGY!


Looks like you will have lots of pretty yarns to play with when you get the time. :-)


What great excitement from your mailbox this week! I'll bet there is a lot of excitement from recipients from your end as well - generosity begets generosity! Such pretty yarns too - they look very you. :-)


Oooh! SO many nice and beautiful skeins! Good that you're back on track!
I loev your Brickerstraat socks! I can'tr fail to notice that they are rather large at the leg part? I'm about to cast them on, so maybe I'll CO less sts if they end up being rather big?


I can completely agree, I learned how to spin on a wheel Saturday, and now it's all i want to do but I have so many other things.
You always get such lovely gifts Andi, I am especially excited for the Mountain Girl Yarn. Have a fabulous week!


Terrific gifts. That test yarn looks so fun.


Such beauty in your post Andi. I hope your week is filled with lots of time to knit. I am in the mist of baby knitting and loving every minute of it.


lovely yarns today and I can see how a busy week leads to needing some knitting time. I could use lots of knitting time today :)


What beautiful gifts!!! Yes, I often feel the need to knit more. More and more and more and more. If only I could knit as fast as I dream ;) Have a lovely week!!!


Wow! The finished socks are super cute. I am loving the red of your wip. Amazing gifts in the mail (cool idea to wrap yarn around the gift tags, and an elegant origami bookmark) and that mountain girl yarn.... wow!


oooh, your swap packages are awesome, and I'm swooning over the mountain girl yarns!! they looks utterly amazing.


You are not alone--I crave knitting time when I am at work-especially when things are stressful. I am on hold a lot with insurance companies for my job, but I don't think my boss would think highly of me if she walked in and saw me knitting at my desk!
I sure love your pretty socks.


your mailbox is a lot more fun place to be than mine!!! What treasures you found there this week!!!!
You inspired both my banana leaf beginning.....and a WIP continuation. I think that qualifies you as an enabler. (As if you didn't know!!!!)


Oh good stuff Andi! I saw you drove Woolythyme to the banana pattern. hehe. You influencer of influencers! Lovely photos. I'm definitely in the need to knit zone!


Those gifts look amazing!!!!! Such eye candy! So in the spirit of renewing and revisiting WIPS I picked up on of mine that has been giving me trouble since the day I cast it on. AHHH low and behold my stitch numbers don't match up once again :-(!!! I will tear out once more! This is the first pattern that has ever stumped me! And yes I am whining!


your banana leaf shawl is stunning and the colour is spectacular!


Your site is a delight to the eyes! And I'm glad to see that you're knitting Kemper Wray's socks. They're lovely.
I am thrilled to have found your site, and I've included a link to your site on my blog: crookedneedles.net

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