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That is such a pretty lace weight wrap Andi. Almost 1900 yards of lace weight would keep me busy for awhile.

Thank you so much for adding to the socks for the homeless, I know so many people who need a little extra love are going to be touched deeply.

The Agatha sock pattern is beautiful!

Andrea @This Knitted Life

1900 yards of lace! Holy guacamole.

Happy Sunday to you, dear Andi. I am still in shock that another week has come and gone. Blink and it is over.


These are gorgeous. I did reply on Ravelry but I do not have access very often to that site. I love the Madelinetosh tosh sock yarn and I love the Spud and Chloe Blue Sky Alpaca yarns.


Oohhh, that shawl looks gorgeous! I'm feeling more and more drawn to shawls lately, suddenly, after all these years of mostly socks. At least I can still use my sock yarn for shawls and have leftovers for the blanket tho!


Beautiful shawl, Andi, and good job on the finish! Those are such pretty pink socks, too. Thanks for the tips on the projects for donation. I have just been looking at sock yarn leftovers and now will be glad to make some squares for the hospice blankets.


If only we had more time for the things we love, and less time of the things we don't love quite so much!! Love the shawl you finished, as well as the color for the squares. Hope your week is a lovely one :)


That is a large wrap. How lovely it would be to snuggle up in that. I like the colours too; they are perfect for fall. Your mum is funny. That is a lovely sock design. I am not entering though. I have so many neglected patterns that are mad at me.


I sure do notice socks now!! :) Just finished a great pair for hubby.
I really love the colour choices in your finished Carinya. Have a wonderful and productive week ahead.


Lovely knitted items ☺ I hear we have 100 days left in the year...hope I make better use of mine lol


Love the shawl but that's ALOT of yarn! The sock pattern is gorgeous. Have a great week! xxx


Love your WIPs, as usual! Have a great week!


If I was to refresh my screen it would not be because you finished something, it would be because I do not see PINK :) Lovely shawl!! I love that you are knitting with blue to switch things up a bit.


Thank you Andi for your lovely support for Agatha! Claire


The shawl is lovely! I like it. Socks for the homeless--what a great and rewarding idea! I appreciate your post.


I hear you on the need for extra time! I refuse to lose sleep but I seriously need another couple of hours in each day to get things done (and some knitting, of course). I've been watching Ambah on IG and WOW! Kudos to you for finishing up an epic test knit! XO


I love the shawl, Andi. Looks snuggly soft and elegant too. Thanks for sharing the square for Bertie's Blankets. The socks for the homeless is a wonderful cause too. Wishing you a great week. Love Sam xxx


Lovely shawl ... the colors will be perfect for autumn and with 1900 yards, I bet it will be warm and cozy, too.


Now that you mention it... we don't see too many FOs on your blog. But the ones we do see are delightful!


The socks are truly cute and i would like to try knitting it.


What a nice warm cozy shawl. The colors are beautiful together. I say let's not worry about finished objects but enjoy the knitting each day.


What beautiful socks! and how wonderful you are knitting socks for charity :) You have a beautiful heart, Andi. I love the shawl!


I love that shawl, you picked such great colours for the stripes! And those are truly elegant socks, just lovely. I'll have to check out the pattern!


I love the finished project, so light and beautiful. Whau, so many great things to see when one opens the Ravelry page. The Agatha socks are so pretty.


Get out of my head, Andi! I have been slowly internalizing how I feel robbed by life of the hours of life. The world is stealing time from me! How dare they! I seem to compensate with less sleep and more exercise. I know this doesn't make sense, just go with it. Then I crumple in a heap. I didn't say it was logical or healthy. The wrap is gorgeous and I will definitely have to put in on the list for down the line, though I've still got 2 wraps in progress in lace weight ... less yardage though! I'll decline the sock entry, since I have benefited from your generosity a plenty. And besides the things I plan to do am doing ... the list is long enough! and now one more wrap! hehe.


Lovely knitted projects! Everything is beautiful Andi. I especially like your shawl's color combo.

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