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"just do your own thing", yes! Great video Andi, watched it several times and laughed [loud] each time.
Happy birthday my dear friend! It's going to be a fabulous year!


I love the things you have learned about knitting and life!

One thing I recently learned from a crochet student which I think applies to everything: when learning something new, trust yourself that if you keep practicing, you will get the hang of it.


Happy birthday dear Andi..


Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful and thoughtful list...and how like you to give your readers a gift like that on your birthday...thank you.


Happy Birthday Andi!
I too am a September baby. Mine is the 23rd and I'm doin it right at Disney for my BIG 50! I leave this Saturday and I'm having a hard time on deciding vacation knitting. Any dieas? What do you do? I think maybe starting something new


I love your knitting wisdom!

I had a really funny experience this weekend. I stayed at a hotel with mostly elder guests (I was among the youngest and many of the other guests were already retired). In the evening, there were all these old guys and ladies mostly looking at their tablets (while talking together as well) while I sat there in my corner, knitting on my sweater. It felt like an inverted reality, but I really enjoyed myself...


Happy birthday! I think birthdays always deserve to be celebrated. Some of the older members of my family always say (about their own birthdays), "Oh, it's just another day." But of course it isn't! Lots of good advice in this post. :)


Gratulerer med dagen! So happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday and you like celebrating it- I do too. Interesting how there is a common thread between knitting life and life- good read Andi.
Hope you laugh big this year.


Amazing lessons and connections between life and knitting!!!For me one of my knit/life connection:

K: knitting is not a speed sport. Savor everything each project teaches me and the joy of simply making each stitch.

L: life is not a race. Slowing down and being grateful for every experience does wonders for me in every aspect.


PS. Love the video!!!


Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Great comparisons between knitting and life!


Happy Birthday Andi, I so appreciate your weekly posts each Sunday. This weeks is thoughtful and engaging as always. Love that you posted the CBC video from the Wire Tap folks. This was their goodbye salute to all their listeners.
Happy knitting and all the best for the year to come.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Totally do your own thing, always!

Brilliant post Andi. And Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday!

I love your knitting life. I appreciate that you shared your list with us.


Happy Birthday, dear Andi! You became such a big part of my Sundays :) Thank you for that! The greatest lesson that I learned from knitting - I can learn anything if I set my mind to! And there is always something absolutely amazing about seemingly insignificant and simple things.


What a wise video! I loved it. And these lessons you've listed? SO true.


Wise words! Happy belated birthday! Love the video!


Happy birthday Andi. I loved that video!! I, too, enjoy aging up into the next age group at my triathlons.
Lmecoll on Ravelry

Di Ross

Happy Birthday Andi. Love your videos. Good life advice, wish I had access to those words of wisdom fifty years ago. Cheers Di

Jules O

Happy Belated Birthday, hope it wss a fun week!! What great comparison between knitting & life. One thing that doesn't work with knitting & life is house work, nobody seems to want to do it anymore since knitting is waiting, but it is a good goal to have waiting to get it done if you wish to include in the scheme of things LOL!!


happy birthday sweetie!!!! may you have many many more years of knitting ahead of you! love your list :)


Happy Birthday! I have decided we should all have a birthday week. I tried it this year and it was great! More dessert with more tea. I enjoyed the video. You will have a great year.


Happy Birthday! I love your knitting lessons for life :)


Happy birthday! Those are some wise words, who knew knitting taught us so much about life in general?


Happy Birthday Andi xoxoxo wonderful lessons for life and bright and sunny here today so totally feeling happy xo

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