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I am torn in two directions. I want colour to fight the fog with and to reflect the changing leaves. But I also want warmth and soothing, calm colours. So it's a good thing that I can knit more than one thing at a time ;-)


Definitely feeling the change in term of colors too, I want to knit with all the dark and warm colors lately! Ready for the KAL, lots of things to knit to get ready for the cold months here!
Hope you have a lovely weekend :3


Looking forward to see your monkey socks finished!
I should really focus on my Christmas gifts, but I fear I will be late as always ;)


I never really thought much about this seasonal thing before.....but......my favorite favorite seasons are fall, closely followed by winter. The nesting times. The cooler times. Could that be why I'm drawn to grey? (You KNOW my love affair with that colour!?!) Maybe. I just know that I'm happiest when I'm knitting with it.

So, of course, I LOVE your shawl!!!!


I am all over the color chart with my knitting right now, but the one prominent color? Grey :)


Yay a new KAL :) I think that natural dyes / neutral colors are pretty alluring during fall and the beginning of winter. But by the time it's late winter, I think I gravitate back towards bright colors in anticipation of spring :)

Claudia Bugh

Despite the ongoing heat wave here I am definitely knitting seasonal knits and I can only hope that before Winter I'll get a chance to wear my Fall projects! But I'm an optimist so I knit on... I love your Ravelry group it's a fun place to visit. Happy knitting Andi.


Vivi is looking beautiful! i can't wait to see it after a couple reps and like all lace, a blocking will make it shine!i hope this is THE one but there are so many awesome shawls out there.


I love the socks (lovely color! What yarn and colorway is that?). I also love the shawl. The Exupéry quote is one of my favorites.


I love that Koigu yarn you're using for your Monkey socks. I don't think I've used Koigu before. I will have to put that on my wishlist. The shawl is pretty! I like how you're doing a solid color version. I will try to join that KAL since I have holiday gifts going on or maybe that will be an excuse for me to finish up one of my neckwear WIP's.


I am curious about the vivi, bet she will turn out a beauty ! Colourwise I am a fall type, and love the season, too, so I am drawn to fall colours the year round. Which, for me, also means I am working on a yellow cardigan right now. Though I can see why you'd choose grey as well, I personally aim for some brighter colours in the colder seasons as well. Love to be able to add some colour to an otherwise grey day :)


I've switched to holiday present knitting but I am still knitting for me as well, so everyone is happy. Love your socks :)


I absolutely love the idea of your new KAL!


I can still remember when I was young and reading babysitters club books. I came across the word Fall and I really didn't understand what it was (of course this was pre-internet in our house and I couldn't just google it).

I can still remember my teacher saying 'Oh it's just American for Autumn. American's like making up their own words'.

That particular phrase has stayed with me for ages. Babysitters club books taught me all sorts of things about America.

But as for knitting? It's only spring and we had a whole weekend of 30+ days so I'm tired hot and cranky. Give me ALL THE BRIGHT COLOURS!!!!!



Monkeys! I love this pattern. My first pair of socks! I won't participate to your KAL because I don't have enough time to knit, but I'll be checking out the pics for sure!!!


Your knits are lovely as usual- love the shawl pattern! Have a lovely week!

Shannon Y.

Love both the patterns you are working on! I am really drawn to grays and blue grays lately. Don't know what it is. Maybe the weather has affected me more than I realize! I just started a new project for a pregnant friend and am thinking maybe socks for the men in my life for Christmas?

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Gorgeous socks my dear. Just stunning. I aspire to join the KAL...will have to log on to Ravelry later and get signed up.


I joined the ravelry group. Sounds like a fun kal!


I'm not sure that seasons effect the choice of my yarn too much...which seems rather surprising to me! I have a running tab in my head of projects to start, and whatever season I get to it, I get to it!! And I just want to say that the first WIP you posted...the yarn is simply beautiful!! I love it. It is perfect for that pattern, too! Have a wonderful week :)


I've been wanting to reach for the orange yarn, but my sock needles are taken up by socks that refuse to cooperate. Perhaps I'll get to play with different yarn before socktober is over.


Well, one of my current WIPs is in Halloween colors-I guess that's close enough to fall!


Beautiful projects. Isn't Monkey a great pattern? I love that it works with almost every colorway you can think of.


There's something so satisfying about changing up yarn colour choices with the seasons, I hear you! We just start craving those subtle changes, I think. Like when we're sick of winter and then want the spring colours!


All your projects are looking lovely! Have a wonderful week. xo

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