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Ooh, I couldn't choose between the Grand Canyon coat or the Santa Fe wrap! They're so gorgeous, and capture the southwest spirit perfectly!


I loose the Snowbowl Hodie. Looks like a brilliant collection of knits.

Marie Biswell

I totally stopped when I saw the Grand Canyon Coat - it's perfect for me. I love the length of it, the button placement and yay, it's knit from the bottom up! It'd be the perfect cardigan/coat for the school pickups when I have to push the pram out into the dreary weather.

Stitched Together

I think my favourite would have to be Aspen's Cardigan.


Do I have to pick just one? ;-) I can't decide between the Monument Valley Sweater or the Snowbowl Hoodie (and Aspens Cardigan looks lovely too)...plus I think my husband would look great in San Juans. I think if I could only pick one I would go with the Snowbowl Hoodie because those cables look amazing, but I want to knit All The Things!


Thanks for introducing this new gem. Of the projects featured on today's post, I think my favorite is the sweater on the cover of the book.


Aspens Cardigan is my favourite at this moment probably because it suddenly got quite cold here! Thank you for a chance to own and use this beautiful collection 😊


The three sisters shawl looks amazing, and I love that it's big enough to keep me warm!


I would love to win this book...so many lovely patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.


I love the monument valley sweater, and the colors of the test knit are beautiful!


Oh good heavens that Santa Fe Shawl...!!...with naturally dyed yarn...would be gorgeous!! Although I am a creature of the woods, I love the desert. When the lake effect clouds and endless days of gray tip me to my breaking point to ( usually March ), there is nothing better than baking my bones on a red rock in Arizona. Thank you for the amazing giveaway! PS- I'd be wrapped up in that shawl this morning.. its 34 degrees out!


Wow this looks like a stunning collection! Hard to pick a favourite but I think I'm most impressed by the Aspens cardigan.


Wow what a collection!!! That cardigan looks great. Thank you for sharing with us.

Jayne Flynn

I rarely find a book that has many patterns I would love to knit. This book has over half a dozen patterns I would like to try. Although you didn't show it in your blog, I went to the Revelry page and saw the Pottery Shard jacket. Wow absolutely beautiful - would be great to wear at work.


I love the San Juans Sweater!My boys would love it! And I would knit the socks for sure! Thank you for this generous giveaway!


So many wonderful designs to pick from. I love the Churro Sheep Cowl!


Wow, I too am taken by all the lovely designs! They all look like things I too would like to knit or wear. I think I am most taken with the Aspens Cardigan, AND the Pottery Shards Jacket, and for simplicity and wearability, the Mesa Verde Shawl...sorry, just couldn't pick only one :)

Jennie Knight

I am like everyone else, it's so hard to choose. I love the Salt River sweater. I enjoy knitting cables but the Santa Fe wrap. That would be at the top of my list and for me.


I would love to knit the zip front jacket!


So many to choose from! The colorful pullovers are great but I have to say that snowball hoodie is calling my name! If I were going to knit for a deserving man the salt river sweater is a wonderful knit!
Can I use any more exclamation points?! Lol. Have a great day Andi! (One more)


Such lovely patterns from this fabulous collection...so hard to choose! I love the Three Sisters Shawl..such beautiful details! Thank you so much for the chance!


I'd like to knit the second sweater in your post (the cardigan). I've never knit a cardigan and the cables are so pretty.

Tanya Smith

There are several that I covet-the aspen & snowbowl are dying to be cast on.


i would honestly knit just about everything in that book!!! LOVE the aspen cardi, but the blossom hat or the sheep cowl would also be high on the cast on list!! thanks for the chance to win this beauty!!!


I just love the Santa Fe Wrap. It really makes a difference.

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