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I love how you coordinate your mugs with what else in the photo. The Simply Skyp socks are a gorgeous color combo.


Crazy you mention sore wrists. I was knitting last night on some socks and found myself with that issue.
I love your blanket, I bet you cannot wait until it is done! (or not, because then no more knitting on it!). Happy Sunday Andi!

Mary Beth

I love that sock yarn! I've been thinking that I need to knit more blue / green / purple socks to coordinate a little better with my wardrobe, but I'm tempted by the black / white / pink combo.


That video is a god-send right now! I'm doing all her suggestions!

Love love love your blanket and can't wait to see its reveal when you're all done!


You do have a great collection of mugs! The blanket is looking so pretty! I am glad you found something to help with wrist pain. Overuse of joints isn't good. I am having a right hand issue and all exams shows that it's overuse. Thank you for your visit Andi! Hugs from afar!

Bertha Mallard

Thanks for the information on how to cope with sore wrists and fingers. Sometimes I also run warm water over my hands to ease the pain. Afterwards, a soothing massage with a good hand lotion and I'm ready for another hour or two of knitting.


I love the pattern of these current socks -- very pretty.
She did a great video and thanks for passing it along. I definitely get sore wrists and though I do the extending the wrist thing, now I'll do the other exercises she suggests. Liat Gat also has a video for those who get sore shoulders or neck from knitting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM0ICNdpp28

I've made a wee change on my blog. I love how you post each Sunday and I've decided to also pick a day of the week and that will be my day to post -- I think it will help me keep up writing regularly as a couple friends have asked of me. Monday is my chosen day :)
Happy knitting!


take care of those wrists!! I know that dpns and lots of sock knitting do it to me as well as knitting with plant fibers or dreaded acrylic. I once had to take almost a week off of knitting to recover. I get shooting pains up my forearms when I overdo it.

so I take lots of breaks, knit with lovely wool or wool blends and socks once in a while.


I truly love your current sock project Andi ... beautiful stitch pattern and lovely yarn! I made knitting goals earlier this year but know that things will change. I just want to enjoy what I love, knitting, crocheting, drawing and reading. Everything will be just added fun!


Good for you Andi, slow and steady with lots of love, that's the way to do it!
I do take breaks, my Garmin makes sure I get my steps in and when I do I lay my knitting aside.
Have a great week.

Caffeine Girl

I think that only working on two projects at once is monogamous. I know things get done faster that way, but I have a hard time limiting myself!


Your sock yarn blanket is looking amazing!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Wrist pain and knitting is the worst! It plagues me from time to time also,mi a,marrying to wrap,up my unfinished 2015 projects so I can become more monogamous again. I think that worked well for me.


Lovely knitting as always and I do get wrist pain so doing plenty of wrist pressing here lol xoxo


I love how those socks are knitting up, with the swirl of black. So beautiful! Also I thought we had the same mug for a second, but then I realized yours is about love and nice things, and mine is all of the dirty words Shakespeare invented. Close but no cigar ;)


Of course being closer to finishing a pair of socks, means you are closer to wearing a new pair of socks. I think that is the best part: fun new socks.


You have the best taste in sock yarns, I'm always so impressed with how you seem to choose the prettiest striping skeins, and so it's no wonder your sock scrap blanket is looking marvelous! I find my carpal tunnel syndrome was bad when I was pregnant, I wore a wrist brace all day when I was at work so that it would save my strength for knitting it helped, actually.


maybe I need to be working on more than one project at a time to save my hand some pain! haha. but seriously, thanks for the video, I'm going to be trying to make a better effort to stretch more this year when I finally get back to knitting again.


Your skyp socks are looking lovely! Yes, monogamously knitting on one or two projects is my plan, also. But feeling the wrist pain as well, so thank you for the video. I try to give myself a break every 10 to 15 minutes. I recently came across the Memories Sweater by Sally Melville on Ravelry that reminds me of your beautiful blanket.


I've always wanted to do a blog post about Yoga postures and practices for crafters!! So often we think its only our wrists that need to be worked on when its really the chest and back area!


Apparently I have inadvertently joined Andi's focused knitting train. I am enjoying it. I'm prepping to cast on for a baby blanket that I will treat like your sock blanket and chip away at it a little as I work on other projects individually. Well who knows how long that will last. But we will enjoy it for sure :)


Love, love your Pink Granite yarn. Coveting! And I think it's okay to have two WIPs going on at the same time. I'm trying to get that going here.


Mindfulness. In all things. Always a goal for me, not easily achieved. Slow food. Slow knitting. I like where this is going. And yes, I do take knitting breaks. Even skipping a whole day after marathon gift knitting last week. My hands needed break.

Let's make this year about being kind to ourselves.

Fuego Azul

Very helpful video! Thank you for sharing that one. I do stretches like that & when I rotate my wrists & fingers, I pretend I have superpowers. :p

I once read the book The Knitting Sutra & at once practiced more ergonomic crafting when the author said she could no longer knit due to not taking care of her hands & wrists. The thought of having to retire from my passion early because I was careless is very depressing!

Once, my wrist was very sore from pressing down too hard while taking notes & the pain wouldn't go away. I found this article & it worked like a charm!

Getting up once in awhile to stretch is a good excuse for grabbing another cup of tea or coffee...or chocolate! to go with that lovely project. Happy knitting! :)


You've inspired me! I've made a point of slowing down and enjoying the knit as well :) It's just lovely!

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