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Andrea @ This Knitted Life

It is so amazing how small the big world has become. Beautiful yarn with an inspiring story.


Hard to pick but I think king quail is my favorite. Elainemaxseb



my favourite colour would be Yellow Honeyeater.


Oh, i love the princess parrot. Gorgeous colour with wonderful bright pops


Princess parrot is lovely, I love the bits of blue and pink with the purple.

DizzyStitchin on rav


Hi Andi, happy Sunday to you too. Great giveaway, I was hard pushed to pick a favourite colour but I love Galah and think I'd knit some socks in it. Have a lovely day.


Rav ID: yarnovernewyork

My favorite Circus Tonic Handmade colorway is Paradise Parrot

Thanks for the giveaway!


Ohhh this is so cool!!! Thank you for organising this giveaway!! :)
I agree with everything you mentioned about Hannah's yarn.... just pure bliss! And Hannah herself is such a beautiful soul!! <3
My favorite color is Galah! It was the first one I bought and I love it so!! :D
Thank you to you both! :))


Paradise Parrot is just too beautiful


I'd have to say that the King Quail colorway is my favourite. I just love the different shades of purple together!


I met Hannah at the knitters build yarn tasting in Sydney . Her yarns are so very soft and she is such a friendly person . I am currently lusting after a gradient set in a brace of ducks on her etsy page . I think my resolve will not last the week . I am Diane on ravelry .

inês g.

I absolutely love the grey hawk colourway! inesverdusthewool on rsv


I actually love Sabine's Gull, what a lovely tonal grey!
I'm chayacrochets on Ravelry.


Princess Parrot would thrill my grand daughter as she loves anything and everything - purple!


Paradise Parrot is my favourite for certain! Love Australian Merino as a fellow Aussie - we are so lucky with our local yarn artists!

Amy C

I always seem to pick green, but I fell in love with the deep blues of Spangled Drongo. So gorgeous! I'd make Little Church Knits' Barnswallow socks (again) with it.

Alison McDonough

Hard to pick, but Paradise Parrot is my favorite!

Inga Rós Unnarsdóttir

My favorite is the Spangled Drongo, I love all the tonals.


I love Magpie!

Jacqueline Webb

Oh masked owl would be my favourite it just looks like liquid gold, but cape barren goose would have to be a very close second


Good morning Andi!!! Oh the beautiful yarn in your post...so amazing!!! I love them all!! If I had to choose a favorite then it would be Paradise parrot.
Have a great knitting Sunday!!!

Sue J

Australian merino imho is the best yarn in the world....I know I'm bias...I'm an Aussie living in NC. Hannah has captured the colors of Australia so beautifully. My favorite is galah. She has represented the colors of those crazy birds that used to fly over my house every morning.

Congratulations to Leanne, for winning Knitlandia.


My favorite is Paradise Parrot.

Meta Miske

Paradise Parrot is to "dye" for!!! Gorgeous. :) mmiske

Fuego Azul

Oooh!! What beautiful colorways! The Frilled Monarch is talking to me, surprisingly. Somethig about that speckled turquoise blue makes me sigh.

What fun you've been having on your blog while I've been away, lol. Thank you for all of the lovely reviews & giveaways!

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