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Jacqueline Webb

Andi once again I look at your blog (I look forward to Sundays) and what do I find Arne and Carlos I have just cast on for a pair of socks as a Christmas present in their yarn Schachenmayr. Just love the way this yarn is engineered to give you a lovely self stripping pattern. Have 6 balls in total for socks couldn't decide which colour so asked hubby to dip in and pull a ball out. One pair started another 5 to do. Oh by the way I love your teapot and the tea looks super what is it? Will certainly check out their YouTube.


I have two pairs of socks on needles now and may have a third before the day is out ;) I have declared 2016 the year of sock knitting for me and am quite enjoying myself.
Thank you for the baby shower shout out, I think it's going to be fun.
Have a super week my dear!


Your finished sock are just perfect. The colors will cheer up any grey March days!


Thank you sooo much for the help in spreading the word about SCI...so much appreciated! AND...those first socks are PERFECT for my friend whose sock drawer I'm attempting to fill. She was just telling me the other day (not as a hint...she knows I knit socks for her) that she figured out how to darn the entire bottom of some of the first socks I ever knit for her (she's not a knitter, but does every other kind of handiwork imaginable!!!) Me? I'd rather knit another pair of socks than even attempt to darn them!!!! I love the length you made those....and she will, too----she's a Birkenstock sandal/gardening woman who reminds me (age and style) of Tasha Tudor. She loves lower ankle socks...and those you made look perfect! Thanks for sharing.


Lovely socks! I especially love the slip stitch pattern, always creates such a wonderful texture! Have a great Sunday, Andi!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Socks lost on the light rail?!?! Tragic! I a, sure there will be less knitting drama in March, or at least I hope so (for my sake). I had a bit of a mishap last night knitting Reed's Easter bunny....


Thank you once again for you-know-what. And I just returned from visiting both links you shared. Since most of what I make is either for gifts or donations, I'm participating in the SCI. I adore that photo at the top -- you do those so very well. You could put a photo book together. Next on my needles: socks :-)


I love your posts! I bet you wish that you could take a break from posting, once in awhile, but I know you know we would miss you, so you stay. You should take a break sometime (and yes, I would miss you!).

I love knitted socks. I love knitting socks. Soon, I will have time to knit again, and I cannot wait!

The socks you posted are lovely.


I would love to sit and knit and have a cup of tea with you as well. We would talk about knitting of course :)


I would absolutely love to have a cuppa with you Andi. I love your finished socks and I'm so sorry about your loss on the light rail, that's a bummer. It feels good to finish up socks though, doesn't it. Love your post as always ... have a wonderful Sunday!


both pairs are lovely! You no doubt have heard that they are going to be releasing a new movie version of The Little Prince soon, right? I'm super excited to see it when they do! And I love Arne & Carlos!


Ah yes enjoying a cuppa with blog friends in person would be lovely ☺☺ And I LOVE your socks, even the one's you frogged lol I really must get back into that knit.....been a bit off lately but it will happen again real soon xoxoxo


Frogging is no fun, but knitting lots of socks is, especially when you can picture the smile on the giftee's face.
Keep it up Andi, I can't wait to see more.


How tragic to lose a project on the lightrail! That's one of my greatest fears :O The finished socks you ended up with look lovely-I love loud and wild socks :)


Honestly, I can't remember every having less than 3 sock projects on the needles at any given time ;) ...and I still frog!


Both socks are beautiful Andi. I am still dream of seeing your etsy store. I am working on a shawl for my daughter. I love to see your work!! Thank you for the link to Arne and Carlos!

Caffeine Girl

I am so glad that sock knitting clicked for you. I am avid sock knitter, even though my husband is constantly telling me that you can buy 3 pair for $10 at Farm & Fleet.
I swear that Opal is the best-wearing yarn out there. I just wished they did solid colors for lace socks.
And thanks for letting us know about Arne and Carlos's YouTube series. I adore those two!


Loving your sock theme! Love the way your Opal knit up.. Have a great week!


I am mourning the loss of the socks on the light rail. You may have moved on, but I haven't. ha! I'm glad you knit some little prince Opal for yourself. It's lovely just like you.


Both pairs of socks made me smile! Love the bold cheerful colors of the Pin Stripes (must try that pattern!) and the softer colors of the Little Prince. I have a couple of colors in the Little Prince series that are destined to be socks this year.


you should host a "sisters knitter" tea party. I would come. (I think I would have to fly, though.) It would be nice to have tea with someone.

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