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It is so great to be a knitter!! I feel so grateful to everyone who contributes to this fiber world! And I've always wanted to ask you, Andi, if you don't mind, of course, how long have you been blogging?

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Oh so true! I have been loving the aesthetic of Wren House a Yarns blog. Will have to order some of her yarn!


I totally agree Andi! I never could have imagined 20 years ago the friendships I have formed these past five years, it makes my heart swell.
Much love to you and happy knitting!


Beautiful yarns and socks! Yes, it’s a great time to be a knitter:) I have a little something for you, sorry it’s been delayed getting put together and mailed, a busy week as always:) Hopefully it will go out in the mail tomorrow. Have a great week! xo


Yes the art that is shared through the online community it's wonderful! Thank you for all you share. The thing with yarn is that it makes me wish I had more and more of it. Wishing you a great Sunday!


Love that yarn by Homespun House! Couldn't agree more.. wonderful community and great time to be a knitter. Thanks so much for sharing my yarn xoxo

Jacqueline Webb

Totally agree with you Andi. I have been knitting since I was about 7 years old taught by my lovely mum. I can remember knitting with some help I think a little matinee coat for my new baby sister when I was around 9. I'm now 64 and suddenly it's all back in fashion to do even socks. There's a whole generation out there that don't know how to knit and are trying to learn as it went sooooo out of fashion for years, and to be honest knitting all got a bit boring but suddenly it's all so much fun again. We are now knitting for enjoyment and fun rather than just practicality. Jackie


It really is a great time to be a knitter 😊 As they have said, "what goes around comes around" and I think that is often true of knitting. Once passé it seems to have been rejuvenated into a passion. Lovely yarns and knitting Andi.

Susan S.

I took a 99 year old knitter to a local yarn shop.....she could not believe her eyes what yarns are available to knitters today!! She told me she worked at Higbee's (forerunner of Dillard's) and spent most of her paycheck in the 6th floor yarn department. "How lucky you girls are to have ALL this" said she as she waved her hands at all the bins of yarn. I agree! When she passed her family gave me her knitting needles. I cried.


This was a great, short video to watch on how knitting came to be and where it's gone over the years. Love your HP yarn.


Truer words...never spoken. We ARE part of a generous, thoughtful, creative community!! how lucky we are!!!

Where did you find that tea mug???!!?? He's adorable!!!


Such a great time to be a knitter, indeed! I definteily have made many good friends (both online and off) via knitting and blogs, it's such a wonderful way to connect with like-minded people. How is that Celeste Ng book? I've heard amazing things. I just finished reading When Breath Becomes Air, and it was so good, but I totally bawled.

P.S- I love that WAK video! I'm a big fan of most of what WAK does.


Indeed, wonderful time to be a knitter!
Knitters are so loving and generous people. I'm very proud to be one of them. I never thought knitting would define me that much but I'm surely glad it did!


I agree - the community of friends I have made through knitting, both on Ravelry and within my knit group, are some of the best ones I have ever had. There's like a silent, unseen connection that runs through everyone.
I've received gifts and laughs and tears and stories and so many things from so many people and I can thank my yarn and needles for it all.


A beautiful post. Some of the best friends that I have made are through this wonderful hobby. xxx


I totally agree. I've had the pleasure of meeting a few of my blogging friends and to a one, they have been interesting, friendly, caring and I just love them.

Judy (http://stitchalongwithme.blogspot.com) visited me today all the way from Seattle. Needless to say .... we had a wonderful time.

I feel blessed to have met online and in real life, some of the kindest and friendliest people.


Ha! "A stitch a day keeps the grumpies away"-that made me smile :) I agree, this is such a fantastic time to be a knitter. I learned to knit in 2010, and I don't know if I'd have stuck with it so firmly if there hadn't been this great huge community supporting me and sucking me in from the get-go :)


Oh Andi. You are such a good influence. You've been such a positive knitting friendship force for me and really allowed me to embrace my knitting personality and my internet knit world not just without shame, but with sheer happiness, joy and gratitude. Even my husband and son think it's really great that I've been lucky enough to make such friends that can share this knitting love with me like very few in my everyday "real world" existence.

Thanks for all the lovely inspirations. Now go knit the good knit for all of us. Show me the socks!! ;)


These communities are such a blessing to our lives. My knitting friends near and far are just everything!


Love those socks on the needles, great colours and still plodding away here but at least I am doing lol Neat video too xoxo


So true! And all your yarn makes me drool, you have such a good selection :)


I have a huge crush on your project bag of lovelies. Simple gorgeous. I don't know what I'd do without the blogging knitting community! I have some friends who knit but it's nice to visit with lots and lots of like minded people.


This is a beautiful post, words are very touching...and wool is always pretty!
Have a good week,
Rose, xx


Yes, indeed! I so treasure both the IRL & virtual knitting friends that have blessed my life over the years. Such a positive community to be a part of. Thank you for putting all of this into such beautiful words. As always, lovely yarn eye candy!

Sarah W.

That Wren yarn is to die for! Im really trying not to order anymore yarn until the baby is born...but I am so bookmarking this one. Thank you for sharing, as always.

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