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Caffeine Girl

Happy Sunday, Andi!
You are my sock-knitting soul sister: I learned on the same book, prefer cuff-down, and love dpns. My favorite brand, though, are the Knitters Pride wood needles.
I haven't yet tried Simple Skype, but you've reminded me that I need to!

kathy b

Oh I am very much a sock addict. I love a new fun sock yarn to play on my double points. I too am a double point sock knitter. I dont' like magic loop but I have tried it.

I just scored two gorgeous skeins in Tennesee on a trip to visit my girl.

I"ll try Glenna's blog.

Socks socks socks.....I could knit only socks and be happy


Socking knitting is the reason I became a Knitter and it is all I knew it would be!
I am a long tail cast on, top down sock knitter too. I love dpn's, [have no idea how to magic loop] and while most of my needles are bamboo, I have fallen in love with Knitters Pride Karbonz needles, they are amazing.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Oh I love it! It was Glenna's post that got me going the first time! How do wash yours? In the machine? I have been using the machine in a laundry bag...it seems a little rough on them to be honest. I need to be better at switching the water temp from default warm to cold.


I knit mine exactly the same as you do yours. I have my perfect vanilla formula and I stick with it. Love making socks!


Oooohhh, I love talking about this kind of stuff!

I'm typically a cuff-down, flap & gusset, DPN's girl. I've never tried 2 circs but I don't particularly mind magic loop. It just feels slower to me because of all the fiddling with the cord. I've done plenty of toe-up and different heels as well, but I tend to settle into the same sock over and over and the cuff-down with heel flap is the least thinking for me. Cuff-down I always do a wedge toe. Toe-up I start with Judy's Magic Cast-on and knit...I guess it's the same as a wedge toe but just worked toe-up instead? I like the Twisted German Cast-on for cuff-down socks. It's a little stretchier than long-tail for me. The stitches do come out twisted so I usually knit 1 round tbl before ribbing since I hate purling tbl and I never feel like reorienting every stitch first.

For needles I love love love my Karbonz and I always use 2 mm unless it's a very light fingering yarn and then I go down to 1.75. I used to knit with bamboo but the needles would all curve after a sock or so and I was having to buy new ones too often. I tried a few brands of wooden needles but I snapped them all. So far, aside from some wonky joins at the tip here and there, the Karbonz and I have gotten along just fine.


2 circus, Long tail cast on, Cuff down, flap and gusset for me. Since the yarns are now so lovely, I just do plain knitting. I have never done kitchener on my toes, always. 3 needle bind off. I've been making socks for over 10 years and never had a problem, they feel great. I have stopped washing them in the machine and now just soak in the sink. I find they don't pill as much any more (after removing the pills from the first 3 soakings).


I love this post. Thanks so much for your lovely blog.
Sock knitting has become one of my very favorite pastimes, and I'll neglect other knitting projects to play with socks.

Ann Budd's book is very helpful. I also like Elizabeth Zimmerman's straightforward approach. I favor top-down socks, with a long-tail cast-on, a couple of inches of ribbing, and then knit straight down to the beginning of the toe shaping. My dream is to have a stash of these "tube" socks, so that when a pair is needed I can use EZ's afterthought heel to make a custom fit for whoever is getting the socks.
But for myself, I usually knit a ribbed flap heel.
I love fingering weight yarn, and I like bamboo dpn's, the reason being that they grip the yarn a little better and don't fall out when I'm knitting in waiting rooms. But I will knit with just about anything. Haven't yet made sharpened sticks to knit with.

Have tried 2 circs and also the magic loop. Ok, but too much flapping around of cables for me. It's just my opinion, but I think dpn's are more efficient.


I am still like a beginner when it comes to sock knitting and its different styles. How is a Dutch heel different? Is the classic rounded toe what Ann uses in her book? I really wish someone would write about and show the different heels and toes and have some kind of comparison chart.

Stacy bridgman

Hi Andi! Loved reading your blog this morning! You knit the most beautiful socks! I too have a sock knitting addiction :)
I mostly knit plain socks but every now and then I enjoy knitting a pattern sock.
I usually knit toe up using a turiskish cast on rounded toe and 64 sts. I knit magic loop and knit a fish lips kiss heel and two by two rib and Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.
Have a great Sunday!


I have been knitting about 10 years now. Use all kinds of methods of knitting except not too fond of cables! Have knit on dpns, magic loop and 2 circs - magic loop is my favorite. Also try to make 2 socks at a time! Favorite heel is eye of partridge. Majority of my socks are top down but have made a few toe up. Socks are a wonderful and portable project that make great gifts. I also make mittens, hats, scarves and dishcloths. My favorite patterns are by Cookie A, Wendy Johnson, etc., and Ravelry is a great place to find inspiration.


I learned to knit socks with the same book. It really is magical. I prefer top down with a heel flap and gusset and a round toe and now that I discovered using magic loop on a super long circular I have not touched my DPNs (I still love them dearly!).


Oh my! Your sock drawer is insane! Love it! I can't contribute much to the discussion, as I am a faithful garment knitter, but I'll bookmark this post just in case if I ever venture on sock knitting journey :)


Love that you are also a cuff-down girl! It seems to me that most of the avid sock knitters are toe-up fans. However, I do not like the look of the different bind-offs and I do not like the different toe-up beginnings, but I love grafting.
I do the Fish Lips Kiss Heel as I am terrible at pickung up stitches and I can ommit it that way and it fits well.


Another cuff down, usually dutch heel sock knitter here too. I don't use dpns since I tend to not hold my right needle so magic loop and two at a time got me going on socks in 2007. I love my sock books but I have to say my Nancy Bush books get the most use and the best is Knitting Vintage Socks. I think I only have one more pattern to knit before I've knit all out of that book. Favorite sock designers include Heidi Nick, VeryBusyMonkey, Claire Ellen and some of Cookie A's patterns. I have been knitting the cuff down fleegle heel in several patterns lately (Heidi Nick) and it fits quite well. Regardless of the sock fiber, mine get washed in the machine on the hand wash cycle and hung to dry. I found that washing them inside out kept them looking nicer longer so try to remember to do that.


After I injured my shoulder, I switched from DPN's to two circular needles for sock knitting. That method seemed to ease the tension in my upper arm and shoulder. Lately I am enjoying Knitter's Pride Nova Needles. (They may have updated that needle and given it a new name since I purchased mine.) Generally I prefer a long-tail cast on for a cuff down, heel flap, gusset, wedge toe kind of sock. Glenna's "A Nice Ribbed Sock" is my vanilla pattern. I also like both the skyp sock patterns as well as another pattern, Vanilla Latte. I thought it would be good for my brain to learn something new, so am currently working on a pair, toe-up using methods in Lara Neel's book, Sock Architecture to adapt Tintern Abbey to a gusset/ heel flap heel.

Thanks for posing an interesting question. Happy sock knitting to all.


ALways love seeing your socks and yes dpns are great but I have got use to the tiny circular and using them a bit like crochet continental style I think.....I have one pattern I find easy a free The super simple knitwick sock pattern, but do have winwick mum sock book cause I love the pictures showing everything with lots of choices ☺ I also have a few other books...addictive lol and always top down with a nice k2p2 rib xoxoox


Well, you KNOW I am all about the socks.

Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs, top down, flap heel, round toe and a variety of yarns. That's how I roll!


I love this posts!!!! I am gong to try your method for a heel too.
My sock knitting is really progressing too but every pair of socks I make are given or taken away. One day I will have my own sock drawer!!!

Hope you are well my friend!


I would love to hear about making a gusset. I have knit socks and sometimes there are holes at the side.


I love seeing how different people like to knit their socks! I'm a DPN, top-down, heel flap kinda gal myself :) I like my sock projects to be portable, so I really like plain socks or easy patterns that don't require me to look at the pattern too often.


I'm a relatively new knitter, and I just finished my first pair of knit socks last night! I used DPNs and a super simple pattern, and I'm super proud of how they turned out (though one is just a little bit longer than the other haha)! I'm already looking at patterns for my next pair, I can't wait to start them :)
xx Heidi

Maureen Mahrlig

I would like to know what pattern the purple and blue yarn is and what brand yarn?

Liz Morgan

I'd love to be able to knit socks. So far I've managed a toe-up sock to the point where the heel needs to happen, and it's stopped there. I can't seem to work out out any further. Meanwhile I have a bit of an addiction to sock yarn.


A wonderfully informative post! Whau, that drawer full of socks!!! My heavens, it looks like a drawer full of sweets. I love it!!
Wishing a great week Andi!

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