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I love how you store your tea and stitch markers. The stitch markers tin is like an endless treasure box where I'm sure sometimes you find one that you haven't seen for some time and it's like finding a treasured love.


That sock yarn is absolutely lovely! It definitely does scream "summer." You have such a lovely and inspiring collection of links this month, just what the doctor ordered :)


Andi, so look forward to Sunday mornings for your latest post, especially the last Sunday of the month. Quick question, I didn't notice if you mentioned who made the sheep project bag shown last Sunday. Thanks, Lisa


You are the absolute best thing about Sundays!
By the way I don't know what went awry but on Bloglovin your post is mostly gibberish and lots of code. Hopefully people will just click through to the original post.

Shirley Flavell

Long time follow but not commented. I thought perhaps I need to because of your lovely way of commun icating with us. I look for you on Mondays here in N.Z. You have inspired me to want to make a scrappy sock yarn blankey. I always go "look" at your links and get introduced to other people. Thank you. I also love tea and like the look of the packaged Plum ?? herbals. They look wonderful(from a pic in a previous entry). I would love a tin filled with those stitch markers, they are gorgeous. Don't see things like those here although if I looked in a specialty wool shop am sure they may have them.Will comment again Andi now that I have taken the first step. Love your sock yarn:)


just a quick "Hello" ... I've been back for a bit but overwhelmed with catching up. Okay ... near enough to being done. Hi! See you soon.


Oh more socks and lovely colours πŸ’–πŸ’–

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I hope you get an extra long weekend to enjoy! Summer is surely here! Bring on the socks.


do you know that I keep my stitch markers in a similar tin??? we are stitch keeper twinsies :) Just sayin'. Lovely hop about that you listed and thank you so much for mentioning me!

I hope you are having a wonderful three day weekend :)


All of my teas are in a jar, but I do like your box idea and may have to start my own. XO


I love the days when you post the compilations of other sites. There are always so many wonderful things to see out there. Your own work is wonderful to see as well. Thank you!


I have the same issue - A LOT of stitch markers and I feel like picking out the perfect one is just as important as picking out the perfect yarn and project.

Thanks for sharing your loves. I plan to check them out in a bit after I spin for awhile.


Thanks for the shout-out (again). That was so sweet of you.

I do love socks ---- maybe you've noticed. LOL This summer I may spread my knitting wings a bit. I think I'm actually going to attempt a summer top.

That can of stitch markers is AWESOME! I would have a hard time choosing too.

Fuego Azul

Usually about this time my mojo wears thin too, but this year, it's like it's been kicked into full speed! I've been obsessively knitting my Haruni shawl every chance I get in between jobs & on the bus. And every chance I get at home, I'm either crocheting the baby blanket for our new nephew or knitting a tarot pouch or hat, lol. I'm on a mission! :p

kathy b

Those ice cream stitch markers are so cute. I love the ice cream bar


Your stitch marker tin looks like a tiny treasure trove, what fun! I love that Wren House Yarn you are using for your latest sock, it's divine. And a fantastic round up links and ideas- I adore those ice cream stitch markers!


Looks like lovely knitting taking place in those needles. The color of yarns you have are always so pretty! Lots of great teas I see in the box! Happy knitting Andi!


I can always knit socks too, thanks to you:) I love the photo of your tea box though. I could use a cuppa just looking at it. I think I'll have to look in my stash for some fun summer sock yarn. They way I stash, shouldn't be too hard, ha!

Claudia Bugh

Your "notions" tin is so full of inviting things! Thank you for the glimpse into your life and the beautiful (as always) selection of loves. That shawl with a fringe has me intrigued....

Kylie M-W

I'm just catching up on May blog posts now, Andi, and I'm in such good company in your list! Thank you for your kind words about my shawl :)

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