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Tanya Smith

I became fascinated with sock knitting about 3 years ago. I love the beautiful skeins of sock yarn. Socks are easy to take to the many swim meets & I never seem to tire of knitting them.


The best thing about knitting socks - it reminds me of my mum and dad. She would knit the most elaborate socks for him and I don't think I ever saw him with store bought socks. Intricate cables galour! I have a pair tucked away in a drawer that I take out for inspiration! The holes are beyond darning after 20!+ years


My favourite thing about knitting socks is the variety of colours! I will knit with colours that I would never use for other projects. I love having tons of colourful socks! That rose lemonade tea sounds intriguing!


Oh how I love reading your blog each Sunday morning! I love knitting socks for the simple enjoyment it gives me each day.and I love all the beautiful yarns and watching them evolve as your sock grows.

Terri Lee Court

Ooooh Rose lemonade infusion... Oh sorry, socks, favourite thing is wearing them, they feel so much nicer than store bought socks....


What a wonderful giveaway Andi. I love knitting socks because they are so portable. Also they are a wonderful way to use hand dyed yarns which are so fun to collect.

Thank you for a chance to win. I look forward to your Sunday morning posts!



I love the portability of sock knitting...and that I feel like it's a treat to use lovely yarn! That being said I haven't knit socks in ages...the opal would be the perfect kick start!

Chris B

Knitting socks keeps me happily knitting during the summer when having larger projects on my lap is not so much fun. And then I have wonderful socks to wear or to gift to family members.


I am a newbie to sock knitting. I have tried and undone the same pair a few times and am trying to get up the courage to try again! I so loved the interview with Mina. It hit on two of my main problem areas: holes in the heel when joining back in the round, and I believe she called it laddering. Wow did that ever make me feel better!! Just knowing such a prolific sock knitter has and does experience some of my same issues! Thanks for the fun give away and for the encouragement to keep pushing forward


Knitting with a multi color yarn and watching it change from stitch to stitch

Carol Thurston

My favorite thing about knitting socks is that after knitting over 50 pair, the magic is still there. Opal yarn produces such beautiful colorways.


What a super giveaway Andi thank you! Sock knitting is the reason I learned to knit. I love that sock knitting is portable, I take them everywhere, and it doesn't matter that I don't live in a cold climate and have not use for many wool sweaters, I always need socks as do those I love.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

You can take sock projects anywhere! I love that!

Jacqueline Webb

Well Andi what do I like about knitting socks? Well I honestly don't know I just love knitting them. The way they just seem to take on a life of their own and we'll just grow. I have had to frog a few as I have gone too far with the stockinette but find in these cases that a cup of tea a just a few!!! Haribo's always help. I have loved your series on sock knitting and always look forward to Sunday's to follow your exploits. Have a good week. Jackie I will also keep an eye out for the Rose Lemonade tea.


Just started to knit socks this year and discovered how addicting sock knitting is. I love how quick and portable a sock project is.

Anna Conway

I love knitting socks because they make great gifts and always look great.

Inês G.

My favourite thing about sock knitting is that they're so tiny + portable, which makes them great projects to work on while I'm hanging out with friends or watching a movie. I also love all the beautiful sock yarn out there and the fact that they only take one skein! I always know what to do with a skein of sock yarn ;)


I'm not much of a sock knitter, but I'm obsessed with sock yarn - such beautiful variety, and so much knitting mileage! I love to knit shawls and fingerless mitts..


Probably my favorite thing about sock knitting is watching the colors unfold as the sock grows. There's also a certain art to turning a heel that makes my heart feel so full.


My favourite thing about knitting socks is watching how quickly they appear! You can zone out watching an episode of a show, and at the end you look up and magically there are socks starting to appear!


I love the flexibility of sock knitting - so many stitch patterns, styles, methods of construction, etc. Plus they're portable so perfect for commuting!

Nancy Baxter

I love all the beautiful sock yarn, the portability of sock knitting and the feel of hand knit socks on my feet. I love your blog and look forward to it every week. I am a tea drinker too.


Thanks for the socks series. I really enjoyed it!
And the prizes, oh my! They are certainly my cup of tea ;-) Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your search for the Rose Lemonade tea as I have never seen or heard of it before.
And I love knitting socks, because it is always a wonderful gift! My dad is a difficult person to give presents to, but he loves handknitted socks (he has issues with his feet). Hence, I always have the PERFECT gift for him. I am already knitting christmas presents and some of them are socks as I know they are always appreciated. My boyfriend loves them, my future mother-in-law is always happy to receive another pair...
Take care!


I mostly do cuff down socks, but I just love everything about sock knitting: choosing the pattern that will show off the yarn, casting on, heel turns, toe decreases, starting the second sock and making it match the first (or not). Self-striping yarn is the best! There are so many great patterns out there to show off the yarn. And socks can go anywhere! Fun!


hmm, i think my favorite thing about sock knitting is that socks are something most people can relate to. when i'm out knitting socks and someone asks what it is i'm knitting, the thought of socks is so simple, cozy even, i feel like it draws them in more than any other thing.

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