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Caffeine Girl

Hi Andi! I can't believe I am your first commenter.
Love the video. I love the sound of rain, especially when it is hard and steady.
I carry knitting everywhere. Those moments waiting for appointments do add up!
Have a great week.

Jacqueline Webb

Hi Andi, I couldn't fit knitting time in with work so I retired. Let me say that I heartily recommend it. Oh by the way thank you so much for sending us some of your hot weather. It's been scorching here, hope that it's cooled your temperatures down a little. Have a good week Jackie


We've been in the car a lot (house hunting) and since Steve drives, I can fit in quite a bit of knitting time.

That's my trick for this period of busy-ness.


Hi Andi, I have lived on the rainy West Coast of Canada for 40+ years and am so familiar with the "sound of rain". That's why I now spend my winters in your neck of the woods :-) Thanks so much for the Rainy Mood link, it might be just the thing to listen to when I am weaving endless feet of mohair. As for knitting time, like Jacqueline I'm retired and now can knit anytime and anywhere I choose, it's the best!


When I worked, I took my knitting with me to the office and knit on my lunchtime. When in traffic, I have my knitting on my lap and knit at stop lights, busy train tracks, school cross walks etc. Knitting at home was done after dinner and dishes. While hubby watches sports, I watch my knitting progress. Now that I'm retired, I knit when I want. I love having reruns on the TV, cause I don't really have to watch them but just having the "white" noise helps me create.

Sue J

I'm like Caffeine Girl. I carry knitting wherever I go.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

This is forever my turmoil. I do the bulk of my knitting at night between eighth and ten after Reed has gone to bed and before I go to bed. Never enough time. My husband is quite down on knitting so I try to wait until he is asleep or gone as well so I don't have to hear him gripe about it. Not fun.


I hear you. My past weeks have been too eventful for my taste. I am trying to remind myself that one cannot do it all; that one will not make the best decision all the time; that the world will not end if I drop a ball at work (small one, that is :-) ). Knitting helps. What is helping me even more? Taking some time for charity knitting. In times when I struggle, I remember there are others who have it so much worst. I try to do my tiny bit--knitting for them. Hope the days ahead are brighter :-) xoxo


Like Jacqueline and Jo'Anne, I am retired. My friends think I knit fast. Wrong! I just have nothing to interfere with my knitting. Mwah-ha-ha! However...when I was working, I had 12 hour days that included 3 hours on a commuter bus in heavy traffic. Knitting time!! Yeah!

Rain? Oh, yes! A native Arizonan who was sequestered on the East Coast for 35 years, I missed Summer thunderstorms so badly...and of course, desert folk love rain.

Make time to knit. It is our sanity, after all.


What an interesting tea leaves seeper that is. I've never seen anything like that before. I like instrumental music especially when I'm reading blogs. I usually listen to classical music and have been revamping their lists because I don't like the singing ones. I just want instruments.


That feeling is certainly very familiar to me, and often it leaves me feeling like I don't want to knit because I cannot find the energy. The best remedy is indeed sneaking in some knitting here and there, and busy times are always reflected in 'easier' projects for me.


Sometimes I use certain shows, almost as an excuse to knit because I HAVE to watch that show.

Lately I've been spinning (Tour de Fleece!) and reading more than actually knitting, so sometimes it helps to just change up what you do with your time. It makes the time you spend knitting later a little more enjoyable. I know I can't wait to pick up my needles and finish my cowl now that TdF is over!


we live is so so busy that I can't knit, well I end up being a bit cranky from it :) I try my best to fit in some time, any time!! Love your yarns and your tea cup/mug shots :) :)


I can identify with feeling too busy right now! I'm still knitting during my lunch hour, but my evening knitting time is being taken up with play rehearsals! I still have some breaks to get some knitting in, but it's definitely not as much as usual, and I'm feeling it!

Philomena Alice

I snuck a bit of knitting (fiddly cables on dpns and dark yarn!!) in on my break the other day. I'm trying to get a bit done before I leave for work this morning. Gotta finish something before the fair!

It's cooled off considerably in recent days after the weird, freak heat wave. All the rain has been nice. I'd send you some if I could!!


Que música maravilhosa !! Obrigada por compartilhar.Abraços.



I love cold weather and quiet days, luckily retired here but oh boy lots of family get togethers with days of washing after they all stay here lol May your week be one where you get your knitting in xoxo


I will knit in car on long drives (I can't knit when there is a lot of stopping and turning or I'll get sick...), before bed during my "no electronics time", a bit in the morning, and if I'm waiting for something to cook on the stove since I hate leaving an unattended flame. I'll have to get more creative when I start working though :).


I've also been very busy lately! I knit on the bus during my morning commute (it's very quiet) and usually in the evenings after my daughter is down for the night. I also have a lovely knitting group on Friday evenings where we get together at a cafe for several hours and drink beer and chatter away. I rarely miss my Friday night with the girls and it's the perfect thing to get my weekend started.


I hear you on not enjoying being 'too busy'! But I do find when I watch hour long dramas (particularly if they have tense bits, I think I knit faster during them) and during movies, but sadly I haven't been doing much watching of anything lately! You do indeed have so much pretty yarn- I wish I could swap out sleeping for knitting and feel as rested!


I've been struggling this year with that "being too busy" feeling also (much of it work related and unfortunately out of my control). So I made a conscious effort this summer to try to slow down, not over plan our days and to just enjoy the quiet moments as they come on my days off from work. It's a constant struggle for sure, but worth the effort. Since knitting is a big time stress reducer, I try to fit a few rows in after my morning coffee and tote it along on our afternoon outings. But I mostly enjoy knitting in the evenings at home. It's a wonderful way to end the day! Now if only there's a way to fit in knitting while working a 14 hour shift without a dedicated lunch break.
Such pretty yarn and thank you for the Rainy Mood link. Rainy days are my favorite knitting days.


My favorite knitting is over the fall and winter. Really missing a good snow storm right about now. I tend to watch British mysteries most - Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme - when crafting.


Gorgeous yarns! Your photos makes me feel serene with the beautiful yarns, warm tea and great looking mugs! Absolutely beautiful music Andi!! I like to watch BBC series, watching now Inspector Morse and someone above mentioned Miss Marple and Rosemary & Thyme, I like those series also. Sending you a hug!!


Oh I forgot to add this to the comment I just posted. I'm curious about what is holding the tea bag above the cup in the first photo and what tea bag are those? Looks so pretty.


Hi there,
for me it seems I am always short on knitting time. What's been working for me lately is picking a day during the week where I don't cook or clean, I plan ahead by cooking double the dinner for leftovers or I employee my daughter or DH to do the cooking and the dishes so when I get home from work we can all interact, catch up on each other's week so far and I knit, knit knit!

Everytime I want to feel inspired or fall into a knitting slump, I always watch this video. I am so inspired by it and I hope you and your readers find it inspiring as well: Susan's Passion for Knitting https://youtu.be/WV4PZeF7luU

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