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Kylie M-W

I love the yarn you're using for those socks, Andi! I hope knitting continues to bring you joy this weekend.


Breakfast and knitting with a friend? It doesn't get any better than that!

We are having a work day. The mister is out pressure washing the pool area and I'm doing the usual inside stuff -- laundry, knitting, vacuuming, knitting, little box duty, knitting!!!! It's a perfect Sunday here too.


Like you, I am hiding indoors. I am totally amazed by the progress on your scrappy blanket! Mine is slowly growing...very slowly. As far as other projects, I am doing socks; winding butterflies of yarn for the scrappy sock blanket; contemplating charity hat;, sighing over the charity quilts I need to work on; and watching the sky for precious clouds and rain. No lack of things to do. Ice tea and water to keep me hydrated...great blogs to entertain and inform.


I can't give up my tea even though it's a hot day. Gotta have that cup of green tea no matter what.


Yes wonderful to have knitting/crochet/sewing in our lives to ease the mind....lots of crochet here as cold cold lol but a bit of sunshine today


I worked all weekend, had to miss my knit group to do so, but I guess that's life sometimes.

This heat is awful, so I agree that blanket probably is best at the table.

As for coping, hmmm that's a good question. I think a lot of people have good ways of doing so. Video games, movies, art, sewing, collecting thing, meditation, exercise, you name it!

Shirley Flavell

Love my knitting. Living down under is cold at the moment so anything large to sit on the knees are most welcome. Love the wool you are knitting your socks in.Your tea looks wonderful. Don't think there is that brand here but going to a Tea shop sometime, in Auckland and will look out for it.Enjoy your week:-)


oh man, the headlines are full of grim things. I try extra hard to be kind to everyone I interact with at any given point of the day, and donated to a couple of charities. It at least makes me feel like I'm trying to help make some people's lives a bit better. I appreciate happy pockets of the world, like your blog and I like that you are keeping up wit the ducks! It's hard to be sad when looking at ducks, right?


Breakfast knitting with a friend? Sounds like the most perfect Sunday activity :) That sock yarn you're using is gorgeous!


Ooh, a knitting breakfast sounds delightful! Glad to hear that more ducks have turned up, they certainly are fun to watch :)

kathy b

mmm Sea salt carmel...


Gorgeous colorway in your socks!! Love it :) I'm busy playing catch up at home after a weekend getaway, so much work but I still find time to knit.


Hi Dear Friend,

Ahhh that video just proves how much beauty there is in these intense times in which we live. Thank you for sharing this.

PS..tears are streaming down my face!



You got beautiful gifts Andi! The chocolate looks so pretty. Ohh I like the video, what a sweet little boy! Amen for love!


Hi Andi, the world needs some kindness doesn't it? I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I have always wanted to help, save the world, but I am a simple person, nothing much I can do, you know. The other day I was out walking my dog, and it hit me...a knit along. So I reached out to a few people, and we have teamed up together to host a Be Kind knit along, saving the world through kindness and knitting. We haven't really ironed out the details, but the premise of the knit along is to get as many people in our beautiful community to join...the Be Kind Shawl by Veera Valimaki and also Little Hearts and the Bluebird of Happiness. I also thought it might be nice to spread some joy in one's community by being kind, gifting one of the hearts or birds of happiness to someone that you think might need it, buying someone behind you in line their coffee...smiling at a complete stranger, saying hello...little things that in turn might get that person that you were kind to, to pay it forward. It's not huge, but its a little step.

Love your blanket...happy knitting and tea drinking, and duck watching. xo


Mohawk duck brings me great joy. I'm on an iced tea kick right now as well, but like all high strung people that shouldn't black teas are my preference. (twitch, twitch, hahaha!)

I do like flavored lemonades too, but my friend with the meyer lemon tree is still in Canada so my connection is cut off.

As for knitting, I have had trouble finding my mojo, but with these trying times ... I have picked up a project out of hibernation and have found some peace in it's summer knitting.

All the best to you Andi.

Claudia Bugh

After a really brutal start to summer, temps here have been mild with foggy mornings lately. But I know the heat is coming in August and September and there's no escaping. How do I beat the heat? I wish I had a great answer. I do find wearing sun dresses at least keeps me comfortable but mostly I hang out indoors in the ac.


Beautifully thoughtful post as always. Stay cool in the shade.

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