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Loretta Tassoni

And thank you so much for the knitted pumpkin
tutorial! too easy not to make some in yummy colors.
spending my day watching football with my husband and working on an Opal Popcorn pair of socks fir ME!!!
i rarely knit for myself. dear hubby and favorite nieces get all my projects:)


Oh MY! That Miss Babs sock yarn is lovely.

This week WAS long -------but, oh so busy! Moving day is Wednesday. It has meant several trips to Jacksonville and a whole lot of boxing things up.


Wow lovely pattern and colour too. Have a nice week

Jacqueline Webb

Wow what lovely colours in all the knitting and yarn photos. Have just joined a yarn club so someone else will choose the colours as I tend to get a bit bogged down with the same colours. Have just got a new favourite tea. Rosehip and Hibiscus it's such a lovely gentle warming tea. Have a lovely week.


I've had a couple of horrendous work weeks and my guilty "reward" has been augmenting my stash! So while I've not had any swap yarn I am feeling very spoiled and excited about my WIPs :) Love your skein of Miss Babs, very Fall like. Happy sock knitting!


What is potsticker soup? Is it an American thing? I'm from Scotland, and I've never heard of it. It sounds interesting!


I love all your beautiful socks in progress that you share on Sundays, and what a gorgeous package! Very good taste, indeed.


Hello my sweet friend. That is one nice swap package. What is that Miss Babs item and the one below it? The new scissors are artistic. I LOVE your Opal yarn. I hope to find some at STITCHES West next February as I loved the Arne & Carlos yarn I had worked with for my Rose City Rollers. I promised my CFO I'd stop spending for the rest of this year since Christmas is coming up. And I thought I'd maybe get to meet you next spring, but husband's graduation from ASU is this December and he decided not to go since it's too hard to travel in that month. So no go.


I love the colours of the yarns in your post. What lovely swap goodies. The shawl will be so vibrant and cheery using that glorious pink. I have not dreamed of knitting yet but it would be good to nod off in nodland and dream of yarn/wool :) Hope you get your socks done, they will make perfect autumnal socks. Xxx Leah


I love that your dream inspired you to knit a pink shawl!


that soup looks delicious and yummy! Gorgeous knitting and I love the opal yarn!


Happy weekend! That yarn swap looks so lovely! And I bet the shawl will be perfect, and just like the one in your dream - only you won't lose it!


That miss Babs yarn looks delicious! Come to think of it, I can't remember ever dreaming of knitting, which is so odd since 1) I'm one of those people that tends to remember her dreams and 2) I dream about pretty much everything I think/do and I think/do knitting on a daily basis. Very strange..


That's such a great swap box! Everything in it looks delightful. Sometimes I get frustrated when a sock's been sitting around for months (or years), but it's also really satisfying to pick it up, knit half a foot, and have a finished pair!


great fall post!!! I'm loving the cool (er) weather....and want to knit absolutely everything I see!!!! trouble brewing!


I love the socks so far! sounds like you had a good week. Hope you enjoyed your soup too it does look really good!


As I mentioned on Flickr, I ADORE the Miss Babs Hot Shot yarn in that Biker Chick colour way -- totally adore that. I also like how those socks are knitting up with the Zwerger Garn yarn.
I had some troubles with short rows this time on my "trench coat" socks which required some laborious and cuss-worthy ripping and then trying to pick up all kinds of open stitches!! But I got back on track and have carried on. Good thing I did these vanilla socks before my Wildflower socks, whew!

I've had a great week, sorry yours dragged on a bit. As I closed on my blog today, "... let's have an amazing week!"


It's definitely soup weather today. The potstickers recipe looks easy and delicious. Love all of the goodies in your swap package. Miss Babs has beautiful yarn indeed. Your pink shawl dream made me chuckle because I not only dream about knitting, my husband says I talk in my sleep about it too!


Yum soup, that sounds divine, I hope it was delicious.

I am loving your one in - one out mantra, I feel like it's a good one to have :) I wish I could say that I had some WIPs that were close to done, but everything over here is going pretty slow.

I hope you have a wonderful week Andi :)


I like your dream more than the silly one I had last night: Dreamed we had many house guests for dinner, but I only had service for 4 silverware and dinner plates! I seldom remember my dreams, yet this silly one is still in my mind.

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