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Jacqueline Webb

What a lovely basket of colours I know it's knitting but the colours are an art form in themselves. I love Autumn it's my favourite month. To be honest I love snow as well but only when it's crisp and clean goes slushy and dirty far too quick here. Just going to have a quick look around the blogs now. Thanks fir taking the time to blog I do enjoy them.


Oh, goodie! I love when you review blogs. I also like to see the teas you have and the lovely cups you have for the tea! It's fun to see what books your are reading too. Your blanket is really lovely and coming along full speed. I haven't started mine yet.

I appreciate your blog!


Oh Andi, thank you so much for including me in your 'visiting list'. I had fun visiting all the others, even found another Canadian! But that trip to Maine was divine!

Your basket of knitting looks so beautiful -- and squish-able :-D Happy knitting this week.


I love how your blanket is comin' along. Yesterday I saw my mum and showed her my latest yarnie goodies. Told her about the concept of the Cozy Memories blanket and how I have enough for 20 squares. And look at your tea stash! I want to open everything and smell them.


SO much beautiful knitting happening Andi! That blanket will be lovely for sure ☺☺


We just got back from a week in Maine. Stayed in the Freeport area, home to LL Bean. Managed to visit a yarn store and walked away with a few goodies, and did lots of knitting in the car on the way up and on the way back, as well as in the mornings with my tea.


Hi Andi, loving the loves as usual! Your basket of knitting looks so tempting, particularly the fall coloured socks. Your blanket makes me want to go and unearth mine and pay some attention to it. I know what you mean about Maine, it looks so gorgeous I'm longing to visit. I may even have convinced my husband that one day in the future we should fly over and see New England in the fall finishing up with skiing in Canada for him (obviously visiting several yarn stores en rte!). Must go and hand out sweeties to the ghouls that will be visiting us soon but then I will be sewing/knitting along to the folk songs. Have a lovely week. Lisa


Hiya Andy I love your colourful blanket , and WOW your tea shelf amazing! Thank you again for the beautiful music. Have a nice week


What a lovely roundup! I'm so sad to see October go-it's such a great month, and always flies by too fast. But we'll soon be in prime cozy-knitting weather!


Great links this week!!!

Wishing you a very knitty week!


Your Sunday blanket is looking good and I always look forward to see your new knits when you are casting on all things! I wish I had as much time as you to do that (although I have always been more on the monogamous side!!!)


I'm definitely in cast on manic mode! All the pretty yarns are too hard for me to resist and as a result my sock knitting mojo is back in full swing. Love your tea selection! Very enticing, as are all the beautiful knits in your links! Always a pleasure to visit Andi.


Thank you sweet Andi! I am sad to see October end since it's my favorite month of the year. But it truly is starting to feel like falltime now with the leaves changing and the weather finally cooperating. Going to the grocery store today and buying the ingredients to make Alicia's soup. Also hoping to catch a quiet moment for a cup of tea (your tea shelf is enviable!) and for exploring those links.


as always I enjoyed the link party and visiting blogs. You have quite the tea collection!!


How sweet are you to link to my Rhinebeck sweater!!! Thank You!!!!


Oh, Andi, thank you for featuring my travel blog post in your October loves! I was wondering why my numbers on that post were so high, and now I know. Thanks to everyone who visited my blog, too.

I love your tea shelf; it looks a lot like my tea cupboard...


I think I've told you before, but I must tell you again, I look forward to your monthly loves. There are so many beautiful corners of the internet. I appreciate you taking the time to share those corners with us.


What a beautiful tea shelf, it must be hard to choose which one to make sometimes! And your blanket is definitely looking good, hard to believe that in the summer we were all dying for cooler weather. I' love your round ups, I'm off to check out all the wonderful links you have put together for us!


Lovely knitting work Andi! What a lovely group of tea boxes! Hope Halloween was good at your place. Wishing a beautiful week for us all!! Hugs!

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