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Jacqueline Webb

Andi, you have such a good eye for colour. I love looking at the projects you have whether in progress or finished. The colours are so different. The pink for the sock head hat is luscious and I love the bright autumnal colours on the Opal smile socks. Have a good week keep smiling the sun always rises tomorrow.


lovely finished socks and the sock head hat is coming along so nicely. Pretty colour. I love what you got from a fellow Canadian. Quebec (the province she lives in) is very unique. I've been working on a pair of socks for my son and have I ever had a lot of issues with these too -- dropped stitches left right and centre; a needle accidentally pulled out and desperately attempting to re-thread it onto the needle, etc. Since I only get little bits of time in the evening to knit, this sets me back time-wise -- I'm flying out on the weekend to go visit my adult son and granddaughters, so want to have his socks finished before I go.
I'm also sure sad about losing Leonard Cohen. And, in terms of your recent election, I'm sending the words of John Lennon, "give peace a chance" in hopes it reaches the president-elect.


Ooh, you have a Christmas sock. I like it. The second one looks periwinkle to me and it's fun.


Opal smile yarn looks so beautiful! I very rarely work with color, so seeing your lovely colorful projects is always a treat!


Lovely post Andi! Those socks are just awesome.


I love your beautiful knitting and positive posts!


Your socks are just what is needed during the past ceazy week here in the USA. The yarns in your destash are very lovely and should ve finding a new home soon.


I think I may have actually swooned over that Opal yarn. So, so pretty! Congrats on the finish.

As for the election --- my choice didn't win, but I seriously don't think that things will be as bad as some make it sound. We have lived through worse . . . MUCH worse.

Love will prevail and each of us makes a daily choice to make things better. One man does not control it all ............love is power!


Loving the sock knitting all right and can make things seem right in our world :D


I agree with being thankful for knitting, I love how I feel when I'm sitting and stitching :) Your gifts are amazing and I love that hat you are knitting with the bits of flecks :)


Lovely knitting you have done!! That second photo, whau!! Beautiful. Great gifts!! I like the music link!

Caffeine Girl

I never get tired of Opal socks. They have a genius for color, and I have found that they really hold up.
I'm doing my best not to get wrapped up in politics. It's just too overwhelming and depressing.
I discovered Coffee Crisps when I was in Europe in 2013, and then I found them in Canada this last summer. I adore them -- but then, I am Caffeine Girl.
You can order them on Amazon. Just saying...


I love the pink hat, and those Wood Nymph socks are absolutely stellar! I've definitely been grateful for knitting and my knitting friends this past week, hopefully we'll all find some love and harmony.


Love the color of the hat....and yes, the color name helps!


Yay for Mumford & Sons, great choice! And your socks look so good, I love the colours in the stripes. Glad you enjoyed the Canadian treats!


I join the others in saying I agree with being thankful for knitting : ) Your knitting is always so pretty. I've been wanting to make a sockhead hat for a while now. Maybe soon : )


Oh, I LOVE ❤️ that Wood Nymph colorway. I also love Mumford & Sons. I just cast on a Sockhead hat. It's my first one...I'm having a hard time convincing myself it will fit even though the pattern tells me the ribbing looks small.

Lily Irving

Oh the sock head hat I love it so much. I can't get a pic up on the comments of mine, but I knitted it a good few years ago and it's still my favourit hat.


I always look forward to Sunday. I know that you have a new post to share with us.

I love the sock yarn you use. You choose the prettiest colors and great patterns.

I hope you have a happy holiday.

Thank you for your blog! I love it.


Just glad it brought you joy!

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