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Will explore some of those links in a min, thanks for sharing. I have not started any christmas projects just yet but I really should. I love that yarn you are using on your latest socks.


Haha that's an ambitious bowl of sock yarn Andi! I actually have "Christmas socks" on the needles for a change this year and I'm hoping to be wearing them Christmas day. Lovely selection of blogs to visit Andi I thoroughly enjoyed them sipping coffee :)

Jacqueline Webb

All the colours in the yarn bowl look fabulous I love the socks on the needles. My Christmas projects are finished. I started them in January. Socks for me on the needles now and a shawl.


You are going to be a busy knitter this next month with those gift socks!

I've been working on my list since early October (2 scarves, 2 pairs of socks, 2 coffee cozies, 10 sewn flax bags, a knit stuffed animal, and a hat so far) but I still have managed to end up with a fair bit to do. I have 6 more flax bags to sew and stuff, a set of 10 ornaments to cross stitch, and 2 ribbed watch caps to knit. I'd like to sound as though I'm just really together, but I've made Christmas knitting a priority this year because money is tighter than usual . . . a $10 hand-knit accessory in lovely natural fibers that I've put 14 hours into SEEMS less cheap and more thoughtful than a $10 Starbucks gift card (that they don't even sell anymore?).


Great posts around the blogospere once again this month! I've actually started a bit of Christmas knitting, making some decorations for myself and I'm knitting a hat for a friend.


Ooh! Hazelnut Cookie tea? That sounds yummy. I'm finally using my stash of David's Tea and they're wonderful. I was desperate for green tea so I had the husband pick up a box from TJ's. The Hygge mention was helpful and I Googled it. Been wondering what it meant as it's been mentioned around IG. I hope to create more of an intimate ambiance throughout next year for certain holidays as sewing is higher up on my list after I get that one last Christmas sock done.


Thank you so much for all the amazing links! So hard to choose the favorite :) I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


aw, you're so nice to acknowledge my post on hygge -- thank you so much.
I adore the array of colours in that sock yarn you're knitting up here. And I am amazed you'd be able to knit so many socks before Christmas. Last year I knit for everyone but I began in the summer. So this year, because I didn't even pick up my needles until sometime in September no one is getting anything knit this year. I've been knitting for myself (with one exception). Since I only get the evenings in which to knit, everything takes a while for me to get projects done. Even thought I knit socks two-at-a-time, it still takes me two weeks to make a pair. I'd love to make some for gifts, and likely will, but they'll have to sit in a bin until next Christmas if I start now :-D
I always LOVE seeing your knit socks. Oh, one more thing -- because it takes me so long to knit up some socks for me, I actually bought myself a pair of hand knit socks at one of the local craft fairs this weekend!


that is a lot of holiday knitting you got there! I wish you much luck. I've been super busy with secret knitting and well, it's a secret!

Shirley Flavell

Great links, enjoyed travelling around and viewing them. interested in the year of mittens, a great idea.Loving your sock yarns.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Thanks for the lbeing no love! I tried knitting Christmas socks last year. Never again too stressful. I worked hard and only knit two pairs. I am rooting for you though!


What wonderful links.

Plan A - knit socks for family.
Plan B-Z - knit everything else. Believe me, I get it. I have a project I need to make for my guild secret santa in two weeks and it isn't even started yet. Sigh.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Andi!


You always have such wonderful Loves lists :) I only just started my christmas knitting on thanksgiving, and I keep finding myself getting distracted with non-gift knitting!


I am making my return to the needles. And it includes gift knitting. My mother asked for a red scarf some time ago and a friend of mine returned from peru with some soft baby alpaca in red. I'm about half way through something simple for her.

But socks, Andi. You know how it is. The love is strong and I have created my own tradition of making sure I put a pair of xmas socks on for myself every year. It's a good thing.


Hazelnut Cookie tea/! I need that in my life!! Love that pretty bowl of sock yarn for Christmas knitting, hopefully you'll get to it soon! Great round up, and I haven't heard this song before but it's happy and soothing, which is a rare combo.


Your Christmas yarn looks lovely! They will make beautiful socks. I have a pile of yarn sitting beside me, mocking me too. Only mine seem to be shawls, while the socks are getting knit!


You and I definitly have the same taste in music! Thanks for the nice discoveries.

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