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Jacqueline Webb

Hi Andi, do you like tea? I wouldn't have known. Wow I think I can smell those teas from here. My choice of flavour to try I think would be double bergamot and earl grey ( sounds very decadent) and Meyer lemon ( I think would be rather refreshing). The mugs and tea cups look very fun and classy at the same time. Enjoy your tea and the coming week.

Terry Hutchings

I would love to try the lemon ginger tea! Sounds so yummy!


I'd love to try any of those Christmas teas. It looks like they offer both caffeinated and decaffeinated so there's tea for every time of the day. Their website is beautiful. I love my tea time!

Kristine Raess

The lemon ginger tea sounds lovely but I would live to try the whole christmas boxed set. Might have to order that one!


Man oh man do they have a lot of teas. I am wishing that they had a few more non-herbal fruit blends tho. I'm not a huge fan of herbal teas. :(

I hope your weekend goes well Andi! Enjoy your week.


Yes. The Stash site is another of my favorite rabbit holes. Great gifts there. Am I a tea lover, too? Granddad called me a Cousin Jenny from the time I was in middle school and discovered that there was more to tea than Lipton's.

Anna Valles

Black Currant Iced Tea has always been a favorite of mine and I'm happy to see they have one! Oh tea, you're the best.


love Stash tea. I would love to try the Super Mint tea. Sounds fabulous.


I would love to try the Christmas Eve tea! Sounds like a good compliment while waiting for Santa!


I love Stash tea! Their peppermint herbal tea is one of my favorites. I really want to try the spice dragon red chai herbal tea and the holiday chai black tea. Those sound perfect for crisp fall mornings. Thanks for sharing!


Oh my, I have just found a new favorite web site. I will be ordering the decaf sampler, one of their amazing infusers (want them all), and some gift items this week.


Oh I'd love to try any of their teas!! But especially the jasmine blossom green tea or the Christmas eve one

Mary Beth

I also love Stash tea, but believe it or not, I haven't visited their website before! I'm definitely going to have to spend some time there.

My favorite Stash tea is Vanilla Chai (and I typically drink decaf) and I would love to sample all the chai flavors Stash offers!

I once had more of the double spice chai black tea than I could drink, so I brewed some in warm milk and also used some loose to make a delicious chai tea bread ... yum!


I love the look of the holiday chai and the cinnamon vanilla. And their winter fox and yellow bees mugs are adorable.


Hello. I would try the vanilla chai tea and moonstruck chocolate bars.


Thanks for the link. There are several I would like try but Christmas Morning sounds especially yummy. I'm a coffee drinker most of the year, but when fall arrives, I switch to tea. Yum!

Kerry Keating

I have never ordered from their site - Wow! I am in love with the autumn mugs, and I need more time to check out the different samplers!


I think I would like to try the Christmas morning tea. My sister-in-law would love the pumpkin spice one. Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh! I love these give-aways. I appreciate you sponsoring one. As for the teas, I would love to try the Holiday Chai, Christmas Eve Herbal, and the Christmas in Paris teas. Isn't it wonderful, how names can affect our emotions and choices? I would love to try one of these teas in the Nordic mug. What fun!


I'm on a chai kick right now, so I'd love to try their holiday chai black tea or their chai white tea. Thanks for the giveaway! I looove textured mugs!


The Portland Tea looks delicious! I love floral teas and fruity. Just please no chocolate or green tea!

I will have to try their teas:)


I would love to try their holiday teas. Also, I wish they carried loose-leaf Japanese green teas. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


I should have never visited the Stash site. So many lovely tea items. I love the Josephine mugs and the dragon cloud cup -- I bet it feels wonderful in the hands. The Jasmine blossom green tea seems to call my name! Lots going on my wish list!


Love their selection of caffeine free herbal teas. Would love to try any of the mint teas.


Wow, I had never looked at their website, very dangerous... I've never tried their Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal tea, sounds delicious. I have my eye on the Owl HarmonyTea cup, so cute!

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