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Oh Andi, I do hope you feel better soon. I'd rather have aches and pains and a bad cold than the stomach stuff. ugh. Feel better, dear!!


I'm sorry you have a tummy bug. Ginger ale and rice porridge works for us. I love seeing your sock WIP's. It's like looking in a MACY's holiday window, smiling and loving all the eye candy.


I hope you feel better very soon. I'm way behind getting ready for Christmas. Usually the tree and house decorations are up in the first few days of December plus my cards are written and mailed. None of that stuff is even pulled out of storage yet.

My cousins always used to get new pjs for Christmas -- I envied them; still do. It's a lovely tradition. I have a nightie I've worn for at least 15 years. When my mom died 7 years ago, I inherited her clothes so I'm wearing her nighties now. My husband says I have everything but never thinks I might need jammies ... I even have to buy my own slippers ;-)

Lucky gals who get your socks for Christmas! I bet they look forward to it every year!

Wishing you much wellness this week and lots of time for sock knitting too!



Hope your tummy is all better!
Midnight Mass was always a tradition growing up. And I still get a warm fuzzy feeling with new jammies. It was reading your blog that reminded me why.
Good wishes going your way for a joyous Christmas.

Caffeine Girl

So sorry that you got a bug. I hope it is a quick one.
Even being Jewish, I love the holiday season. It is just so cheerful and festive. And I do hang Hanukkah lights in the house!
One of the traditions I started with my kids is that we always have rice pudding on X-mas morning before they go to their dad's for X-mas.
Have a great week.


Glad you are feeling better! I see you are in the spirit of Christmas and knitting ornaments. They are beautiful and the socks too.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Reed had a stomach bug today too. You guys are sadly twins. Feel better my dear.


Over time I've made BIG, beautiful stockings for everyone in the family. Now that our kids are grown and have started their own families my husband and I don't give one another anything that doesn't fit in our stockings. On Christmas Eve we "hide" them by our bed and when we wake up (usually inn the middle of the night) we "discover" what Santa has left. We open all of our gifts in bed and eat lots of really good chocolate!


I hope your stomach calms down soon, my brother's been knocked out with a bug for week now! I'm loving the christmas socks and ornaments-I'm heavy into christmas sweater knitting, and I've got one pair of gift socks to power through!


What yarn is that, up at the top? The sock yarn. I really like those colors a lot.


Those tiny mittens are so cute! And I agree that even though it's not traditional Christmas colours, there is something very christmassy about those socks.

One thing I remember fondly from when I was a child was that my parents would buy lots of little gifts and hide them all around the house. We'd spend so much time looking for gifts, which was probably even more fun than actually unpacking the gifts!


oh tummy bugs are no fun, I hope you are all better now! I love Angus Stone, his album that he did with his sister Julia a few years back was amazing.


I hope you are feeling well soon. Tummy bugs are never nice. Despite feeling unwell, you have managed to create yet another beautiful and thoughtful post. You are a star!


Love the little mitten ornaments. Reminds me a should knit a few as little gifts. Christmas knitting has begun!


I hope are you better, I love the ornaments and thank you for the beautiful song. Take care😊

Fuego Azul

Haha! I need to try that "Constant Comment" tea! I was thinking of you the other day while in the store. They're selling special holiday Stash tea & I bought "Christmas in Paris" flavor too delicious to refuse.Chocolatey peppermint, yes please!
So far, Mr. Better Half & I binge watch the entire Fringe series (if you haven't seen this show, you must! The ending alone is worth the whole series!) as well as Christmas movies, while sipping on some eggnog. Something about those chilly east coast scenes devoted to family & true love are wonderful this time of year. Are those Nightmare Before Christmas stitch markers?!?!
Hope you feel better. You're posts are always inspiring & comforting! :)

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