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Years ago I was facing a holiday with 1)a traveling husband, 2)a year old toddler and 3)an 8 months pregnancy. Daunting. So, I made a list at the beginning of September, and shopped weekly for one or two gifts (and wrapped them as soon as I got home). I was finished with the harrowing part by the beginning of November. I spent November and December baking, decorating and celebrating. It was SO delightful and stress-free that I never went back. The best of positive reinforcement. I wish you and all your readers a peaceful and happy season full of blessings.


Hi Andy, I finished to decorate my Christmas tree and the Nativity. The presents are ready and Now I would like to think about 3 things that I hope to achieve in 2017. Happy Birthday to your mum!


I'm muddling through. I own and run a store which is open six days a week and DH works night shift, so muddling is my normal! Lol. When I lived in Australia, I did Christmas in July. I'm thinking about next year starting my Christmas sewing and knitting in July. I cross stitch an ornament each year and have only just started it, so Christmas has snuck up on me, too! DHs birthday is 27th December, so I make sure I do something special for him. The tree is up, the ornaments are out and I'm finishing some Christmas coasters out of a few orphan quilt blocks. What I get done, I get done. I'm going to just enjoy it and not stress. Your posts are always a delight to read, so don't worry about this one being rambly.


I'm not in the spirit this Christmas. My adult son has been drastically affected by the huge layoffs in Alberta's oil industry. 4 months out of work with a family to support, mortgage, and to put food on the table. So I've been entirely in a different world. Wasn't even going to put a tree up but hubby insisted.
Speaking of December birthdays, my son was born 3 days before Christmas so for his entire life I always bought separate gifts (birthday/Christmas), always a separate and special birthday party, and still make the day very special and separate from Christmas. Good for you and your sister treating your mom to special birthday celebrations!!


I'm finally coming out of the fog I've been in for the last couple of weeks. My decorations are up, baking will be done this week, but it's mostly going to be a slow week for me. The holiday snuck up on me so after mailing cards tmw, I'm just going to take my time and do gifting in the new year. I refuse to accept stress this holiday. Too many other things to focus on.

Merry Christmas to you and your readers!!!!


I do think we say it every year, that starting earlier is a good idea. Maybe next year? I also feel like Christmas snuck up on me.. I think it's the end of the year frenzy in general. Not only do I feel like stuff needs to be done for Christmas, but I also have so much work stuff I'd rather leave in 2016 than take it with me to 2017.

jody from knotions magazine

i think you have an odd number of cards? do a triptych of them in some kind of frame and change them out for the season. i see at least a few winter and spring ones. then you get to enjoy them all but they're always changing :)


I'm so happy that you like the cards! I had fun putting that group together for you. I know that your holiday preparations will get done, but I also know that feeling of being behind. Hang in there, and enjoy this last week before Christmas!


I feel like I'm running behind for Christmas this year too-I haven't been to the post office once yet, and I still need to mix up cocoa for my friends and bake a ton of cookies and finish a tiny sweater and a pair of housesocks! I know it'll all come together in the end, but it's feeling pretty rushed right now.

Caffeine Girl

It is a crazy time -- no matter how much one tries to be ready for it. I am terribly unprepared so I've decided to laugh at myself and enjoy the weeks ahead.


I feel like I have been celebrating Christmas coming for a long time now but yet it still sneaks up on me too. I still have some gifts I need to buy for my family and I am finishing knitting one last gift for Christmas this week. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday! it sounds like you spoil her I'm sure she feels special. Hope that you have a good week and have a Merry Christmas!


Christmas this year has been a bit of a disaster on the posting front for me as well. I had to resort to courier, I was that bad! I hope the rest of your preparations have gone well, and a Happy Christmas to you!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I AM NOT ready for the holidays either! But, on the upside, I did finish a new pair of socks for MYSELF last night. SO it could be worse.

Thinking of you down in warm Arizona and a wee bit jealous.

Happy holidays my dear.


It's my favorite time of year but it's also a busy and stressful time of year and I'm looking forward to it but even more the week off afterwards! lol Love your cute sock ornaments ~ have a wonderful Christmas Andi :)


We had nice temperature today, about 27 degrees compared to -25 a few days ago. Totally envious of Arizona temps. Wishing a peaceful Christmas time for you and your readers.


I am not ready either. This year went so fast. One can only wish that 2017 bringa peace, love and more crafting time. Loved reading you this year. Looking forward to many, many more awesome posts. xoxo

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