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Happy New Year Andi. Thank you for posting your blog every week. I look forward to each Sunday reading it. Sending best wishes to you for the new year.

Diana Lichvarik

I too enjoy your writing every week - it is very inspirational for me and my knitting. Hope to join you in some kals this year. Best wishes for the new year!


Happy New Year Andi! Your year of knitting turned out colorful and beautiful as always. Wishing you all the best this year and thank you for giving us lovely reads each Sunday morning. xo


Happy New Year Andi! I was up over NYE but not because I wanted to be. Fireworks are legal in my county (but not in the city where I live) and some neighbors were setting off some large ones from 8pm on. My dog was not happy. On top of that I decided to come down with a yucky cold on 12/26 so haven't been doing much except coughing for most of the week.

My knitting goals are just to knit. I haven't been knitting much of anything for a couple of years and I want it back. Well, I guess I should say I want the joy knitting brought me back. It is way too obvious that I haven't been knitting when I look at my stash.


Happy New Year Andi!!!! We had a quiet night last night which was wonderful! Wishing you a great year in 2017!! Hugs!


Hau'oli makahiki hou! I like your last personal goal. If I see something great someone is wearing, I try to tell her.


Andi, you already do this: "Try to be the best part of someone's day. Whether it is through a kind word or action."
We went to friends for a fun New Year's Eve party -- had a great time!
I don't do resolutions but, mostly pre-retirement, I always made annual goals for myself. I do have things I plan to do but no longer set measurable goals.
I leave you with this, "If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves." by Maria Edgeworth


I love that last person goal, what a sweet idea! I wish you lots of luck with it.


Your knitting and personal goals are spot on!!!!

Your blog is a little piece of joy in my day every time you post. I love seeing all your beautiful little vignettes and of course, THE SOCKS!

Caffeine Girl

Happy new year to you, Andi. Thanks for a year of lovely posts.
I don't like to set for goals for knitting, but I do want to make two sweaters in 2017.


Happy New Year, Andi! That is fantastic pile of finished knits — your sock drawer must be one of the loveliest anywhere :D

I wrote a little about my plans for 2017 this morning, but knitting-wise my goal is more sweaters! I love the ones I have, and I want to add a few more to the mix.


Happy New Year! I love the intention of being the best part of someone's day. Something good to keep in mind. What is the pattern for that lovely cabled hat you have posted in blue? It is beautiful!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I have indie dyers on my list this year too. Happy new year my dear. At least I know your feet will be warm. Xoxo


Wonderful goals! Happy new year


Happy New Year! I live in Indiana and cannot wait to read your blog usually on Sunday morning. Good luck on your goals, like many others that read your blog say you already do these.


happy new year! I think you've written some fantastic goals that are doable and adventurous. I'm hoping to cook different meals and try new recipes this year.

jody from knotions magazine

your goals are great! i love them!

i totally agree with cooking more and enjoying Arizona more. now, if you can do both together - even better!


Happy New Year! Love all the socks! I've definitely got the shawl bug too, though.

I'm taking it easy on the resolutions but I have a bit about my current goals over at my blog too. On the personal side, I want to learn some new cooking things and just keep plugging away at fixing up the house.


I spent new years night with my knitting group, playing board games and remembering the year past. I always have fun with those ladies, and for that I am eternally grateful. Knitting has brought so many wonderful things into my life, and I cannot believe I have another year ahead of me with even more yarn and friendship.

My goals for the year are to try and stashdown. I did it really well last year and I want to keep that up. Also to publish more patterns, even just the small ones, as I have been bitten by the design bug.

Happy New Year Andi!


Happy New Year Andi! Every Sunday, I so enjoy reading your posts! It is like a tradition now :) I find your last personal goal inspiring!


Happy New Year! It sounds like you have some great goals for 2017 :) My brother and I stayed up until midnight, but instead of watching the ball drop, we had a Star Wars marathon! I didn't really set knitting/blog goals this year, my main focus is on being more kind and generous, but I definitely need to knit down some of my stash!


I didn't know you were in Arizona! How awesome. I love Arizona. I used to live in Flagstaff. So pretty out there. :)


What bits of Arizona do you think you'll try to go to? I'm hoping to make it to Saguaro National Park later this year.


A belated Happy New Year Andi. I love your goals. They are good ones. My own is just to knit as much as I can, stretch myself in as many ways as possible, enjoy life and remember to give back to the many who have contributed so lovingly to mine.


Happy New year, Andi! I love your goals, they are relaxed and positive, which is so the way it should be. I totally agree that if you aren't loving it, it's worth frogging.

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