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Love the soft colours in your WIP basket!!
And The Tamarugo hat is beautiful. I need to knit one soon.


The projects looked so pretty in the basket that I would not want to have disturbed them. LOL

I'm glad YOU did though. That hat is beautiful and it looks so cozy!


Great Tune, thank you for sharing. Your projects look really exciting and I love all the choice of yarns xx


I'm with you and am loving the cold and rainy weather (it's pouring right now!!!). But we are also having issues with boulders falling, mud sliding and the beach house getting pounded with waves so there is that too :( Your hat looks amazing and cozy to wear and I love the fresh look to your blog! Happy knitting and enjoy this weather Andi.


Oh, those socks !!! I adore sockwool...
So yes, I wish I could cast on everything, but I won't, as I know I would find too many WIPs frustrating...


What is the grey WIP? Stitch pattern is beautiful.


Your WIPs always look dreamy. I especially like the sock photo.

Caffeine Girl

Wow. Love that Milo Greene song!
I'm glad I'm not the only knitter with multiple songs going.
The Bah Ram Ewe yarn sounds amazing.


We had the most wonderful tea party at my local yarn shop today and it reminded me of you. Lots of local teas were shared and knitting was had by all.

My socks are going well and I think you have me inspired to make more and more and more as the year goes on. Could this be the year of socks?


Wow all your WIPs fit into one basket! 😝

I am feeling productive with my knitting and should finish a few pairs of socks next month. What I really need though is some sweaters.


What a beautiful hat Andi! So dreamy and soft looking. I love all your socks in progress, but the bottom sock with the pink trimmed cuff has me completely wishing I was knitting them. So cute! Here's to finished projects in 2017! Wishing you more cozy knitting. xo


Those sock WIPs you have a beautiful, and has now left me with the urge to cast on all the socks!! Winter has been a treat here in the Netherlands, we are having freezing temperatures but combined with lots of sunshine it's a beautiful sight to behold.


I adore that photo of socks in progress!! cute. I am knitting two shawls and am pondering on another cast on, but haven't decided what as of yet. That is the best part, thinking about it.


What a cozy pile of WIPs!! It's been so cold in the house lately that I am wearing two sweaters in the mornings! Have a wonderful week, Andi!

Rebecca Lately

These pictures are gorgeous. :) I have finished one project so far for 2017, and I hope to finish four by the end of January! It will probably be more like 3... :) I love that you started all those socks! Usually, I have startitis, but I've been good and am finishing one project a time righ tnow.


Oh that hat looks luscious and I can't even feel it. Wow.
No, I continue to knit one thing at a time. There are times I'm tempted to cast on something else but that only pushes me to try and finish what I'm working on so I can begin the next thing. Working on my Wildflower & Honeycomb socks. Been going well until I began turning the heel -- making lots of mistakes, having to tink back LOTS because I'm trying to keep track of the lace pattern on the same row as the heel/gusset decreases. Argh! So, what I thought would be quick is turning out to drag on. I sure hope they turn out okay. I think I'm meant to knit vanilla socks.
I hope you continue to keep cozy and work away at all those pretty socks!


The texture of the yarn in Bah Ram Ewe really just jump off the page. It looks so cozy and cuddly. I think you've got a winner with that hat.


Right now I'm kind of in between wanting to cast on and finish things. I have a few projects that I'm eager to get started, but I also really feel invested in getting my current blanket and sweater projects off the needles. Such a strange feeling for me-usually I just cast on all the things!


Your hats look so nice together it is interesting to see them all at the same stage in knitting. They are so colorful! That yarn sounds so wonderful to knit with! hope you have a good week


lovely projects, looking forward to seeing which is finished first :)


What lovely WIP's! Especially all those colorful fun socks. Makes me want to cast on a few more, one for every mood sounds about right :) The hat is gorgeous in that luscious cloud like yarn. I am currently obsessed with shawl knitting but also working on finishing up some longstanding WIP's. I always get the urge to clean up my workbasket around this time of year.


Whau, four socks being made at the same time!! The cap is so pretty! Thanks for sharing Andi!!


Wow, I love your sock colour choices! That will be so much fun to see how those turn out :).


All sorts of WIPs! looks at those pretty socks, how on earth do you decide which one to work on first?! Glad that the dreary weather has been useful in some way- you've been so productive!

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