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Jacqueline Webb

A lovely blog once again Andi. I simply live the colour of the sock yarn in the first photo. Well unfortunately life has a way of throwing you a curve ball now and again. My thoughts and good vibes go out to your friend and I'm hoping that all ends well and soon.


Andi this has such perfect timing with a story of mine.

About six years ago (!!) I was on a Ravelry group for Random Acts of Kindness and posted in a thread about penpals. Someone responded to my post and we began exchanging snail mail. Within the first few letters we became instant friends!

I'm happy to say that that friendship still lasts to this day. We have met in person multiple times and now message each other on a regular basis. She recently went through a huge heartbreak and I was one of the first people she told and asked for comfort from. I'm planning to send her a little box of goodies this week as well :)

The power of knitting, crafting and the internet cannot go forgotten. We have special thing happening within our online communities, and despite all of the negativity towards "meeting people online" I believe that sometimes you just have think positive and trust the community you've joined.

Have a wonderful week :)


Friendship doesn't exist solely with the people we can see. It exists in the emotional connection that we have with others, however that happens. Sometimes I think people forget that having friends that we've never met, even close friends, is not a new phenomenon. In the past people often had extremely close, personal friendships with people they only knew through mail. It's not the venue that makes the friendship, it's the connection and support we give and receive.


I have found the knit blogging community to be amazingly kind and supportive of each other.

If only the rest of the world could take a cue and act accordingly.

Hope you have a wonderful week THIS week too.


I agree about how some online communities or correspondents can become friends without ever having met in person. I'm pleased for you and for your friend that there is that warm exchange and comfort in sharing. May your week be further blessed.


So true, and how wonderful that she felt she could open up to you! Sometimes just unburdening ourselves on someone knowing that they are far and cannot do anything is part of feeling heard, and cared for. And of course, your February Socks are beautiful. Infused with the sort of caring that radiates from all your do.


It's great to see the connections that are made through knitting and the warmth and friendship shared by this online community.

Shirley Flavell

I think we are very fortunate to be able to knit/ crochet and meet like minded people through great groups and blogs.Always love seeing your sock ventures Andi. These are so inspirational:)


We really are blessed to have such a supportive and caring community of on-line friends. It's quite amazing to be able to make special connections with people all over the world. And thank you Andi for creating a welcoming space for many of us to visit every Sunday, with your positive words and beautiful yarn & projects.


Hear, hear. Our knitting community is supportive and thoughtful. In the Box of Sox KAL thread I had expressed a sigh because everyone is zooming along and here I was still working on the first sock of the first pair. One participant shared she was finishing up gift knitting first and then will cast on her first sock for the KAL the first of March. She was sweet and asked me how was my first pair going! I was immensely touched.


So true and amazing :)


Oh Andi, is not a surprise that we all deeply care about you. This is more than a blog...it is a visit with you. It is getting to know about your week and those you link here. Thanks for every Sunday post!!


Hi Andi, I love your completed socks! the color is pretty. I know what you mean, I find myself wondering how people are doing that I met through our craft of knitting and I love the connections we make through our blogging. I feel so happy connecting with people through my blog, discussing our passion of making and creating through knitting. It is so nice of your friend on Ravelry to send you the package, that is very thoughtful. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Hi Andi
I believe knitters don't judge they just show love and support if only the rest of the world would follow, have a wonderful week


What a beautiful message! It is so amazing to think of this connectedness so many people share over the entire globe, all started through a mutual love of crafting.


Oh, Andi. You've said it so well. I stepped away from my blogging for an extended time... but, thought daily about my "friends" and kept them in my prayers. Returning this past December was like "coming home". There is a wonderful connection and support that just must be experienced to fully understand. Well said... and done... connections are the lifelines that hold us in hard times and the wings that let us soar in the good. blessings ~ tanna


I think in some ways, these 'unknown' friends can be some of our strongest connections BECAUSE they aren't with us daily, or know us intimately. Having a trusting ear to listen when that's what you need is the sign of a true and loving friend. I'm so glad you are blessed....and I know I've been blessed....to be part of this community.


I look forward to your Sunday blog post so much. Like a letter from a friend - a treasure.


An army of knitterly friends is truly what can be found on Ravelry and through knitting blogs. <3


hello! I have "met" some wonderful people through my blog and cherish our friendships. It's like pen pals through the blogsphere :) Lovely socks and I love your sock journal.

Natalie Hoppe

Lovely, lovely post. so well put. I look forward to your Sunday posts.


I'm so focused right now, I'm troubled to commit to any knitting groups these days, and I'm okay with that. On the other hand I'm in love with the sock knitting journal concept. Brilliant and cute.


Thank you for sharing these stories about our amazing community! I love the connections we all make and how close we become, and it's lovely to hear stories like this :)

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

So touching and true. Through the internet, people do become real.

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