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Yay! Thanks Andi, for giving me another sock blogger to read. I can never get enough socks! And thank you for all your lovely sock filled blogs each week. I look forward to every Sunday morning.


Glad your back! Missed my read last week😄. I may just start a " Granny stripy"! Thanks.


As I try getting back into blogging, this post is perfect for me to find some new ones to read - thank you.

What lovely yarn, Caffeine Girl is so lucky :)


Looks like you put your time away from the computer to good use. Lovely socks!!! The Hermione Granger colorway is beautiful!

In your first photo, that tea strainer is so cute. That would make any cup of tea a little more "zen".


Not only do I love the colour but I adore the Cup of Tea patterned socks. That's a beautiful pattern. I just downloaded it last night too -- no kidding. That's likely going to be my next sock (i'm doing a vanilla one right now). Even though I prefer toe-up, to do the Tea pattern, it's a top down -- I'm okay with that because I'm making friends slowly but surely with the Kitchener toe.
I adore, adore that bunny hat and her daughter is really rocking it too!
Funny you mentioned liking snow photos. Since moving from up north we don't get snow where we now live -- BUT, we had snow the past few days and lots of it. So I took advantage and took a bunch of photos. They'll be on my next blog post too. Happy knitting this week.

Gail L.

Love your photos and look forward to your "monthly loves" posts because I always find new blogs to follow - thank you for that!


It makes me smile when I read that you dream of snow while I dream of summer :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my daughter's scarf! We both like it! I would love to see an adult version! The socks you finished are very cute! Have a great week!


Very pretty socks! Your blanket is looking so lovely. Someday I would love to see a photo of the whole blanket open! The colors are awesome!!


Loving the socks as usual and here really hot but still trying to knit a sock and crochet a few things too xoxo

Jules O

Welcome back Andi, it seems like forever right!! Glad to see those beautiful socks off the needles, I'm so far behind on mine now, but I did finish 2 outstanding WIP's, so I'm happy about that, as knitting was still at least done!! And in answer to your question, NO, you can never have enough blankets as WIP's lol!! I can't work on my cozy memory blanket -too big & it's too hot for that. But the Granny striped blanket is perfect as it can sit on the table without touching & it's so quick too!! Enjoy your week!!


Love those pink and grey socks!


Glad your computerproblem has been solved ( it kind of freaks me out when at those times I realize how much we seem to depend on it these days... ). Your socks look as beautiful as ever !
(and thanks for the bloglove, I especially liked Cortney''s; looks like a box of candy there... )


I like that soft grey paired with that sweet pink. I will make a note to try just a contrast toe.


Your knitting looks great! And I wanted to say that it seems like you find the best music...my music library increases every time I see a post!


What a lovely pair of socks! I think that your current method of knitting on what you love is perfect. So often we get stressed by the number of projects on the needles but it's fun to have variety and choices. The need to start a scrappy blanket is nearly irresistible after seeing both yours & Deb's. I always look forward to your monthly loves!

Cortney Bougher

Thank you so much for the sweet shoutout! Your socks are just lovely, I adore socks with only contrast toes. I believe I'll have to do a pair or two that way this year...


Your socks are beautiful, and what a great round up! I'm also ab ig sucker for snow photos, I'm so envious of people who get a lot of snow, I've really over-romanticized it in my mind. And thank you so much for including the bunny hat in your round up!


Such beautiful socks in lovely photos! Ah loving the joy the knitting and seeing the joy from other knitters. I can't come by and not smile, Andi.:)


you are BACK! and you were missed :) I hope all the technical difficulties are behind you and you can blissfully get on your computer without any more mishaps. Lovely socks and I adore your blanket :)


I just found your blog, it's wonderful! :) I love the luster of silk in those My cup of tea socks.


I'm so happy to see all sorts of socks in your January loves. Someone asked me the other day why I would knit socks when no one could see them. I said, "But I know I'm wearing them." Isn't that what matters?

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