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Heather Titus

Gray might be a little boring, but I rather do like Thunder. :)

Lilly Karin Roberts

I like Thunder, Choke Out, Greedy and the one of a kind in Army green with colourful highlights

Sheree Ervin

I am still a novice in the world of sock knitting. You mention:
"After a soak this yarn which was already as soft as heck, bloomed." Could you explain more about soaking vs washing in the machine? I use superwash or yarn that can be put in the washing machine, but I would like to learn more. Does/Should one use Woolite? How long?

I truly love your blog. I have learned so much! Thank you!


I love Choke Out, such a lovely blue with extras.


What a fun Q&A. I love when you share your Indie Dyer adventures with us. Love the inspiration photos. Count me in!


So many pretty colorways! I really like Flagrant Mayhem! It's a mix of colors I love and ones that are outside my normal wheelhouse. Awesome!!

Audra L

My eye keeps getting drawn to Pyromorphite Punch. Her stitch markers are cute too!

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