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Sue J

Sounds like you have the perfect solution for a hot Sunday. Your knitting is lovely as always.


Ooooooooooooo...all those BEAUTIFUL socks!

Pop on the a/c and knit away the day!


We were up to 87 last week, but not 100! Whew! Then, a little cold front blew in Friday night and we are enjoying one of our last cooler spells of the spring. I haven't be lured in to the Find Your Fad yet but I've seen lots of really beautiful ones! Look forward to seeing more of yours. Have a wonderful Sunday, Andi! blessings ~ tanna


PS I still have Game of Thrones to see, too. ;)

Caffeine Girl

I hadn't seen the draw in Find Your Fade, but you've convinced me. On the queue it goes!
I love both your sock projects. They shouldn't be too hard to finish -- if you can take time off from the shawl!


I'm pretty sure you are a trendsetter in terms of knitting socks, just saying ;)

It's been cooler here the past couple of days, so it's interesting that AZ is in the 100's. Weather man....

I haven't started a find your fade, and likely won't just because I really don't have an abundance of yarn laying around to use.

Have a great week!


It is supposed to be spring where I live too. But today it is 0 celsius (32 F) and snowing. Sigh. At least all my wool sweaters are still getting lots of wear!


I have not had the a/c on yet, even tho it has been in the 90's here some days. I do have a fan blowing on me while I knit tho. But soon, the air will be put on (my husband hates the a/c)!! I've thought and thought about knitting Find Your Fade - but it is just too big for me... But that being said, I may end up caving at some point - LOL! I saw it done up in my yarn shop recently (they used 4 different Shalimar Breathless yarns) - and it was so gorgeous. I am knitting Match and Move right now - another biggie!

Linda in VA


I can't wait to see your fade progress. I am sure your colour asthetic will be amazing.


Gorgeous colors!!


I now have Find Your Fade in my library. I see a couple of sock patterns I need to look into also. I agree, blanket knitting in this AZ heat is not going to happen at my house. I will do dishcloths, socks, and light weight shawls. Even might work on a sweater, but NO blankets.


Loving those socks as always xoxo


I love how all your socks are looking! and the find your fade project is looking wonderful. I love the song you posted, it is so soothing. I always enjoy the music you choose :)


Thusfar I resist the temtation to fade, but I have to admit the link you posted is quite persuasive...


the socks will always be there :) I am still resisting the fade knit, but never say never :)

kathy b

I love your description of sock yarn that wont' ever grow up to be socks! I am so glad there are gorgeous sock yarns for socks, and many patterns for those yarns that don't want to be socks


I really appreciate that you have listed all the sock patterns you are working on. I see some I need to add to my queue!


I've seen so many beautiful Fades popping up- I haven't started one yet, but it's really only because I haven't found the perfect colors in my stash yet! Your socks always look so charming, I'm sure you'll find your way back to them in no time!


Whew! So hot so early. I think you are entitled to whine. Your socks look so pretty. I love the pastel colors you choose. Follow your bliss - if you feel like knitting on "the fade," knit "the face." I have it on good authority there are no knitting police. And if there were, we would woo them with yarn!


I feel for you Andi. I live in a hot climate too where it gets hot before anywhere else and cools down later than anywhere else. I am in Australia so it is cooling down now. My whining has stopped. Like Jane says, I feel you are entitled to whine. Your knitting is beautiful as always.


We all have our problems: your spring is too hot and here in Finland it's spring time yet it's snowing every other day! Atleast here it's cool enough to knit woolly things. :D


ooh, your socks look so great! That Find Your Fade will eventually become a blanket, from what I have heard, they are enormous!The colours is so pretty.


I can not wait to watch your Find Your Fade grow Andi!!


Damn these colorways are just so soothing and cooling and calm. Wonderful for your high heat spring! It's natural for me to visit and want to knit a pair of socks after visiting you. I am seriously feeling that Impossible Girl pattern. Good stuff! It's going on the list! Yes, and of course, now I want a cup of tea ...

Cortney Bougher

Thank you for sharing your beautiful knits and for the love this month. Here's to cleaning your way!

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