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I can absolutely relate to the "I'm late" feeling. I try to take a deep breath and repeat to myself: God always gives us enough... enough time... enough energy... enough resources... enough. Always enough (though at the moment we may feel otherwise). Hope your family has a wonderful Father's Day celebration! blessings ~ tanna


I rarely feel "I'm late". I'm a bit OCD about punctuality and scheduling. I do, however, like to slow down and take stock fairly often. Many times in the past it would be a cup of tea and quiet contemplation at a window with a view. Sometimes it happens over my knitting.

Stay cool and have a wonderful celebration. Our loved ones are with us for far too short a time.


Ooooooooooo...that Zauberball sure is a pretty color.

Sorry to say, I have NO advice on how to slow yourself down. It is something I struggle with regularly.


I just try to imagine that things could be much worse. Dishes are fine, we're lucky to have them. And put things in priority like having a shorter post so you can enjoy your day. It's a good priority! Want to do and need to do are tough for me to differ sometimes. That's helps too. Keep smiling!


Sometimes I have that feeling and I like to write down everything that I think I need to accomplish. Sometimes I realize the reason why I feel overwhelmed or that I am behind is because I have a long list, but sometimes I can prioritize the tasks and focus on what is important and I relax. Lovely knitting, hope you have a good week!


besides knitting (number one stress releasor), car rides calm me down and it sounds silly but I do virtual jig saw puzzles on my ipad. just the act of finding a piece is soothing. (a big time waster though.....)

Shirley Flavell

I will get on the computer and read my favourite blogs/podcasts for a while, especially related to knitting/ embroidery or knit listening to my mp4. Loved the song video you enclosed, I have never heard of Ben Howard. Went and converted it to my mp4, I found it peaceful. Thank you.


Life finally slowed down the last couple of weeks and I was so bored - I thrive off of being busy. But next week I'm back to being busy with several art camps that are beginning.

I will say that my best cure for being busy is to make sure I find time during the week to knit or read. Even if it's just 30 minutues before bed, something about it really calms me and gives me a good end to the day.


I get stressed even if I have to prepare a dish for a family potluck that's Saturday. If I have a busy week, I tell myself to take one thing at a time. I prioritize what needs to be done first. I try to have moments of relaxation, like tea, a little knitting, read a chapter of a book, or watch some TV.


I often feel I am missing something lol weird....but doing socks or crocheting mittens sure brings me to a happy level xoxo

Karen Wilson

As I get older, I find that I think back to a former co-worker's advice: do first what's due first. Somehow ringing focus calms me down and puts things on track. I too look forward to the weekends, and I love your Sunday post, but there is beauty everywhere. Toni Morrison's words are just the ticket.


When feeling rushed or stressed, I try to focus on and do one thing at a time. I find when I quit trying to multitask and bring my mind to doing just one thing I can leave that panic-y feeling about getting everything done. Then while I am doing one thing, I also slow the rate of my breathing. Isn't it interesting that we all recognize that feeling. I hope you had a lovely day with your family. Love the new socks on the needles.


When I feel rushed, I try and take a minute toreconsider if everything I want to do, is really necessary and if my goals are realistic. Usually some housekeeping gets cancelled then. And I try to tuck in early, with a good book ( a real paper one, no ereader ); once in bed there is nothing left to do but read and relax... :)

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I always feel rushed. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don't. I eat too quickly also. I think I am just accepting I am that person who runs around to get a bunch of stuff done, and embrace it.


I have to say that since there is always too much to do, I just try to appreciate what gets done and quite frankly, the more I think about it, the more I think that we put ourselves too much pressure and... that is why knitting exists!


Hurry here and hurry there that is hw I live! Yummy cabbage slaw and looks like you made your own sauce! Take time off and go to the country! :)


I find it incredibly difficult to get rid of that 'rushed' feeling. Sometimes knitting or yoga helps, other times I just have to wait it out.


I totally know that 'late for something' feeling, I have it all the time! The end of June has been really hectic, I'm looking forward to July being a bit better! Thanks for the Ben Howard track, I haven't heard it before and it's amazing!

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