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OH, I like that Wood Nymph colorway a great deal. And give me your nearest airport and my children will be on their way - haha πŸ˜‰


That's all I'll be doing today. Knitting and dying yarn through the pouring rain. I love all of the things you finished and it's much deserved after a weird week. Keep it up Andi!


As much as I HATE getting to Pilates class, I ALWAYS feel so energized after.

Knitting and Pilates keep my life on track!

Those pink socks are so beautiful. Congrats on getting them finished.

kathy b

Each of those knitups are lovely and different.
Beautiful yarn choices


so glad you were able to take the time to 'self-medicate'!! We all need to regroup sometimes, and like you----off to myself with needles and yarn---is what I NEED occasionally. I 'want' it all the time, but sometimes I really do NEED it!!! Lovely results of that therapeutic time!!!!


I self medicate with knitting days like this too. It can be hard to find a day all too myself but when I do I treasure it. Thank you for showing my Wood Nymph colourway. You have knit it up beautifully. Xx


I have to budget my time to newsfeeds or I'd lose my mind. Knitting fixes everything for me so there is that wonderful blessing. I hope your next week is marvelous!


Yes, even an afternoon to unplug and knit is a balm for my soul. I usually try to carve out some time on Sunday afternoons. I love the hat and the pink socks. Good for you for taking care of yourself. It is important.

Caffeine Girl

Love that hat! You are a speedy knitter!
Knitting helps me after a tough day (or week) at work. But I have to say that meditation is the single most helpful activity for me. A brisk walk comes in second.


Definitely! Whether it's 10 minutes squeezed into my lunch break, or a long and leisurely afternoon, knitting always puts me in a better frame of mind.

Glad to hear you could unwind with some much-needed knitting time this weekend - the two FOs are a bonus! Your hat looks wonderfully cosy and the socks are as gorgeous as ever.

I hope you have a less stressful week ahead. Take care, Andi!


Soothed AND productive. I think that's part of the allure of knitting for those of us who love it. Then, there's the love of color and texture... and on and on... So glad you were able to reboot for the week to come. Beautiful knits!! blessings ~ tanna
ps the washer/dryer trick worked for the overgrown project! Yay! I wore it all day and loved it!


What gorgeous knits! Love the hat and your fade is looking so beautiful :) Knitting is my favorite way to de-stress, especially in combination with some relaxing music or knitting podcast. A whole day filled with knitting sounds heavenly!


There is so much that a day of knitting can help! It's always good to know when we just need a day- and, as always, I love the yarns and WIPs you spent your knitting day with!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

All of your projects are gorgeous as always but your Fade is PHENOMENAL!!!! May your week be peaceful and full of knitting. Xoxox


Love the colours in your Find Your Fade, it looks amazing. And well done on the pretty new socks and that beautiful hat! That song you linked to was gorgeous, reminds me a bit of Angus and Julia stone.


I love how your Fade is coming along. The colors you have chosen are beautiful. I'm glad you were able to find a day to unplug. I do that every now and again to - it is the best way to recharge. I hope your week is going better!!

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