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Oooooooooooooooooo...that Tonks yarn is lovely!!!

Liz M

I'm currently on holiday in Iceland, so have a severe case of wanting to buy all the wool & knit all the things.


Yarn arrived in the mail... and I won't let myself unwrap it until I finish the project I'm working on! But, last night I ran out of yarn, 6cm of ribbing left to go. Arrrrghhhh... the perils of trying to knit up the stash. A discontinued yarn to boot. I'm going to try some stashes on Ravelry, but may have to resort to a contrasting hem. Hope you are all caught up on your chores and feeling rested to face the week! blessings ~ tanna

kathy b

I felt wonky with housework and laundry yesterday as my son had a guest coming up for the day. It is so silly. I must stop this mini mania before guests!
In cast on news, I'm making alittle beaded bag. Just stringing the beads was hypnotic.


I am definitely working to free my needles although I may also have cast on a sweater this weekend too


Oh, that Nymphadora Tonks yarn is gorgeous! I also have a total weakness for Harry Potter yarns and patterns. I let myself cast on too many projects over the weekend, I think I'm really ready for fall and winter to come back!


any vacation I do is work before and after, that will never change, I know I will get every thing done eventually because history has proven itself. How nice of you to house dog sit for your sister!


It's always a joy to see your lovely sock projects. I have been trying to finish up some wips before the September Startitis season hits. Although that hasn't been stopping me from favoriting every other pattern on Ravelry and buying all the yarn on etsy ;) Have a wonderful week!

Caffeine Girl

Summer is a great time to clear the needles, but I have to admit that I am not doing a good job at that. I really need to implement a no-cast-on period.


I knit around the year so there's always plenty of stuff on my needles. Although, recently I've been finishing my wips at an alarming rate, they might run out!


gorgeous socks and yarn!! that Nymphadora is pretty exquisite. I'm totally feeling the urge for fall startitis- I want to cast on for ALL the things!


Andi, I'm always amazed how many new projects you have and how fast you finish them. How much knitting do you keep for yourself? It would be so fun to see your lovely knits on one shot. You must have a dresser full of socks :-). Your knits are so beautiful!
Happy knitting


Deluxe yarn!! Sandcastle is my favorite! So beautiful!


We've been gone a few days, so I can absolutely relate to the "stress" of returning to the routine and catching up!! I've been on a Ranuculus frenzy the past couple of weeks. Finished number 2 Tuesday morning and am thinking of number 3. LOL! That will be a record. blessings ~ tanna


Oh Andi, such beautiful beautiful socks. I think every time I visit you I fall in love with a new pattern, I MUST knit. It's so nice to have a moment in one's own space to catch up and breathe. Hope it's been good to be away and be back.


I'm still trying to hold off on the 'cast on all the things!' mood, but it's been raining so much over here and it is making it really difficult! I'm still showing some self control so far, which will be generously rewarded come autumn by casting on one million projects :)

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