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I love Autumn - I love the colours of the changing leaves, cosy evenings indoors, lighting candles and enjoying apple cider. Like you, I find the cooler weather only increases my desire to knit! I feel an overwhelming urge for all things warm and cosy. Your cardigan looks like it will be lovely, it's inspiring me to pull my sweater project out of the WIP basket and show it some love!


I DOOOOOO love fall. I love EVERYTHING about fall. Sadly, we don't really HAVE fall here in Florida. That's why we are moving. We are moving to where there is fall, but probably too late for THIS year's fall.

I can't have the pumpkin spice latte (too much sugar), but I love pumpkin everything else. LOL

Your projects, as always, are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing that cardigan come to life.

Caffeine Girl

Holy cow! That cardigan is a lot of knitting, especially in fingering. But it is a beautiful pattern and you'll get years of pleasure from it.

I do love fall. I think it started when I was in grade school because I loved school. In high school, there was marching band, which I also loved. Besides, I've never liked the heat, so I welcome the cooler temperatures.

I think it's cute that you think socks without contrasting toes are "naked"! I like them both ways.

Anni Z

I love fall, too! I think it's the colors that do it for me. There's something about seeing so may warm reds, yellows and oranges. And I love pumpkins! I don't eat anything pumpkin until October, then I overdose on pumpkin bread, soup, pie, lattes...until I get so tired of it it takes me a year to want it again!!


I love the new season. Fall reminds me of apples and cinnamon which make some delicious stuff.


Oh how I love Fall, let me count the ways!! However here in the South, its only Fall on the calendar. Love your projects and Yay to knitting mojo in overdrive!

Have an awesome week!


Aren't these cooler temps just lovely? It has made me want to cast on everything I see. My baking is picking up too with the cooler temps. I hope we have seen the last of the 100's for 6 months. I like your cardigan colors. I don't know if I would have the patience to do a sweater in fingering. I don't mind DK though. Have a great week.


Fall is my favorite season! While we don't get brilliant leaf colors in Houston, our deciduous trees still shed their foliage. I love the spicy scent of the fallen leaves. Early mornings are cooler now, making the outdoors bearable. Soon it will be nice enough to knit outside again.


Autumn is my favorite season. I love cooler and even cold weather - a true child of the prairie. My mother also loved autumn so that is a wonderful connection for me. I think of her as I enjoy the fall flavors - cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, ginger, pear and the beginning of soup weather. Walking under the changing leaves and getting out the hand knits can't be beat. I should try another fingering sweater. I knit one and wear it often.


Would you explain how you create your minis? I never thought to do this. Thanks Chris


Ahhh. . .Fall! It is my favorite season. I love the cool air, the fall colors, the foods, and we get to wear cute boots and ankle boots! Oh! Sweaters! I love seaters and jeans! Yay, Fall!

I love your socks!


I love fall so much! I love a pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies, but I'm not so big on the lattes...fortunately, there's also cider abounding!


I really want Halloween themed socks too! I spent several years looking for the perfect yarn and last year I found it: Stray Cat Socks in the Trick or Treat color way. Of course I got it after Halloween, so I've been waiting until this year to get into the spirit.


We are in Spring here but still cold weather so I am trying to get my mojo back for knitting a sock I have been working on for months. As always love all that you knit and yes Halloween themed socks would be awesome ☺☺ We have just been on 6 week Europe/UK trip with a tiny bit of knit thrown in. I do love Fall ♥


Your gravel socks are lovely...the contrasting purple toes are very fun :) I am also fully on board with knitting fingering weight cardigans (even though it seems like they take forever). Autumn is most definitely my favorite time of the year. The cooler days and beautiful fall colors, as well as the food (pumpkin everything and apple pie and cider donuts! yum!) not to mention all the gorgeous sweater patterns that tempt me every fall. And Halloween! Plus October is a big birthday month in my family.


most of my sweaters are in fingering weight because i love the way they fit. ours is beautiful!

Stefanie Ng

I like this chill song, Andy. You have a neat taste in music. When I read blogs, I listen to Focus Studying Music, a playlist on Spotify. It helps me relax and be able to read.
I love seeing pink yarn on your blog, especially the sock yarn. I need more pink in my life. My Jellybean loves pink. I have Lorna's Laces sock yarn that stripes up pink and white. Would you want it? I'd have to rewind it up if you don't mind. I'm not sure how much I have. I think I had wound up one skein and used a bit of it and I think the other I didn't touch.
I love fall because I like seeing the leaves change and I like that brisk air. My town is still going through warm weather. Today is supposed to be 90+ degrees. Please think of my tween who has PE at the end of the day when it's the warmest.


We've had such a heat wave here, everyone is very ready for fall! Love your tradition of making mini skeins as soon as you are done some socks, that is very clever. And I love Angus & Julia Stone!


I love love love fall. I'm enjoying all the different types of fall days we are getting, from the sunny crisp ones (like yesterday) to the dreary, grey and rainy ones (like today). And my desire to knit has been kicked into overdrive!


OH YES! I live in Indiana so the fall colors are fanominail. I started a cardigan also for for the first time!

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