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Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Happy fall! Three cheers for pink socks!!! And pink everything. It’s turning fall here too and it feels good. For some reason, I feel like Ian”survived” summer this year.


Great links this month!!

And, yes .........you can KNIT ALL THE PINK!!!! Because in knitting there ain't no RULES!


Lovely post Andi! Haha the freckle on your sweater gives it character :) I always love your monthly faves - that last blog has incredible photography!!! I'm not sure if you saw my email but I finally got around to knitting a skein of yarn from one of your "featured" indie dyers and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the dyers and variety of bloggers you share! Happy fall knitting.


Oh I love your cardigan and obth pairs of socks -- can you ever have too many pairs of pink socks? I think not! And so glad you enjoyed my visit to Northern Yarn -- it's such a special shop!!


Those pink socks are gorgeous, I can totally see why you had to cast on both at once! I am loving Autumn thus far, although it hasn't induced castonitis yet - I can't stop knitting on my shawl, as I just want to get it off the needles and bundle up in it! Have a lovely knitty week.


You always share such wonderful blogs Andi - I just found 3 more to follow.
Baby animals, speckled yarn and oh so many beautiful fall knits. Almost makes me feel ashamed for having nothing to post about!


Love your pink socks :)


I am so excited for fall! I recently looked at my huge pile of WIPs and debated trying to whittle them down...then laughed and decided to cast on something else!


Lovely socks you have knitted! I liked the month of pink knitted socks :) your cardigan looks like it will be really nice too! love the song you shared.


Neat knit links!! :) Looove those socks...strawberry ice cream color! Great song link!


Your pink socks are very different - one has the grey toe pocket, and will no doubt have a grey heel as well! I love your cardigan in progress, as well. Thanks so much for the shout out, and the link to Michelle's Journey sweater- Journey is on my to-knit list this winter, and it looks amazing!


gorgeous knitting and yay to favorites where I travel the web through your eyes.


You've made some excellent progress on that cardigan! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the knit so much. Sometimes those big pieces can get tedious. I am even more happy that your love of pink has not slowed at all. Two pink things on the needles! Squeal! I will never get tired of remembering that you and your lovely blog ignited my love of pink.


Life is too short not to knit socks in your favorite color. Plus, I'm sure you'll enjoy the knitting so much that the socks will be off the needles and onto your feet in no time.


Thank you so much for including me in this list - always feels so great to be among your favorite reads of the month!


Your pink socks are so cheerful and fun. I say give us all the pink! Thank you for your sweet mention :) I consider Tahnee my muse too, especially when it comes to her yarn choices. My stash would be nothing without her influence.

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