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Jackie Webb

Stay well. So glad you are feeling better.


Oh my goodness...I am glad you are doing better! I hope it wasn't too scary. I hope you are at 100% soon!


Andi, I'm so glad you are recovering! That truly must have been scary. I hope you have been making up for lost knitting time. Hugs coming your way!

Caffeine Girl

In the hospital with out knitting! Now, that's a real horror story!

I am SO sorry about what you went through! I was single for a long time, too, so I know that feeling. I think being a single mom is easier in some sense because it gave me a "family" of sorts that I could call in times like that.

I hope this was a one-time thing that will not be causing any more problems!


Oh Andi, I hope you are on the mend. You turned a scary situation into a positive because of a very caring nurse. Look at all that yummy yarn that was waiting for you when you arrived home! That salted caramel tea looks very yummy too. I will need to look for that one. It is tea drinking season.........finally! If this weather in the Phoenix Metro area does not stop flirting with the triple digits soon.................I am really tired of it. Although today dawned nice and chilly for me and you!


So sorry to hear about the illness and hospital stay--that is exhausting and scary! Love the knitting nurse story. Glad you had the presence of mind to get treatment, and that you are home with some gorgeous things to look at.


So sorry to hear this, hope you are on the mend x how lovely to come home to such a beautiful parcel. Take care of yourself x


Sorry to hear you've had a terrible week. Nurses are wonderful, aren't they? Be well and take care.


SO glad you are feeling better. I am so sorry you had to be hospitalized but am thankful Masie was there to help. Get well!

Sandrine Curty

Hi, I'm from Switzerland and I read your notes every sundays. I really hope you will get much better soon. I send you all my best wishes and hugs from over here :-)


Oh my Andi! So glad you're better. It's true you do run into knitters in the strangest places, just this week I met a knitter at my physical therapist office. Knitters really are everywhere!

Glad you're better and just a small reminder: Take care of yourself!!

Have a great week!!


So sorry to hear you've been ill Andi and glad you are feeling much better now, that must have been very frightening. Good job you had the hallmark channel to keep you company! Hope you continue to recover quickly. Love your new socks.


So sorry to hear about your ordeal! Glad you are on the mend. How crazy that your nurse reads your blog. That is kind of exciting, like you're a celebrity. :) Hope you are feeling better!


Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! I hope you are back to 100% soon.
And thank you for honoring your nurse...I'm a night nurse, myself, and it always feels good when someone appreciate the nurses! It's not a glamorous job, but I think we get the opportunity to make a person's stay a little more bearable. I'm glad Maesie was there for you!
Take good care of yourself!


Glad you're feeling better! I hope your reunion with the knitting helps with the healing. :)


So sorry to hear that you were in the hospital! I'm glad you found your "spirit nurse" and you're back home now. Take it easy and enjoy the knitting!

Cortney Bougher

I am so glad to hear that you are home and on the mend! Wishing you the best in health and knitting. <3


Get better....

Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you much health and knitting time!!


I am sorry you were ill and in the hospital, sending you healing prayers for recovery and health!! I cannot imagine not having my knitting but when you are ill it's hard to think about knitting!!

Shirley Flavell

Hi Andi, glad you are better and hope the hospital experience was not too traumatic.I think we nurses forget sometimes that hospital is just not a great place for some people. It is great if you strike a like minded person caring for you when you are not feeling too flash. Such a bummer not having your knitting with you though. Hope all is well for you now and love the new yarn you received.


I hope your recovery continues this week and you are more comfortable. UTI's are miserable and what you describe sounds indeed worse and more painful. The hospital is a place where one feels quite vulnerable but thank goodness for nurses and for nurses who knit. The pink socks look very cheerful. I like the purple cuff. Take good care this week and feel better.


Glad to hear you're feeling better and you were well taken care of. It's always so fun to meet another knitter!

Loretta Tassoni

Andi - so glad you are feeling better.
keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

i just started a pair of fingerless mittens for
a good friend. Decided to take a little break
from my addiction to socks:)

Stay well and take care of your self.


Hi Andi,
I look forward to reading your blog every Sunday--it brings me inspiration, joy and a quiet moment of peace. I hope you are feeling better!


That must have been scary. So happy to hear there was a kind soul to care for you. Take care.

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