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No help from me. I’m not a Christmas gift knitter but I look forward to reading some ornament suggestions. Hope you are feeling better.


How about a Christmas ball ornament! I saw a bunch on Pinterest. Happy week ahead.

Susan S.

For some knitted gifts I wrap up the yarn and pattern picture with a note saying I will knit this for you by .......... This year my sons will get St Patty's Day yarn for socks to be completed by 3/18. This works well for me.


I enjoy ornaments as well. This year I am making lots of Bluebird(s) of Happiness. This delightful pattern is free on Raelry.

Caffeine Girl

That pink Cosy Posy yarn is just too tempting!
I start in January and knit all year because I just can't stand knitting pressure. I have enough pressure at work!
I'm going to do more selfish knitting, I've decided. I'm not sure that my gifts are fully appreciated! I will do gifts, but only because I feel like it. No more obligation.
As a Jewish girl, I have absolutely no thoughts on knitted ornaments!

Diana Lichvarik

Hope you feel better soon! On Ravelry there are delightfully small Christmas trees and I'm working on one now. For Christmas knitting, I pick one person every year and ask he or she what they would like and the color. I then take the year to make that 1 item. It is far too hectic to knit gifts for everyone every year with working and other obligations.

Patti Stanczyc

birds and stars


I start my Christmas knitting in January. I usually have a partial list written by Jan 1 and start in on it. Of course, some items on the list are things that didn't get finished for the past Christmas gifting. I am planning on more selfish knitting in the next year. It's time for me to get some knitted items. (Read socks and shawls for knitted items.) I have seen several different patterns for small knitted trees that can be embellished but don't have to be. Also mini baskets that could hold a cookie, tea bag, or a candy kiss.


Beautiful work you are doing Andi! I am wishing for some quiet time to crochet and to do some embroidery soon. I have never made crochet ornaments but I imagine you would knit some beautiful ornaments. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Do you like gnomes? Sarah Schira’s Never Not Gnoming pattern has an ornament size. Love it!


I am rarely a Christmas gift knitter, but this year I learned to weave, so everyone is getting woven scarves. A few people are getting knits because they had specific requests. I don't care to knit surprises. It's too much work to put in if the recipient isn't going to like it.


I like pint sized pines on Ravelry. I made some the other year. They use wine corks for the trunks.
I'm probably the only person who doesn't have left over wine corks:). I had to buy mine.


I'm not a Christmas gift knitter. It just adds more stress to an already stressful time of year. I save my knitting for something either easy or fun. ;)
There are several beautiful star patterns on ravelry... they make lovely buntings, too.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Andi!
blessings ~ tanna

Jennifer Wade

Ravelry has a bunch of small knitted ornaments - you can do Christmas trees, elves or gnomes, stars, holly leaves, stuffed ball ornaments ... so many to choose from. Last year for my knitting group I made mini knitted baskets, with tiny yarn balls inside, and knitting needles made out of toothpicks with a bead on the end.

Link: https://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/knit-basket-yarn-ornament

Have fun choosing!



How about a Christmas pickle? There is a free pattern on Ravelry; might make one myself!


Look how cute these knitted reindeers
Pattern: https://spinayarncrochet.com/holiday-deer-free-crochet-pattern-part-1/


I have allowed myself 2 holiday pressures. One for myself and one is just a gift to finish. I had bigger delusions of grandeur earlier, but I'm with you, the gift will be appreciated whenever I get it out and about. I'm tired now. I need to do something about that first.


I start in September and knit holiday gifts for my daughter, daughter-in-law, and sister. When the grands on the East Coast need hats and mittens, I knit them but usually post Christmas or in the Fall. Last year I knit them small mittens from the advent calendar because I had the time and wanted to do so. If I don't get projects completed, I send them birthdays. Knitting deadlines are not fun for me. Hope you are feeling better.


An aunt once made bells with a jingle bell sewn inside...


I was totally telling myself that I would start early this year, but no such luck! I meant to knit another advent calendar for James, but the little dude will have to wait until next year for his set of mini stockings. I find that you can't go wrong with mittens and fingerless mitts as gifts- they are needed by pretty much everyone in Canada! But for your part of the woods, perhaps light cotton scarves, or little ornaments for the tree?


The yarn in that top photo sure is pretty. What is IT going to be?

I don't do much holiday knitting so no stress for me this year.


i like gnomes and even little critters like kitty cats (of course!).


good luck figuring out what you want to knit, I don't think you should have any deadlines until you are 100% healthy! You don't need the pressure :)

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Happy Thanksgiving Andi. And I do hope you are feeling better. Knit on! Dream big. Anything is possible.


The weather here in Toronto, Canada is getting cooler now. I am wearing my winter jacket and some knits so that is fun. I am currently knitting a mittens ornament but I did do a post recently on some ornament ideas if you'd like to check that out! :) Hope you have a good week!

Link to ornament ideas:

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