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Chasing autumn!! So many beautiful colors in one skein, makes my heart sing!

Debbie Iantorno

I have to go with Richard Gilmore. Love the colors and also a huge fan of Gilmore Girls.


Sweetheart is my favorite. What gorgeous pinks.



My friends and I are sure we have knit our hearts back together at times. It IS a healing art.

blessings ~ tanna

Rose Paul

Wow, True Blue Friend sure is pretty. She has such a pretty choice of pinks too.


Fall coulors are the best. Casino autum would be my choise
Hilsen Merete


They are all so beautiful! I really like 'pocket full of posies'!

leanne welch

Hi Andi, my favorite colorway is shy violet. Thanks for bringing these great indie dyers to our attention. Leanne


That is gorgeous! I love reading about different dyers.

I LOVE "Barnwood" and "Sweater Weather!"

Thank you for the giveaway!


So many lovely colors! I think Lorelai's Serenade was my favorite. Our maybe A Pocket Full of Posies? Or the pink and purple one pictured above?

Maggie Corrigan

Hard choice! I think I like true blue friends


If I'd have to choose just one, I'd say the birch is my favorite. Will await her shop update.


So hard to pick just one! I really love I Smell Snow! Such lovely colorways! Thanks for the chance!


Richard Gilmore is my favorite, beautiful yarn, your interview was great.


All beautiful but I especially like Emily Gilmore and Sweater Weather. Hope you are feeling better Andi. Thanks for the giveaway x

Caffeine Girl

I've already won, so don't include me in the drawing!
I'm not sure if I should thank you for pointing out all these amazing dyers. It's not like I NEED more sock yarn!

deeann clark

oh my, its so hard to choose but I Smell Snow seems to call to me, love your blog, thank you, and stay well.

Barbara Ann

True blue friend is my fav!

Mélanie Morin

I amell snow is my favorite. Thank you for sharing about these onspiring dyers. Living in Canada, it is a a pleasure to learn about the work oof a local dyer.

Teri Grimm

Sweetheart OOak is my fovarite, they are all gorgeous and thank you for introducing us to these amazing dyers.mThanks for the chance to win and have her bookmarked!


Lorelei’s Serenade! thank you!!


Beautiful colors! I liked Chasing Autumn. Enjoyed the interview!


Richard Gilmore has my vote!Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful dyer in my own country!

Carol B

I smell snow is my favorite. Please stay well. I look forward to your blog each Sunday.


Barnwood is so lovely and could easily be worked into a variety of projects!

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