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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love the oshra shawl you just cast on the colors are so beautiful and I am sure it will look amazing when it is done! Hope you find the perfect ornament pattern soon! :) Happy knitting


The colors in your shawl are lovely together. I hope that you continue to feel better and that your knitting mojo grows by leaps and bounds.

I'm sure knitting up some gnomes will surely help on that.

Caffeine Girl

There is nothing wrong with soft foods. That is the diet I'm restricted to for life, and it is just fine! It would be better if I could exist exclusively on chocolate pudding, but that all goes to my waistline!

And you are just evil! Do I need another shawl? Absolutely not. Am I going to make an Oshra one of these days? Yes! That cable down the middle is amazing.

Keep healing!


oh, that elusive knitting mojo.....so glad yours is returning. if he brought a friend with him, could you send him my way?


The pink socks are super cute! What's that yarn?


Andi, I hope you are feeling much better. My son was back at the ER this past weekend and is now back on soft foods. Hopefully this is the end of all of it for both of you. Best of lcuk with all your knitting.


Prayers for full recuperation for whatever you had Andi! May the Lord be with you and soon it will all be part of the past. Lovely shawls and socks!

Jackie Webb

So glad that you are starting to feel a little better. Take it steady and don’t try to rush it. The yarn colours in this post are stunning. There are usually lots of lovely colours in your blog but these ones just seemed to reach out to me. Take care.


So good to see here you are recovering and knitting mojo coming back and yes socks can be the best medicine. Always love dropping by here and can have me sipping healthy cups of tea which really helps my day. Love that shawl very much, going to be a real beauty xo


Happy Thanksgiving, Andi! It sounds like your long weekend hit all the right notes.


Eek!! Can’t wait to see your gnomes. They make me really happy. Love seeing your knitting as always. Looking forward to seeing the shawls finished.


Thank you Andi, this was lovely, as is that shawl.

My holiday was nice. Time to be thanksful for time off/time to relax. I spent most of the day to myself, knitting, painting and spinning, but then attended a group dinner in the evening. It was such a nice quiet day. Just what I needed before back to school.


First things first, I hope you are feeling better each day. Take good care of yourself.
Now the knitting projects are lovely. I love the yarn colors in this post. They are a Thanksgiving feast for the eyes and I hope your soul. Wishing you better each day.


Good heavens Andi I'm so sorry to hear you've been so sick! What a scary thing for you. Steve is a wonderful diagnostician (albeit a retired eye surgeon) and if it would help to have someone to discuss your condition with I know he would likely have heard of and have some thoughts on your condition - as he's heard of everything! Take good care of your sweet self and shoot me an email if you want to connect with Steve. PS that shawl is on my short list!


Yes... the rabbit hole of Ravelry. LOL! I LOVE it! Your Oshra is going to be beautiful. I am entranced by the little gnomes! Can't wait to see yours. Wishing you a wonderful week with continued improvements in your health. blessings ~ tanna


I hope you are feeling better Andi! Also knitting cures most ills so knit away my friend.


I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is so easy to fall down several rabbit-holes when on Ravelry. But the Ohra shawl is a lovely pattern so totally understandable. And holiday gnomes sound like the perfect fun project for Christmas.


I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones was able to enjoy some of the food. Glad you're getting stronger. I haven't forgotten you and what I promised. I pretty much have no projects except for a charity one that needs to be revamped and yarn coming in for a chemo beanie. I'll work on finding that striping yarn.


Wishing you love, good health, good cheer and the best knitting EVER!!

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